Motorola i1 hands on

Not every new phone is a 1 GHz box of thunder, nor does it have to be. The Motorola i1 is built tough, even if the specs aren't very high: 3.1-inch LCD screen, 600 MHz ARM 11 processor, Android 1.5, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, basically everything you'd expect in an Android phone, all running on the Nextel IDEN network -- which means Push-To-Talk.

We'll have a proper review for this one shortly, as there's no way we can overlook the first IDEN Android, but for now here's a quick glance, after the break.

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Motorola i1 hands-on with Android and push-to-talk


not a bad little phone if your the type that has to have the beep-beep phone. I had nextel for about 10 years, when my dad and i were the only people in the county to talk to eachother haha, but the iDen network kills me. but gave up and went with Sprint about 5 years ago, the speeds on iDen are sooo slow. but a pretty cool little phone overall.

Lost me at iden. I had nextel for over ten years (I work construction)never again! That phone will be useless unless you are near a WIFI access point plain and simple. Most people around here on Nextel are in construction and they will not have WIFI access in the field so that phone will be good for direct connect and the occasional phone call and that is it.

My brother owns a construction company and he mainly runs Nextel phones for his crew and he and the managers have Sprint phones also for faster data. He was telling me the other day that he's thinking of dropping the Sprint phone because he said the Blackberry 8350i's on iDEN they use are fast enough on the web. If you have ever used iDEN you know its not terribly slow, its very usable as long as you're on mobile web pages and are not trying to load large web pages.

The video is all squished up. The phone looked kinda like the width of a snickers bar.

But overall, I would be interested in this phone if it wasn't iden or Android 1.5.

good to see this phone here, I've been waiting on reviews and benchmarks to make up my mind about this phone.
not that it is going to replace my EVO but it does look better than my big bright yellow work phone
keep it coming