Motorola i1 for Boost Mobile

When we said the Motorola i1 was coming to Boost Mobile in the coming weeks, we meant it. Because this morning Sprint announced that it'll be available starting June 20 at all Boost Mobile retail stores, Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile.

Pricing wasn't announced, but you'll get unlimited voice and data for $50 a month. The Motorola i1 (see our hands-on) has a 3.1-inch HVGA touchscreen, 5-megapixel camera with flash, WiFi, 2MB microSD card, runs Android 1.5 and has push-to-talk. [Sprint]


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Motorola i1 coming to Boost Mobile, Best Buy on June 20


Now this sounds like a comparitave steal from what Boost Mobile currently offers. Their Blackberry plan is $60.00 And Android is $50.00 and way better.

This will be awesome for people who live outside large 3G areas, or who want Android but don't have the credit or budget for VZW/Sprint/Tmo/ATT. In the two years, you will save nearly 500 dollars, and especially where I am, iDen rocks in coverage compared to Sprint CDMA.

I think this is an awesome idea, and really had an eye on this phone, due to my job (physically abrasive) this will hold up without a $40 otterbox case.

And this will be $349 at Best Buy:

Clealy, Boost is moving up in the phone world and really making themselves known as a prepaid company - despite negative comments. As a Sprint customer and with new phones being released in the next few months, I just can't afford a new phone and a new contract with my current $99 plan - not where there are so many better and more affordable options. Boost Mobile's unlimited plan is $50 less a month and no contract - its only a matter a time before Boost has Sprint level phones for the get-go. If Sprint wants to keep or gain new customers with phone acqusitions like this, they really need to evaluate their pricing within their network.

If you are a Sprint customer, take a moment to email Sprint's President ( ) and let him know that these savings mean more customers and new phone purchases.