Last week we reported the Milestone is/isn't getting Android 2.1. Now Engadget is reporting that the Milestone is getting Android 2.1 as soon as this week by March 20 -- as in Saturday -- leading the way for the rest of Europe to follow.

Meanwhile, all Droid users have been waiting for their long overdue 2.1 update. Hopefully with all of this in the air, this is a sign of things to come.  [Engadget]


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Motorola Milestone receiving Android 2.1 In Bulgaria this week?


Wow, not to be a hater, but its kinda a shame to see other countries get the 2.1 before usa... on the bigger picture makes me wonder about U.S. compentecies of our officials; now the cell phone software ppl cant get it together...hmm long overdue is an understatment by now we should be getting 2.3, 2.4 lol

2.1 is still on time, it was said to be "first quarter 2010," and its March 16th. They have 15 days (not including today) before its late.

I'm petty sure at this point its up to the carrier to get it out the door, not the manufacturer.

please don't complain if the milestone receive the 2.1 update before the droid. At least the droid hasn't a signed bootloader.

BTW it is available an with the a beta version of the 2.1 update for german milestone.

Why should the US always get things first? I think Europe, Canada and Asia should all get 2.1 before the US. Let others have it first for a change.

Android is a U.S. based company that's why it should be available to the US first.
More information here:

This could pretty much be applied to any thing, for example if a video game is made in the US, I expect to be able to purchase the game before any other country and vice versa if the game is made else where.

OKay first off considering the pattern of VZW and Moto both saying 2.1 is coming I feel pretty confident that 2.1 won't come within the first quarter. Second off that was the absolute first thing they said, then in Jan, and Feb they both put out information saying "rolling out this week" and "coming this week". As for the comment about the U.S. gettin things first, I'd like to thank bigK for doing what i would have normally done. People its called research. Seriously!!! If u make something in ur freakin backyard why shouldn't ur neighborhood get first dibs. Lets be mature, I will give Europe their credit, I mean it seems like every etiquette show, and academy reality show the head person in charge is not a native of United States i.e. Super Nanny, Tool Academy etc. So Im not downing the fact Europe and other countries are getting it, Im simply saying I think they should QC ish before they give it up to other countries; and why not start here at home.

You ethnocentric, jingoist snobs. Your poor spelling, impatience, and sense of entitlement makes feel ashamed for being American. Way to represent.

2.01 was a huge improvement. I am looking forward to the 2.1 update, hopefully it will bring be one step further from the regret I have for selling my iPhone for a Moto.

-sent from my Milestone in Germany.