Electrify 2

The Motorola Electrify 2 is the latest handset to get a Jelly Bean update, as Android 4.1 is currently rolling out to users in the usual slow, cautious manner. 

Motorola reminds us of a few Jelly Bean features like expanded notifications, Google Now, and voice search at their announcement page, but there's also plenty under the hood that makes Jelly Bean an incredible upgrade for any phone or tablet. Project Butter anyone?

As mentioned, the update is coming in phases. To check if it's your turn to have a crack at it, go to the settings and look for a system update. If you see one, holler in the comments and let us know how it's working out!

Source: Motorola


Reader comments

Motorola Electrify 2 has an official Jelly Bean update working its way around


Every phone should at least have 4.1.1 at this stage...
Well.. That's the fragmentation of the Android operating system..

Got my update yesterday. Within 5 hours phone turned off and won't turn on. Tried charging all night and now have battery showing at 10 % charged and still can't turn on. Headed to US Cellular this morning.

Upgrade was forced on me recently and now I've lost several key features I previously had. For example, can no longer add quick conferencing phone numbers and passcodes in Calendar. why do they call it an UPGRADE, when they actually REMOVE features?

Jelly Bean dramatically reduced reception on my Electrify 2. U.S. Cellular recommended the phone because it was particularly good at rural reception, and indeed it is. For the first time I had 4 bars at home, and could use it as a phone. After one week the Jelly Bean update happened, and I was back to a phone that couldn't work well from my home - one bar, occasionally and briefly two. They allowed me to get a new phone and said not to update it. I have a new one and reception is good. I have wi-fi turned off to avoid updates, but then I can't use that either. I have questions into U.S. Cellular Support asking if this will be fixed, can I block updates, are other kinds of updates safe, etc. No response yet. If reception is an issue for you, at home or on the go, avoid the Jelly bean until they have fixed this snafu.