Yeti takes to the Moto X boot screen

Motorola surprised us with a yeti, an alien and the Loch Ness monster on April 1, with a new, supernatural boot animation for April Fools' Day. And now the manufacturer is giving a sneak peek behind the scenes of the stop motion-animated scene.

An entry on Moto's official blog details the artistic process that brought these otherworldly beasts to devices earlier this week, starting out with simple drawings and moving onto complex miniature models. The 7-inch puppets were then brought to life through 192 frames of animation, which is what you'll see if you boot up your Moto X or Moto G in the next 11 days.

You'll find more, including photos of all three critters, over in Motorola's blog entry.

Source: Motorola blog


Reader comments

Motorola goes behind the scenes with the monsters of their April Fool's Day boot animation


Love this and love the personality that Motorola's brought to the X and G. I really hope Lenovo will let them continue with this.

I completely agree with you. I absolutely LOVE my Moto x. I bought my mom a G for Christmas and she's happy too. But, honestly, the X is the most usable phone i've ever owned and the quirkyness they bring is super refreshing. I do a lot of mobile web dev so I have multiple devices available to use any day but once I got the X I stopped using my Iphone 5 and HTC ONE and never looked back. It's sad that more people didn't get around to using or trying this phone, it should have been a huge hit.

I Hope Lenovo is ready to spend some money on good marketing because if the new X is even marginally better than this generation it will seriously compete with the Samsung and HTC flagships released this year.

"I Hope Lenovo is ready to spend some money on good marketing" THIS.
I felt there were a number of missteps with the debut of this phone. Number 1 being the marketing. IMO, it was really poor. The Motomaker exclusivity on AT&T. The U.S.- Only launch. The price, though inline with other flagships, I think the phone would have benefitted if it had been lower. That said, most of these, excluding marketing, have been addressed.