Motorola Milestone

The wait for Android 2.2 continues, but the European Motorola Milestone apparently is in the midst of another update. MR2.5 reportedly comprises bugfixes and performance/stability improvements, which we certainly wouldn't shrug our shoulders at. Random power cycling and force closes are said to be targeted, and the alarm clock and music capabilities are said to have been addressed. Check your phone or hit up the Motorola software update tool. [via The:Unwired]

Update: Whoops. Apparently Motorola jumped the gun, though you can get the update if you're in Greece, which is nice.


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Motorola Milestone getting bugfix update


This is basically the GSM version of the original Droid. It's also locked down tight so you can't load a custom ROM. I had one for a few months before bitching enough that I got my money back. The 2.1 update was so broken it added bugs such as:

- Random playing of music at full volume (regardless of settings)
- Music playing out loud when headphones removed or bluetooth device disconnected
- 4-5 random reboots per day

People with this phone have been suffering since March when 2.1 hit and they still haven't fixed it. It was also the last Motorola Phone I'll ever buy.

Check out the Motorola Support forums 2.1 bugs thread for the full story. It may take a week to read through the entire thing.

Imagine that, Motorola jumped the gun with an update. Deja vu.

Also I thought the Milestone bootloader was unlocked recently.

No, the bootloader is still locked, and likely to remain so. No huge deal for me, since it is rootable, and one of the biggest reasons for using custom ROMs on the Droid, overclocking, can be done on a rooted phone now.

And while the 2.1 update caused some people some troubles, it's still better than 2.01 was.

What worries me is that they made and released this update at all with 2.2 on the near horizon. That tells that it may be even longer than we'd like before 2.2 is released for the Milestone.