Motorola Milestone-Droid hack

Yeah, yeah, we know how you guys feel about seeing bootscreens. But it's what's follow's the bootscreen that we care about in this case. The Motorola Milestone (aka the UK version of the Droid), which includes multi-touch, has been slapped into its U.S. cousin, bringing all that pinch-and-zoom goodness that so many of you (and us) have been clamoring for.

So, after the break, one good (and one not-so-good) video of the Milestone/Droid mash-up. Along with, yes, the Nexus One bootscreen.

[AllDroid via Engadget]

There are 4 comments

Japultra says:

When can we expect to be able to hack our Droids to multitouch?

DaHarder says:

This really is much to do about nothing given that the U.S. version of the handset (DROID) is multi-touch capable, and if you just have to have 'pinch to zoom' in your browser, use Dolphin.

I really don't understand why anyone would give up the excellent Google Maps with turn by turn directions for something as frivolous as 'pinch to zoom', but - To Each Their Own.

azheliflyer says:

I agree, I would never give up Google Maps turn by turn for pinch-zoom, especially since available in different apps in the market.

Anonymous says:

But, what about the multitouch keyboard? That's nice.