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Ebony, teak and walnut will soon join bamboo; early adopters getting a $75 credit

Good news for those of you who want to get your wood (or grass) on for the Moto X. Initially the organic custom backs cost $100 over the price of a traditional custom Moto X. Now, that's been lowered to $25.

And Motorola has now listed the other finishes that will soon be available. In addition to Bamboo, which you can get now and looks ridiculously awesome, you'll also be able to order ebony, teak and walnut. The new flavors will be available Jan. 21.

For those of us who ordered Bamboo Moto Xs first thing, Motorola's offering up a $75 credit that can be used on anything other than a Chromecast through midnight Jan. 31 from Motorola directly.

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Motorola lowers cost of Moto X wood finishes to $25, new grains hit Jan. 21


I dont know how to feel about this. I love the fact that their lowering their prices but then once people said its because things arent selling it makes me think Moto wont be able to compete. Im torn lol Im cheap by nature but I want Moto to sell well.

Maybe it was just the wood backs that weren't selling... 100 of your American dollars is a high premium for a small sheet of wood/bamboo, 25 is more justifiable.

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Especially when the base price of the phone is only $100 on contract. I just got one for $150 with 32GB, nearly doubling the price to $250 wasn't a favorable option.

And that's only if you like the bamboo, which I absolutely don't. The Ebony looks amazing and that's what I wanted, but I wasn't going to spend $100 on it.

It's a shame, because if they came out with Bamboo for $25 I would have waited for the other wood options, but when I thought it was $100 I definitely gave up on wood.

They can't compete they aren't selling. I was a part of the moto agent program and they laid me off along with many many other people yesterday and more today. I was a rep who traveled, trained and assisted in selling and was a top performer who hit all numbers and goals . end is near.

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You don't have to believe me . I wasn't claiming to be woodside himself. I was just a little guy at the bottom who traveled on the road store to store.

Im just giving you all a heads up and don't be surprised if something happens to this brand. The lay offs literally was a complete blindside. Regional managers on down being cut left and right in the past two days with no real warning signs.

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That's HORRIBLE news!

Man, I hope someone bails out Motorola; I think they would survive if a company with billions in reserves swung in to buy them out.

We can only hope.

They were just bought out less than a year ago, so it is either **Poof** phones are gone but we are keeping the patents or Google will prop it up.

I am guessing Google is gonna prop them up. I wonder if the deal that they had to make with China has anything to do with this...

Yeah I was mostly referring to the first guy

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I'd give it more time. Moto had a bad name in the Android community before the Moto X came out. Now people have finally seen something positive from Moto. A nice phone that got a fast upgrade to Kitkat. If the Moto X 2 can build on that sales will follow. I think we are far from the end of Moto and that the Moto X shows that moto is ready to shake thinks up.

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Motorola emailed me with a $75 coupon since I purchased the bamboo back last week. Good on them, I was about to call but saw the email just now.

Man that ebony finish Moto X is hot.

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I got my $75 code today too! I bought the bamboo backed Moto X right after Christmas (with my Christmas $s... thanks Mom-in-law!). I also bought the AC dock... Guess I'll get a nice case (gray), screen protector, and headphones (chalk).

Most companies (IMO) wouldn't offer a rebate to "early adopters", so thanks Googorola!

I passed on the Bamboo back because of the extra $100 cost...I'm still within 30 days from when I purchased my Moto X (CA), I'm thinking I may have to send back my all white version for a teak unit...

I'm thinking if doing the same thing. Although I really wanted wood, the $100 cost and lack of other options, combined with the $350 promo, turned me off. But now, I'm thinking of getting it again. The 21st will be just within my 30 day window.

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The trim on the Teak looks to be a shade darker than that of the Bamboo. Ebony and Walnut look to be using a black trim.

I will gladly buy a black trimmed wood and replace my current cover. I hope they will be available on ebay just like the colored ones.

More like wallets being thrown at the Moto Maker screen in hope to get the wooden back delivered faster now.

when the moto x was announced with all these different backs, i assumed that they would be easily interchangable by the user. i was disappointed to learn that wasn't the case. wouldn't it be great to buy different backs? moto would make more money too.

i do see that it's easily done on the moto G, hopefully that's an indication that they will do the same with the successor to the X.

The G is also somewhat thicker, partially due to this fact. I think making the back permanent is a vital element of making the device as thin and well-built as they have.

Now its time to pull the trigger. Although I am still leaning towards a Patriots theme. Red accents, Navy back and white front. But black and an ebonized wood with red would be sweeter, maybe. Damn these decisions.

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It's only REALLY been available for 2 months on other carriers. I'm fine with this phone. I'd rather use it for 8 months and find out the next one is better than deal with my stupid HTC phone another day.

Hahaha I'm glad it wasn't just me. I seriously considered getting black with yellow accents. Maybe with a "FUCK BALTIMORE" signature? :-)

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Good for you moto...

“I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, …The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire.

This is great, but the issue I have with it is that early adopters shouldn't be getting a should be a refund. You still have to use it towards something on the Motorola site (excluding Chromecast) and you have a deadline that's only a couple of weeks away.

In a perfect world, they would just refund $75 to the people that purchased the bamboo backs. But at least they're doing something.

According to the headline of the article, Motorola is refunding a $75 credit to early adopters. Nevertheless, the world remains imperfect for good reason.

Yes xweb10 and others among the "everone" encases their phone contingent. There are many who enjoy manufacturer design or otherwise are not inclined to encase their phone. As difficult as it is, believe it or at least recognize it.

jimbo - Thanks. I am not sure if there was sarcasm in there. Nevertheless, I switch back and forth between case/no case. I love the backing of my Droid MAXX but I know a case prolongs the finish.

You mean lowered to $125? It was $150.

Edit: it's still $50 more to get 32GB. Price is now $50 lower overall. Starts at 50 instead of 99. So if you start at 50 and get 32GB, the final price is only $99. Not sure where you get $125 from unless you add bamboo. Adding bamboo and 32GB is the only way to get to a $125 price point.

If could send back my plastic backed phone and get an ebony back put on it, I would do it today.

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Put a bamboo back on my Nexus4 from and couldn't be happier with it.
It just lends such a unique feeling to the phone.

The $100 premium was a complete joke, but at $25 I would seriously consider it if I were in the market for a MotoX.

I don't know, but i hope you guys are not expecting the new ones to come out this low. I am not saying 100 either, but 25 is too low.

Early adopters always get screwed over. A credit is better than nothing but it's not the same as a refund. You are paying more money to Motorola than someone who orders the same thing today. If you want something from them great. If not then it's a useless credit. Especially since it has to be used so soon.

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What are these new backs made out of? Motorola says that they are not made out of the woods that they are named after but are treated to look like those woods. I need more information before deciding on purchasing one. Perhaps the huge price drop indicates that Motorola was not able to produce what they had hoped to make??

It's a loss at 25$

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At the end of the day, consumers are becoming spec whores. Motorola is going to have to give us a phone with beefed up specs along with that wood.

A week after I got my Moto X they came out with wood backs. Now they're even fairly priced. Oh well, it's in a case all the time anyway.

Still waiting for the "official" vehicle docks to become available again though.

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