Motorola Flipout on AT&T

We brought you the first pictures of the AT&T version of the Motorola Flipout, and now it's time to drop off a truckload of info on the device. Let's do so in handy bullet form, shall we?

  • The phone runs the updated version of Motoblur 1.5 -- but it's not what you find on the Droid X and Droid 2.
  • The operating system is Android 2.1 (update1, we presume).
  • Widgets are resizeable, like on the Droid X and Droid 2.
  • There are filtering options for your social networks, so you're not completely deluged with information.
  • The 2.8-inch screen (at the old-school 320x240 resolution) is described as "garbage" with a low, low 120 pixels per inch. (Hey, it's not mean to be high-end.)
  • That said, the body of the phone and build quality are said to be top-notch, which is no surprise for Motorola. We may not like the design, but, dammit, they can certainly build things well.
  • Benchmarks:  26FPS on nenamark, 444 on quadrant, 5.8MFlops on linpack, but it's topping out on gears and 2dfps at 30FPS.
  • The phone is pretty speedy, with its OMAP processor running at 720MHz and PowerVR SGX 530 GPU.
  • This is AT&T we're talking about, so there is no app sideloading, but like the Backflip and Aria and Captivate, you can use ADB or the Android Sideload Wonder Machine to install the .apk files.
  • Google Navigation is in, and Google is the default search,
    unlike on the Backflip. Yahoo is the homepage, but that is changed easily

So there you go, folks. We're looking at a small, speedy, pocketable Android phone. We've got a couple more pictures after the break, including one with a blue backing -- perhaps there will be interchangeable battery covers?

Motorola Flipout on AT&T

Motorola Flipout on AT&T


Reader comments

More details, plus a new color, on the AT&T Motorola Flipout


I think its cute. It would be good for kids. The resolution is low(the same as most blackberrys ) but the rest of the hardware is good.

I think this might be aimed as a contender to the BB Torch. Even though both phones pretty much suck.

This isn't for everyone. I really can't wait to get my hands on it to see just how well it runs.

This is great for most people who don't want an uber fast crazy good display phone. Plus, it's probably going to be cheaper and it'll get android into the hands of people who wouldn't normally think of using it.

I didn't like the design of the Backflip the first time I saw it, but after I got a hands on with it, the design was pretty nice, even though the actual phone wasn't that great.

So a Charm with a flip keyboard? Blackberry's have low res too but a bit better than this. The Charm's res is low too and not perfect like we are used to in the N1. I'm just happy that Motorola is trying new form factors besides the touchscreen or landscape slide out keyboard.

It looks like someone loaded android onto one of those digital picture key rings and then glued on a keyboard.

I know most of you hate Blackberries but before speaking get the facts straight. I have an older BB tour and the screen specs are better than what is shown for this fugly phone.
2.4 inches, 480x360 pixels; not 320x240 as shown for this phone. And this phone has a larger screen 2.8 vs. 2.4. Remember the size of the screen has a direct relation to the pixels displayed.

We know the phone is ugly and that's the point. Most ppl on this site won't buy this phone at all. The guy above even said BB has low res screens that are better. So what are you talking about?

I think this phone would be great on Sprint where you get a family data package that covers all of the phones on the plan. When I had my Evo I also was paying for data on my mom, dad, and two little sisters. None of which had smartphones. If this phone is cheap enough it be an easy pick for the two year upgrade for my sisters.

As long as they nail the price point with this thing it looks like it will be a solid device. The resolution might be low but if your buying this device its most likely not for movies. Plus it will probably have killer battery life since it doesn't have a huge high resolution screen to suck the juice.

I think this phone is cool because its so different from all the others.
heaven forbid someone does something different from a candy bar style, or clamshell, or slide up keyboard.
Motorola is not scared to try something different.
Aside from the awesome wallpaper shown in this pic for the phone.
and the fact that its CPU runs at over 700mhz, I think everyone should get their panties out of a bunch and give this phone a chance.

I like the fact that is small, folds up and fits right in the pocket.
if you need a keyboard, flip it open and you can do some replies.
the battery life is probably good because its not a beast.
I am just happy to see such variety and choice for Android based phones.