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We had some pretty interesting information regarding a Jelly Bean soak test for the original Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX, and now Motorola has made the update official. The support page has just gone up indicating that the update will be rolling out in phases, as is usually the case. There's no specific note about the removal of the Motorola apps and being replaced by stock Google apps, but this looks to be the same update that we were seeing before.

Seeing the update on your own device yet? Shout out in the forums to let other members know what your experience is.

Source: Motorola
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The system version for this update is 98.72.16

glazedfaith says:

Can I update my wife's RAZR MAXX to this OTA from the christmas eve leak?

KTMKTM says:

Yes. I did it with a manual update to my MAXX an hour ago.

Ron Cohen1 says:

That's my question too. I rec'd the leaked update back in December so my Android Version says 4.1.2 but the system version is different than what's listed. Will the new update know to hit my phone even though the Android Version says 4.1.2? Thanks!

Yes, you should receive a smaller update around 40MB. That will bring you up to the current and official build number 98.72.16.

Ron Cohen1 says:


deparson says:

Hey don't you know now I'am dropped in the code, I'm trying to run and get my OTA load!

eddiea says:

I rec'd it OTA for the soak test early this morning, and what a fantastic upgrade it is! Faster response and silky smooth. Although I've experienced no issues, I will probably do an FDR tonight for a fresh install. The build date is Feb 1st. Enjoy!

Sam Wong says:

It's a shame that Motorola is not going to roll out this JB update in Asia.... Motorola shame on you.

deparson says:

World wide pride for this JB update!

metacuate says:

So relieved that I was able to update from the Christmas eve leak!! Thank you, Motorola, for having the best radios and the best support :)

matt91 says:

any tricks to try to force this update? I seem to recall that "we" used to force stop something a couple of times and then load something else, and it allegedly picked up an update sooner than it would have otherwise.

It's the wife's phone - just trying to get it updated before she goes on travel.

I remember that. For the ICS update, didn't some users says they force quit Google Play Services, then restarted, and that triggered the OTA? Was that it?

You can always do a manual installation. I just did this in 20 mins. Instructions and link were found here:



Is this jelly bean update supposed to have the 3 circle things on there like you see on the razr HD

dscribe says:

No it doesn't.

Ry says:

Supposed to? Says who.

That circles widget had nothing to do with Jelly Bean.

Tommy Faust says:

So how do I update my razr? I keep going into the check for updates and it still says your device is up to date, even though the jelly bean update is out. Do I just have to wait or is there a way I can update now?

RazrMaxxless says:

For god sake people, RELAX. You'll all get the update. As soon as you get this update you'll be bitching because you want 4.2

RazrMaxxless says:

Does anyone know if the Circle Widget is included in this update?

kombatkarl says:

Probably not. It's just a widget.

Ry says:

If it was just a widget, a leaked version of the APK could have ran near flawlessly on other devices. That's not the case as root was required. I believe it's part of the updated MotoBlur launcher from the Atrix HD, DROID RAZR M, and DROID RAZR HD.

702mike says:

If you're referring to the leak that's been posted on droid forums that claims to be official, then no the circles widget is not included... although it was the first thing I looked for after I manually installed Jelly Bean today. There's a link above with instructions if you wanna do the same. :)

702mike says:

Hello JB, bye to Foxfi, it's been awesome, much thanks!

rdhchief79 says:

I haven't gotten my jelly bean update why?

rdhchief79 says:

I haven't gotten my jelly bean update why?

dreasley says:

Just finished updating OTA this morning. took about 20 minutes total. No circles widget,less Verizon crapware, but its still not all gone.

Wolfee57 says:

Just received the update an hour ago. Phone has been stuck in start-up screen for last 45 minutes. Won't turn off or do anything. Calling VZW Tech Support................

Have not got my jb update yet. I go to check for updates and it just spins

Got the update and boy I'm not happy. A lot of third party sofware I paid for does not work. Also, I like to play online storm8 games and the response time is dreadfully slow that I am forced to play on my pc and I am not always on my pc. This update has sent my phone back to the stone age! The third party software enabling me to hook up 5 devices via wifi has been disabled too. Why? So my carrier can make more money by forcing me to pay $29.99 for monthly tethering. This is the biggest separator between the Android and the iPhone. This puts the iPhone on a level playing field with Android and that is a war Android will lose.

What was android thinking?! As much as I don't want to move to an apple platform, I am eligible for an upgrade next month. If this doesn't improve dramatically by then, you've lost one of probably several hundred thousand guys like me. Ya'll better get your shit together.