Droid RAZR MAXX Red Carpet

The Academy Awards are this Sunday, and the nominees and select presenters will be sporting a special Red Carpet edition of the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX. It's the same phone we reviewed a couple weeks ago, only it's red. And it'll be held in far more beautiful hands than ours. The men get high-end shaving kits along with the phone, while the women get a gold sequined pouch.

For those of you who aren't up for an Oscar this year, you'll have a chance to win one of theses special editions on Feb. 23 (that's tomorrow) on Motorola's Twitter account. 

Source: Motorola


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Motorola gives special Red Carpet edition Droid RAZR MAXX to Academy Award nominees


So the rich keep giving to the rich while some dude in arkansas is dying to have one of these....90% of those will hand me downs.

Even the rich aren't signing up for yet another Cell Plan just to use a free phone.

If they weren't Verizon customers to start with, or they are already happy with their phone this just gets re-gifted to someone else who has to run out and sign up with Verizon. I doubt these nominees even know a single person in need of a cell phone. Even their gardeners have cells.

Giving a phone, without paying for a line of service for a couple years is really not that much of a gift. The recipient pays off the phone via their monthly bills.

Holy moly! They have to pay taxes on that as if it were income. I know many celebrities wouldn't blink at paying another $12,000 in taxes (assuming 20% tax rate), but dang.

See, that's the thing. If you win one of these phones, you have to count it as income, and Motorola makes you sign a form with your SSN/tax ID so they can report your winnings to the IRS. I know because I won a RAZR from them via Twitter. Love the phone, but I haven't gotten my 1099 from them yet to see what they charged me for it. LOL! If it was $600 like I expect, I will end up paying about the same for it as if I waited until now and re-upped my contract instead of winning it. Oh well... it was thrilling anyway, and I love the phone.

If it has that red Kevlar back like the employee edition, i would definitely want one of these!

Yeah, these guys need a free cell phone. Kinda like giving the Super Bowl MVP a new car. Like he needs one. Take that money and give it to charity and then issue a nice self-congratulating press release and write it off on your taxes. And this coming from a conservative Republican!

U guys really think motor isn't floating the bill in exchange for some top notch advertising? Cmon now let's use some common sense. It wouldn't surprise me if they get paid to use the damn thing.

I don't get why you guys are complaining that celebrities are getting stuff for free. The companies do this so that they can get publicity and have their product out there for the public eye to see. If they just gave phones to random people that have no celebrity status, than how will the mass audience know that person is using their product. Better yet, say you see Brad Pitt or whoever is your favorite celeberty using a product that is affordable to you, you will be more inclined to buy than if they see a random guy on the street use it.