It's no secret that we love us some Motorola around these parts. We've been saying Motorola Hardware combined with Android Software would simply be a killer device. It's almost sad for us to document the current downfall of a once great company. Motorola has laid off 77 employees in Florida, mostly from their floundering mobile division.

What's interesting about these layoffs is that they were all working on Windows Mobile development. Is this a sign that Motorola may be Android-only as previously suggested? Are they re-allocating their resources to become Android exclusive? What do you guys think?

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Motorola Lays Off 77 in Mobile Division

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MotoQ based on WinMobile looks to be a decent phone. I understand they can not support multiple platforms like before, it is just a huge gamble now, but I do not think it will win big, at best Motorola can stay afloat. Now they are a third tier company with first tier baggages, it will take a miracle for them to turn around.