Moto X camera

In a continuing trend of moving what traditionally would be system apps out of the operating system, Motorola has just plopped the camera application for the Moto X into the Google Play Store.

Listed as new in this release are:

  • Brightened camera viewfinder so it's easier to see
  • Enabled quick capture for more enterprise IT policies
  • Bug fixes

And, more important, it means you won't need a system update to improve the Moto X camera — which has been the most disappointing part of this phone for us.

This isn't the first time we've seen this happen, of course. The Touchless Control feature for the Moto X (and new Verizon Droids) is in Google Play, having just been updated with a new "Find my phone" feature. Motorola's Droid Zap feature also is in Google Play.


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Motorola makes updating the Moto X camera easy, moves app to Google Play


Yes it is. They put it on the Play Store, for Moto X owners to be able to update their camera without waiting for VZW, T-Mobile, Sprint or AT&T to update the firmware.

Yes...but by doing this, it allows Moto to make improvements to the camera app and you to update it as they make those improvements without having to wait for an update to the operating system.

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Sigh. I'd love to just buy this phone right now. But if I do, that's another two years on VZW. And the last contract on the three phone family plan we are on is up next year. And I promised myself no more, not until that contract is up and I can switch to T-Mobile and break free from those bright red shackles. So no, I will show some fortitude and wait it out.

You could always go with VZ Edge and then quit after a year. You'd owe VZ half the value of the phone still, but I'd think you could get some of that back by selling it. It won't be a money maker, but at least you'd have the phone. You could also just buy it retail.

I would. But my main reason for wanting to leave VZW is the cost. Right now, we have 2 basic phones + 1 smartphone with 4GB of Data shared and we pay $180 per month + taxes and fees. If we switch to T-Mobile, well, that's $100-$110 per month for THREE SMARTPHONES, for a total savings for $70-80 per month. And of course, a lower base amount means lower taxes. And I understand that you get a subsidy with VZW, but technically, that subsidy never pays itself off; you're still asked to pay the same amount, even after the end of the contract. With T-Mobile, I could get a Nexus for $300 and be done with it.

At least, you've done your homework, regarding the costs. Just make sure to compare the coverage maps - for home, work, and other areas that you and your family frequent - before making the switch next year.

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Really doesn't make sense on a carrier with subsidized data costs. Not even a little bit unless you're completely made of money.

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They had better be

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

yes.It's like they know the camera app sucks so they have to constantly TRY to fix it with updates.

If they like.
They're expecting to update it whenever they feel like.
Name another OEM that's doing that with their camera app?

this! OR OEMs need to step up and grow some balls and be like "look apple gets to push their own updates and so should we."

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I suppose most of it could be moved out to the Play store.
The OEMs would have to supply the kernel and the drivers, but the layers above that could potentially be moved out.

Yup this is Great news.At least with future camera updates,wont be having to wait on carriers to approve.

I just wish color replication was better. Photos are still darker than should be. I don't even like the camera but I hate being around iPhone users or Sammy users and see how bright and accurate their colors are.

Hopefully this is a sign they will be making more changes to rendering capability. Their commitment to serving its users is awesome so far.

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I wish Sammy would do this. Then those who opted for GP editions of the S4 could still have Samsung's camera goodness.

As I posted on Droid Life, are we sure this is real? The developer has changed from the Moto account that ends in LLC to one we have never heard of that ends in INC. Additionally, the new stuff sounds like bull. Why would moto create a new account for one app?

Yeah just for future use edification, apps are digitally signed and so only that same signature can update that app. If it shows up as an update, it's legit.

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i also wonder if this is legit...Why would it not also be available for the droids that have the same camera software as the motoX...Seached for the app on my droid maxx and could not find it.

I'm guessing the DROID MINI, DROID ULTRA, and DROID MAXX will be able to update their cameras through the Play Store after taking the "camera update" update.

In 2005, long before the Apple App Store, there was the AppExchange. It wasn't the first app store, but CEO Marc Benioff famously claims to have given Apple the trademark to the name "App ..

has anyone contacted motorola making sure it is legit..maybe a quick tweet from someone who knows how to use twitter

It appeared under "Updates" under "My Apps" in the Play Store. If it was fake, they wouldn't be able to push it out as an update; you would have to install it manually.

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Anything that bypasses the slow-as-the-Fed carriers is a good thing. Now do this for your new Droids, Moto!

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The real question is: will the AOSP camera follow suit, especially now that the stock gallery is set to be replaced by Google+?

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I said weeks ago they should have done this in the first place. All the apps should be like that. They only thing that you shouldn't be able to get from the Play Store is the OS itself for obvious reasons.

BlackBerry does this with BB10. Hopefully others follow.