Motorola Xoom

Been holding out, waiting for the inevitable price drop to come to the WiFi only Motorola Xoom? If so, your wait is now over. As announced on the Motorola Twitter account the price of the WiFi only Motorola Xoom has now been dropped to only $499 and for those keeping track that's a full $100 off the original launch price. Making room for the Motorola Xoom 4G?

Source: Motorola; Thanks, to all who sent this in!


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Motorola drops WiFi only Xoom pricing to $499


I saw it last friday (32GB WI-FI version running 3.1 with SD card support) in Axiom Telecom (in Jeddah , Saudi arabia) with a price tag of 2200 SAR (~ 520 USD) which allot cheaper than most of the new android phones.
Its a great deal , but I can't find a single use for it or justifying the reason of getting a Taplet
everything I can do in a Taplet (that I can think of) , I can do it in my phone

No working SD slot and no LTE at launch= Fail. Now they drop the price? Expecting that to cause sales to increase? Sorry. Not when I can get a fully capable laptop for $400. "But Tablets have a special use scenario that justifies being priced higher than a fully featured laptop"? Like what? Being an idiot with more money than sense? Or wanting to be trendy and hope your public use of a tablet impresses girls? Sorry, I still can't see a need to spend more for less capable technology. It just doesn't make sense to me, so clearly, I'm not the target market for Tablets, especially tablets that come hobbled with a non working SD card slot and no LTE that you have to send it BACK to them to get that upgraded. No thanks.

micro-sd card slot will be resolved in honeycomb update within the next 30-days.
who needs a heavy-weight "fully featured laptop" when a tablet does just about everything (and more) with 4-5 times the battery life and much more mobile size? what - are you still burning cd's?
i have no need to be trendy or impress girls (heheh) but my commuting lifestyle makes traditional laptops a legacy product.
when you finally transition to a tablet, you can thank the early-birds for getting your costs down and the technology moving. until then, stop bashing forward thinking.

"who needs a heavy-weight "fully featured laptop" when a tablet does just about everything (and more) with 4-5 times the battery life..."

I'd love to see the tablet that can do more than a laptop while lasting 28-35 hours of continuous use. Yes tablets are a nice portable alternatives to laptops, but you're starting to sound like someone I know named Steve who works for a certain fruit company.

I completely agree Dark Blu... Why would I go out and buy a tablet when I can get a totally capable laptop.. Which is waaaay more productive then a tablet... Faster, more productive, I can actually burn a cd or create a data cd if needed... It just seems dumb to me to have a bigger version of my phone for that much. Its a niche product which is why they are selling like crap... Now I believe once those new tablets that are 250 and 350 with honeycomb come out then id think about it but for 500 wifi only they are smoking some great drugs..

The thing that makes this an even bigger joke is that in Best Buy stores in my area, they have the Xoom and other tablets located next to the laptop section where one can look at both, compare the too, and realize how stupid it is to buy a content consumption device (Tablet) for a higher price than a fully functional laptop. There may be some rich people out there who feel the need to add a Tablet to their lives so that they can play angry birds on the couch while watching "America's Got Talent", but I don't see any value in spending more money for something that does less than a laptop.

For some (possibly many) that may be true, and they shouldn't buy a tablet. For others a tablet is the perfect device to be portable enough to take anywhere yet powerful enough to do what you need.

Surf the web, it does that and very well (sure I could use a laptop for this, but its much more convenient to not have to deal with a folded out device and the silly touch pad to select or scroll).

I loaded movies onto it for when I travel, and use it for some gaming. But now I don't need a PSP for movies/games and I have eliminated game discs etc etc. And the battery lasts in my Xoom just as long as my PSP did WITH a sound station (dock that had a 5hr battery and speakers).

My wife is always on Facebook on our home PC, so for me to get on our home PC isn't that easy. A tablet made it so I can surf around, buy things on Amazon, and do everything else I need to on a 10inch screen. Much easier to look at for long periods of time than my 3.7in screen phone (which I was doing). She has a Netbook too, and I hate the screen's aspect ratio.

Again, for some the tablet is just silly and won't make sense. For others it's the perfect device. If you are a netbook/notebook person, great. I will never bash you for that being your preference, but why hate on those who find the tablet experience useful and enjoyable?