Droid X Benchmark test

Time to put the Motorola Droid X power plant against the other big boys currently available in the United States. And here we run some benchmarks between it, the Sprint Evo 4G (Android 2.1) and the Google Nexus One (running the latest FRF83 build of Android 2.2). The tests speak for themselves, and we can't wait to see how much faster the Droid X becomes when it gets its Froyo update later this summer. Check it out after the break.


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Motorola Droid X benchmark tests


The thing is... the Evo brought a lot of new things to the game.
...720p, 4.3" screen, etc...

However, nobody thinks about processors anymore. They hear the 1ghz thing and they leave it at that.
Personally, I didn't give a second look at GPU. I thought it would have been better than my Palm Pre.

Well, wasn't I wrong... zZz.

However, my new train of thought is that if there are games like Raging Thunder II and Exzeus Arcade that run well (both are VERY graphics intensive), then other 3d immersive games can also run well.

So hopefully game developers take advantage of the NDK and make some great games for those with the Adreno GPU's.

Haha... that's crazy talk. Obviously the Evo 4G is not a stock Android device like the other two. If it were, the results would be more similar to the Droid X. The Sense UI running on top of Android 2.1 taxes the processors more than having no layered UI on top of Android.

too badd moto has it's on twist running on top of vanilla also. just face it your evo JUST GOT DESTROYED! MOTO X THE EVO KILLA!!!!!!!!!!!

If you consider a device "outdated" the moment a slightly faster device comes out then I weep for your wallet. For what it's worth, I usually consider a device outdated when it can no longer perform the majority of tasks I expect it to perform. By that definition it is hardly "outdated".

HTC needs to get with the program and do something about this FPS limit. I know that won't totally transform its results but it definitely would have done a lot better. It's pretty upsetting that I've had my phone for a week and it already feels old and outdated.

The EVO is outdated? You are being overly dramatic. What I will agree with is HTC needs to start giving its phones some GPU love.

I have to agree.... The FPS issue needs addressed. The fact that the Droid X does 60 FPS WITH HDMI out completely invalidates HTC's response on why the Evo was capped and I'm very unhappy.

Throw in fact that Moto managed to pull off giving the DX great battery life and i would be a little ticked off too if i was an EVO owner.

The fact that you're NOT an EVO owner, you should not be giving your 2 cents on battery life. You don't know anything about the battery life on the EVO. Many-many folks have consistently said there is nothing wrong with the battery life on the EVO, I am one of those. The longest battery life I've gotten on the EVO is 22 hours on one charge. This whole battery life issue is exaggerated.


I feel like certain reviewers got a bad battery or something.
I get 10+ hours and I game a lot on my phone.

Raging Thunder II and lots of browsing... and this thing is a beast. I get 8 hours sometimes if I'm using constantly, but with light usage it can go past 24 hours.

idk what up with your evo. I see every one getting 5-7 Mfops all the time in linpack. And thats the first time i;ve seen it fall behind the 3rd bar on quadrant.. I'm running the stock kernal, no OC and just a basic RvU...


I agree completely, my Evo is stock (no custom rom, etc) and I get the following results (all radios on, except Bluetooth):

Linpack: 6.914
Quadrant: 548 (above Nexis One < 2.2)
Gears: 30fps (obviously)
NenaMark1: 13.9fps (above the Nexis One with Froyo in Phil's test)

While still slower than the Droid X (an awesome device, Verizon users should be ecstatic), it is still significantly faster the what Phil's Evo indicated. As phil said “somethings up with the Evo”. Yes, like maybe the testing methodology, obviously that Evo had another background process running that was sapping CPU cycles from the benchmarks.

But I also agree with Phil.... I am really looking forward to seeing Froyo on other phones! ... Like mine.

Eventhough I am really enjoying my EVO, I am definitely proud of what Motorola has done with the Droid X.

Phil I am not saying these are inaccurate results, but you should put each phone on airplane mode and turn off any unnecessary radios.kill every app then wait like 15 seconds. Then runs these tests again. That is why people are getting higher ratings on their phones than you.

lol get over it you clown. you must own that Peice OF Shit Evo. FACE IT MOTO JUST MURDERED THE EVO POINT BLANK PERIOD!!!!!!! I just pre ordered one today :)

Really, you act like he stole something from your Mother. I mean, did you really post something like this over a phone? Tell the truth, your post is a joke right, a bad joke, but a joke? Have I missed something here? Did your Mother see these words that you typed on your computer? Clearly, you meant to post this reply to a discussion regarding terrorist, rapist, or the gulf spill and you somehow got mixed up. That's what happened right? Only a punk would post your post in regards to a phone.

Heh no I don't have an EVO... but thanks for the harsh comments... that was kind of mean. I actually love the Droid X a lot... I think its awesome.

How old are you? The only thing that Moto device has on the EVO is in the graphics. Considering most people cannot tell the difference between 30fps and 60 fps, your childish rant is pointless. Froyo will speed up the graphics on the EVO, what will your argument be then? By the way, I'd like to see how you plan to video chat on that Droid. Not to mention the EVO is 4G capable. ;)

Verizon 3G is faster than Sprint 4G almost in the whole country.

And the front facing camera, who used it that before? who is goin to use it in the future?

DROID X is a better device. Faster in everything with a better carrier, and better quality (and u know it)

Yeah you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. At all. At all.

All tests suggest that Verizon's network is slower than Sprint's network, and yes, 3G speeds, not 4G.

I have posted several photos to prove this in the "carriers" thread that you can refer to. I am able to get speeds up to 2.25Mbps (consistent) with Sprint 3G. My AVERAGE speed is 1.5Mbps. If you go look at the photos, you will notice that Verizon's network NEVER broke the 700Kbps mark. Sad. Very sad.

So quit your Verizon fanboy lies. And you go on and keep paying more for a slower network.

Oh by the way, I carry on me a Sprint Evo and a Verizon Motorola Devour, as they are my two phones. If it wasn't for the fact that I pay $20 a month for the Devour, I would not have Verizon AT ALL. Sprint far outperforms their network.

ummm yeah when the evo has froyo so wont the droid x. which will speed it up even more then for the droid x also....... de da de someone is not thinking. NOT EVEN MENTION THAT THE EVO HAS 4G AND THE DROID X IS ON 3G............. THE EVO JUST GOT MURDERED!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

Wow, so Moto Shadow benchmark that was flying around since some time ago was not wrong at all...

I am looking forward what score it will make once it gets 2.2.

Looks like the EVO is going back. I can live without the front facing camera and 4G. The colors on the EVO just look washed out compare to the Moto X.

I would like to see the Droid X compared to the SGS/Vibrant/Captivate in neocore. They both seem to have awesome processors and I want to know which has better gaming capability. Which I believe is what neocore tests (correct me if I am wrong).

I think you can already see the Quadrant score of Galaxy S on the list...

It's spec seems to be better than Droid X, but it score is about 25% lower. Probably because of the Samsung software?

Did the last test (nenamark) on the SGS, and scored around 39-40 fps each time, so you get a lot of GPU performance out of the SGS, which is to be expected really, since it's using the PowerVR540, the next-gen version of the droid (x) gpu.

Ummm.... didn't HTC say that the 30fps cap was because of the HDMI output? This obviously proves that wrong.

Droid X also has the output and it performs much better. HTC was lying about this?

Bad mistake. Real bad.

I am feeling jealous of this Droid X device. HTC Evo was only on top for a few weeks. I think I might go return it. And what for the next great Android device that will surely show up in less than 3 months. Go back to my Pre for the meanwhile.

The difference here is that the Evo actually has a separate capable GPU.

The Evo doesn't... it uses an integrated crappy GPU.

What comes out 3 months from now? A better processor? Oh well, the phone is already fast enough. Better GPU? Oh well, the droid runs all games and ports that have come out fine.

So it's just that the 2 year old Adreno GPU is crap... and I bought an Evo and am considering to exchange it because of it's GPU.
Why did HTC even put such a processor on here? Why are they obsessed with snapdragons?

That's not the point. The point is that htc could have prevented those performance downfalls easily. So it makes it seem as if it was by choice that htc limited the capabilities of the device. I like to have a great phone all around. Not one that's mentioned to be really good but instead has dozens of serious limitations. It really does disappoint me. Quite a bit. Motorola does not ever innovate anymore, and even they were able to outdo a company with great innovation such as htc. Not to mention that htc said that the hdmi output was the reason why the evo is capped at 30fps, yet the droid x has the same hardware selections and it does not suffer from the same limitations. Why?

Your too wraped up in trying to have the best. In technology it's next to impossible. A device is "the shit" for a short while then something better comes along, it's the nature of the game.

I completely understand that. But these were not really issues they were intentional choices on the part of htc. Even if it wasn't intentional, it was a stupid mistake.

So you're going to leave your carrier (Sprint) and jump to Verizon now? You're going to be paying out the ass for their plan hope, it's worth it.

Thank you!!! Somebody finally said it. You idiots would jump to a more expensive plan because of a benchmark test?! STUPID!!! There is already a work around in the works for the FPS cap and Froyo will be released shortly.

Oh of course not. Im not that stupid. I said I would go back to my Pre and wait for a competent and powerful phone to be released on Sprint's network.

Really, I would never go pay more money for an underpowered network just because of some benchmark tests. Verizon has quantity of network, not quality. I wouldn't pay more for that, trust me. Again, I am not that stupid.

Doesn't anyone else realize that the Evo is Sprint only and Droid X is Verizon only? Anyone? Hello? You cannot "kill" the Evo without switching to Verizon and paying early termination fees.

Most smartphones are just that, phones. There was an attempt to put a game system into a phone. Can anyone say N-Gage? Until there is enough 3d games to make it worth my while to get a phone that can handle them better, I will stick with my Evo, and my plan with Sprint that is almost half of what Verizon would charge me for the same services. By the time there is a demand (if ever) for high end 3d games on a Smartphone, I will be ready for another upgrade and get one with a separate GPU at that time.

I'm not surprised at all. Phones are like laptops these days.....they are on top for maybe a month or two them something new hits the streets. All in all, the EVO is beast phone and will compete for at least 4 or 5 more months which is pretty standard these days.

Horribad gpu in the evo sucks. I wish I knew before I bought it. Why would qualcomm make a chip with such a weak gpu is beyond me.

The Adreno gpu was being shown off at game developer's conference two breaking years ago.
It's not THAT weak... But the 30 fps cap just makes it worse.

i cant wait til the next Google Exclusive phone!! I love my Nexus One and i love it being exclusive, but if a better Google phone comes up, im jumping at it!! i refuse to go back to carrier phones! but thats off topic....welcome Droid X to the Android army!! Its just unfair now!! Nexus One, Evo and X vs. iPhone 4! LOL!!! remember iPhone users, don't hold it the wrong way, you gotta learn to balance the phone on your fingers and then you'll be ok! HAHAHAHA!!

See? Now THIS is the right attitude to have! I have an EVO and I love it and while some like their Google phone over other android phones - that's fine. What's important is that's its Android v. iPhone and we're doing damn good at making Jobs sweat. :)

outdated? LOL hardly. If I wanted to play hard-core games I'd buy a PSP. If I wanted to listen to music I'd listen to my Zune HD. But for light gaming and rocking I might use my phone, sure.


Turn off all unneeded antennas put in airplane mode then test? Yes because that's a perfect example of how itvperforms in everyday use.....wow. so take new iPhone attach beertap and naked supermodel then retest which phone is best. .......jackass.

You guys sound like a bunch of idiots if you think by getting a droid x you will be on top becauce once you buy it, something else better is waiting around the corner. What, you going to buy every phone that comes out just to say you have the best, not if you have Android. Android is like a PC computer you'll be on top for a very short time and this is something I knew when I got the Evo, it was just a matter of time. If you want to stay on top for a year your best bet is an Iphone. Sprint has 4 more android devices on the horizion.

You took the words right out of my head. People will get their Droid X's and then start getting upset because the next phone kicks all other phones' asses. Get over it people. The EVO is still an awesome phone. It wouldn't have gotten rave reviews if it wasn't. Be happy with what you have...especially knowing that the Android community is hard at work baking up some good tweaks and ROMs. I love my EVO. If I want to do hard core graphic intensive gaming, I'll do it on my PC.

But an iPhone would put you back in the smartphone arena. We are talking about superphones here. ;-)

Anyway I agree. Trying to chase the latest and greatest is ridiculous. I have an Incredible and yea I'm like man maybe I shoulda waited but I'm still happy with my very capable phone. When my NE2 rolls around the Droid X will be a toy compared to whats out.

who cares man, every one compares iphone4 to Evo, droid x and others, not every one cares about speed I love my EVO and it will only get better.What about costomer satisfaction? I would never get the droid x its fugly.

See now, I like the new Droid X design more than all the HTC's. I almost got an EVO, except they don't have 4G here, so I figured I'd wait for the next Motorola. I've had good experienece with all motorola phones. Built and designed to function best - the way I like it. Not as pretty as other phones, though. Especially the Iphone - now that's a pretty phone, I have to say.

to all the foolish tech nerds that get a rise seeing an electronic device out-perform another device....sorry guys that phone is not ur son or dog, no need to get all "hoorah". i guarantee you, that I rather look down at my EVO running "slower", than look at that Ugly "Droid X" run fast...Motorola still putting out hideous phones...staying true to their roots...you can have that cheap-button phone.

Please stop crying about someone else's phone being better than yours. Someone will always have something better than you. Your 42" 720p plasma is crap compared to my 52" LED 1080p. Deal with it. It's a fact of life. Why should technology sit still just because you don't want something to be better than what you have. I guess dell shouldn't release any new computers and Microsoft shouldn't put out the next version of windows either... Crybabies, cut it out. No one cares but you and your merry bunch of crybabies that the Droid X is outperforming the Evo. If you like your phone stfu and move on.

Maybe a years ago there wasn't a 52 inch LED but actually there is a 52", 58" and even a 61" and yes they are "LED" not LCD, do your research

If the manufacturer calls it an LED tv, it's an LED tv, no matter that it might be a misleading term.

As there is *no* LED tv in existence according to your definition, there isn't going to be any confusion about what he's talking about.

That's right! Since this is a geeky smartphone forum, I'm guessing you are Eric, and not Lori? I had to go to my website and browse the wedding shots just for fun. How time flies. Take care - bedtime for me!

The new KING is born , Droid X is AMAZING !!!!Evo Not so much LMAO !! So glad I didnt buy yet another HTC phone !!!

Yes actually !! When that happens I will just upgrade to the new best , not an issue for me !! I can buy what I want whenever I want ! as for the idiot statement ? You better take a good look in the mirror !!

I am wonder why Phil doesn't try HTC Incredible against those guys...? may be he doesn't have the INC or just trying to show off the speed on Nexus One, am sure the Incredible is really fast already and with froyo for sure beat up Nexus one

Got to admit that is one heck of a phone. I find it funny the same thing is being said by the "soon to be X owner" that some of the EVO owners said about all the previous Android phones, especially the Incredible......lol just like the Incredible "top dawg" for a few weeks then something better comes out.

Personally I think the Incredible and the EVO/X hit different markets due to the size etc, and in the small form factor marker the Incredible is still king of the hill. Now if Moto would make a small form factor phone with those stats it would be really good.

Still haven't understood why for year it was all about making things smaller, and now it's all about making things bigger. I would rather have a higher res smaller screen than a bigger lower res screen. Still envious over the performance of the X and the retina display of the new iPhone. HTC get it gear you have an opportunity here!

"Now if Moto would make a small form factor phone with those stats it would be really good."

The Droid 2 is supposed to be dropping this summer.

The Evo's front facing camera is a feature that I will be missing on my Droid X. I use Skype quite often, and it's not always conventient to be sitting at the computer or have the laptop camera set up. The camera can no-doubt handle the data flow, but it's probably Verizon putting on the brakes there - waiting for their LTE, no doubt.

phil whats up with your evo?? it's definitely choppier and slower then my evo(according to all your scores..and on nenamark1 my evo is smoother..not as smooth as the droid x but hey..the evo is still very capable graphic wise as soon as we finish uncapping the fps..and with froyo and roms and overclocks/undervolts..evo is still the better device..but they both kick iphones ass so who really cares about high benchmarks..how many apps/games need that much speed any how..an uncapped evo can run any of the games out right now so whats the big deal

Question to AndroidCentral mods: can you patch the fps on the Evo and try the tests again? (The patch is from xda-devs)

so i just did the same test with my rooted and moto droid and it beat the evo...... i so love my evo but in the evo defense i am running 2.2 simply stunning and my processor set at 1000mhz.

All this confirms to me is that froyo will be awesome. Otherwise, I don't use my HTC Incredible as a hardcore gaming rig; it doesn't really matter to me how much faster some other phone is than mine. But I still tried all four benchmarks on my phone. Just to see if I could find them all, you see. ;-)

My phone does what I ask quite excellently. No worries. No envy. Just give me froyo...

Just because HTC said their hdmi port is a hardware limitation does not mean they are lyng. How do you know Motorola didn't use some new better port hardware? You think Motorola just grabbed the hdmi port from the same bin that HTC used on the assembly line? Of course not.

It's very possible HTC used a cheaper low end hdmi component that has the fps limitation while Motorola used a better component that has no limit on fps. Think people, more critically.

No, I'm pretty sure HTC is just a filthy lying company. The 30fps limit has been broken in 3 different ways so far. It seems that they barely understand the hardware they are using, the don't want to pay for the proper drivers for any of it and they do not want to admit guilt for anything nor do they intend on fixing any of it. Their reaction to all the issues just insulting.

Fuck HTC.

My Evo is one sexy beast. With all the customizations I've made I am getting excellent battery life, the 30fps cap has been lifted (proof of concept anyway...55+fps makes this thing behave how it should have all along) and I've overclocked to 1.2ghz and managed to make my battery life (and performance) much better in the process.

The dev's at XDA are simply an amazing bunch.

HTC on the other hand? Well, needless to say that I will never ever ever EVER buy another HTC product ever again. I'd rather have a Samsung, who is known for dropping support nearly immediately after release. At least I've always gotten precisely what was advertised from Samsung.

Before the EVO I had no idea who HTC was but heard great things from everywhere. Now I know far too much about them.

So far as Motorola's HDMI port is concerned I see no reason why it isn't the same exact part that's been dealt with in a professional manner.

Great benchmark testing Phil. :) Nice to get the hook up to be able to run our own benchmarks. My Dinc held it's own when I ran all the tests....certainly excited to see the 2.2 roll out and improve everyone's experience regardless of the platform.

Keep up the great work.

Does anyone else wonder why the progress bars are different colors for each phone when Phil ran the quadrant benchmark test?

Because one is a Vanilla Android, one is Sense, and the other is the new Moto UI. The three companies (Google, Moto, HTC) skinned the progress bar differently.

Really guys who cares how many FPS the Evo can kick out? This is not your X-Box Ppl its a cellphone.. As with every product from PC's, cellphones to cars something better is bound to come out. The Evo has has ushered in a new era of cellphones, calling it dated is very premature. Your contracts will never be up if you continue to try and keep up with technology. Buy a Droid X and I bet you in 3 to 6 months there will be something faster and better. This is how the companies make their money....... The Evo is a great phone IMO, lil nuisances like frame rate arent enough to make me change my mind.......

PS: There has to be something wrong with that test Evo. My linpack scores range from 6.94 to 7 MFLOPS consistently.

As other people have stated, the most interesting thing about this post is not the performance difference between the devices but the fact that my evo performs way better than phil's. I get 6.8-6.9 consistently on linpack and although capped at 30fps, my quadrant test looks and runs great and smooth. And I am running a bunch of widgets, 3g on, etc. Sure I would love the cap to be removed but the performance difference between the droid x and evo is minimal according to my tests on my evo. I suspect it would be even less with the cap removed. I wonder why phil's evo performs so poorly. The droid x is a nice phone though no hate here. Still love my evo!

has anyone else noted the incorect tree shadow drawing on the droid X?(3:15)

i just wonder what else does it draw incorectly because it could give us a little bit fake image of the droids performance, i've seen somethhing like this before with the PC graphic card when they where being compared by the 3dmark points(i know that's stupid...) and the older card got more points because it just wasn't able to do the dx 9.0c stuff which was ignored by the card ignored(so the card just got more power for other dx 9.0b things) and still made a better final result

Not for nothing but I consistently get somewhere in the neighborhood of 6.5 - 7.2 w/ my EVO when I run Linpack.

Just saying.

That Froyo looks like its going to be something to scream to the Heavens about.

Ungodly fast!

Does anyone know if the graphics tests are optimized for the different ways that each phone does graphics? The Droid uses a different GPU from the EVO...... some games don't work on Snapdragon based phones, so I'm wondering if the same is true for these benchmarks..

Graphics wise yes its better..evo can still hold it's own..overall sorry buddy the evo is the better device

Never pal. Never.

The X has it all, better company, with a faster 3G speed than your 4G.

More powerful, better quality, faster in processor and GPU, and the screen uses a better glue. lol

A few points to make here:

a. Your claim about the better network is subjective. Some people's reception with Verizon is shit while it's great with Sprint in some areas and vice versa. With Sprint, I consistently get 1.2 Mbps download speeds. From what I've read on some previous comments here, some Verizon areas can barely pull down 700 kb/s.

b. 4G is still a very early technology. Most maturing 4G networks currently offer download speeds of around 4 Mbps. How is that worse than the varying speeds Verizon offers with 3G?

c. 'More powerful' and 'faster in processor and gpu' are the exact same thing. Are you honestly so excited over a phone that you tend to repeat your statements in the same sentence? The Evo has a front facing camera and 4G radio. Your Droid X will now and forever be stuck without a front facing camera and 3G speeds. Boy, the Evo is a lot more future proofed now, isn't it?

d. That's got to be one of the most moronic assumptions I've heard. Have you held a Droid X? No. Did any of the reviewers mention their Evo's screens lifting? No. That was a temporary fault in the manufacturing process which has since been fixed.

e. Quality is subjective once again. The Evo is rock solid, the only fault being the light leakage that's present with the early builds. Who's to say the Droid X won't have any temporary/permanent problems of its own?

Finally, yes. You do have the more powerful phone. Hooray for you for being able to play 3D games more fluidly on your device. But hey, you're paying a hell of a lot more than us Sprint users to USE your phone, and you don't get truly unlimited data. Furthermore, us Sprint users get to upgrade our phones once a year. Twelve months from now, we'll be paying 200 dollars for the latest smartphone that's released, while you'll be scrambling to find a minimum of $450 to afford your next Droid Z that might finally be a bit more future proofed.

A. Actually Verizon has the most coverage period. You can jump high or low but that's a fact. However I'll readily admit they may not have the best quality in all areas.

B. I don't think it has lived up the hype yet from the benchmarks I've seen. It will eventually.

c. Having 4g and a front facing camera doesn't make the EVO more future proof IMO. For one 4g is probably years away from full maturity and is still scant. In the time it will take it to mature fully, there will be more capable phones available and you can bet most will be ditching their EVO for the next best thing. The front facing camera will probably be showing up on more and more phones, however, it certainly isn't a deal breaker for most and certainly doesn't make any phone future proof. For now it's pretty much a gimmick.

D. Agreed, the screen issue is probably not as widespread as some make it out to be.

e. Agreed somewhat, although I'm biased towards Motorola. I think their stuff is better built but whether that will translate to the Droid X is yet to be seen.

Verizon's data on their mobile phones is not capped. It's only when tethering it is as far as I know. Also whether switching will be more expensive depends on the usage. For how much texting and talking I do, moving to Verizon from Sprint was about the same for me. I had the unlimited plan with Sprint and paid $99 plus taxes however I hardly ever went above 900 minutes or 100 txts a month. On Verizon I'm paying about the same for the 900 minute plan with 250 txts a month. So for me, while the plan is not unlimited, it's not more expensive. Now for heavy talkers and texters and family plan users, it might be a different story.

You do have a good point about Sprint's upgrade policy. I wish Verizon had a 12 month upgrade policy although they are giving early upgrades this year.

not like Im first to do this, but linpack I get 6.8/6.9 consistently, quadrant gives me a 520, the graphics did look alot smoother than on thie evo in the vid. didnt quite look like the x though...

of course 30fps on gears and I couldnt find nenamark

you should close all apps on all devices before doing these tests.... i get higher scores on some of those tests for evo. still less than droid x obviously, especially anywhere measuring fps, but i think your video shows it worse than it is...

If HTC doesn't fix the 30 fps someone at xda will. I love my evo using it as my wifi hotspot right now. I just moved and my closest dsl hub connection is 21000' away so i am lucky to get 760kbs down on my home line. With my laptop tethered via wifi to my evo I am hitting 1.73mps down according to pc pitstop. The X looks really cool but I like the price point of my evo plan with unlimited uncapped data. From what I ave been reading we are going to see 1.5ghz dual core processors in android come Christmas time with separate dedicated chip for video. So in less than six months the X will be a dinosaur. I am just happy to see the super fast evolution of Android no matter what carrier or handset manufacturer. Oh BTW I did this speed test while my wife was also connected to my evo with her hackintosh and my daughter streaming Pandora off her itouch all connected to my evo at the same time. Say what you will but my evo is proving to be a workhorse when it comes to wifi tethering. And I watched two episodes of Dexter on netflix last night with my laptop while tethered through my evo, so at this point I am liking my evo a lot. And this is all on 3g, cant wait for 4g to hit L.A. :-)

Hell... On my MyTouch Slide I ran the Gears app and scored an average of 60pfs!! Of course everthing else is kind of low, but I would expect the Evo to have a better frame rate. Oh well.

Jeez, half you guys sound like a bunch of deluded fanboys... Why are you trying to declare the complete dominance of one phone over the other when they aren't even on the same carrier and they're actually running the same OS anyway?

They're not really competing w/each other, most people ('specially outside of us geeks) that pick one or the other will be swayed by carrier pricing/coverage more than anything. We should just be happy there's such a great variety of Android devices to choose from.

The Droid X is clearly a fine phone, great GPU performance, great camera, etc. The EVO still has it's upsides... 4G in some markets (3G speeds are hardly the same as WiMax regardless of how great 3G is in your area), kickstand, front-facing camera, Sense, smaller (altho thicker), etc. You do realize the vast majority of people barely game on their phones, and if they do it's usually casual puzzle-type games...

I'm not trying to belittle the Droid X, the dedicated camera button is always welcome, Moto seems to have done some pretty slick things w/their new skin too. Each phone has it's perks. Looking forward to trying out the DX's Swype keyboard on my EVO later, I hear it has a voice input button? That would make Swype perfect for me!

$1 says we'll see the same kind of inane comments when the Galaxy S, Captivate and Galaxy S Pro launch... Tho personally, I'd probably pick the Droid X or EVO over either of those. I'm way more confident in HTC/Moto's support (regardless of any recent comments or w/e), and both company's phones tend to have more user devs behind 'em anyway. Plus I like the styling of either better than Samsung's aesthetic as well...

The Galaxy series will have it's own upsides tho, the Galaxy Pro will be the only high end Android phone w/a keyboard 'till the Droid 2 launches, and it looks like it'll beat it to market by a good margin. That will make it the de-facto choice for a lot of people... Personally I'm blown away by Swype but I can see how a hardware keyboard might be more comfortable at times (even if it's not necessarily faster).

Point is, stop trying to latch unto any one aspect of the phones to try and rank them in some silly superiority contest.

It think all of you tech geek are not getting the point about marketing. The name of the game between different carriers is called product modification meaning offering the same product in all markets with different specs. You for get the EVO can very well boost its gpu to 1.2ghz and run at 60fps. Sprint tends to have a jack in the box with devices. I'm good with my EVO 200$ was well spent and I have a satisfying device. Unlike the iPhone 4/cancer stick one can hardly make its first phone call. Evo has 4G which the speeds of the phone is immense once in a 4G coverage.

Well for those who think Verizon 3g is faster than Sprint 4g wroooong!!!! I just smoke my boy with my 4g, he was way behind with the same signal strength, shit my boy on ATT let him in the dust too, poor Verizon

Let's not forget the window that will open with Froyo with Flash when all those games will come to our devices. While EVO may or may not be the gaming device (?) that the Droid X is (not why I bought the phone in the first place anyway). It's still good to know the rewards that are coming with the media that will be coming shortly.

Go Android!


Someone needs to donate an Incredible to Phil. Dying to see the benchmarks on that phone because I have used an N1, Droid, EVO and Incredible and the Incredible was snappiest by far. Yes I have abused the 30 day return policy, can't help it I'm addicted:)

Let me first start by saying I own a nexus one and LOVE IT, but is the only reason that it is doing SO well on all of these head to heads because it is running froyo? Is it going to be able to hold its' own once froyo gets rolled out OTA to multiple devices? I mean it is "old tech" in the smart-phone/super-phone wars now...

Just curious to see people's opinions.

N1 Tmo FRF83

I have a Nexus One, and normally do want the top of the line for the time. But I believe it still can hold its own in these scenarios. Once that 1.5gHz processor, SuperAMOLED, 4.3 inch, beast that has not even been created yet, decides to shut down all current android phones, then I will move on. But for now, as drool-worthy as these phones are, I am satisfied. It is 1000x better than my moto Cliq.

U guys b tripping...I my mind I knw tba EVO is the best phone for sprint n the best on the market, if the dx has a little more speed than the evo... shiit thats something u can hardly tell cause I'm already satisfy with the speed of the EVO so u can have the extra speed ill take the extra features, does the x has the front camera, 4g, etc....ill take does instead

I agree with you but that's not even the point. These knuckleheads are talkin like the Evo CAN'T do 60fps which is absolutely WRONG!!! It was INTENTIONALLY capped by HTC. There's no real hardware limitation here. One device's performance was capped and the other was not... Stupid by HTC by a very simple explanation.

Yeah a lot of you guys are idiots.

I just don't like how HTC is obsessed with the snapdragon processor especially with its underperforming gpu.

That's all I'm mad about.
The evo was outdated when it came out because of the gpu.
I knew what these benchmarks would prove anyway.

The original droid kills the evo, n1, and incredible because of its gpu.

So the evo was outdated in graphics performance at launch.

And for people saying something better is coming out after the droid x, it doesn't matter.
What can the new phone have that the droid x doesn't? Who cares for a faster processor when yours is fast enough? Who cares fort date gpu when your phone plays everything anyway?
The evo can't play all games and ports.

While I partially agree with your point, the Snapdragon's integrated GPU needs an over-haul (or to be ignored completely), aside from finding the 30fps cap annoying (until it was finally broken) the graphics performance is completely usable. I have yet to come across a piece of software--game or otherwise--that really becomes 'unusable' because of the lack-luster GPU performance.

There may be a few bad batches of Evo's where this is not true, but, I have yet to find one of these apps. Even all of the games everyone has bitched about being 'unplayable' seems to play fine to me. Much better once you break 30fps, but still just fine at ~30fps.

I'm a little pissed that I thought I was purchasing an Android phone that bested every thing else in every way for at least a few weeks and ended up buying what will be known merely as one of the top 3 Android phones for ~6 months, the first 3 months of which will be plagued by bug fixes and disappointments. I will never ever trust HTC again or ever buy their products ever again, and I will tell everyone I come across why.

Bug fixes are one thing, but calling outright defects a 'feature', etc etc etc, that's just insulting.

So I enjoy my Evo, but I am far from a fanboy...

With that said I have to totally disagree with you. I don't know your angle and I don't know your agenda, but you surely have one of each.


I'm running Froyo Kangerade V1.0, baseband version C_01.43.01P, and with a 1.2 GHz jdlfg kernel. (This puppy is OC'd, but could go higher!)

When I did the Linpack test I got 18.227 MFLOPS in 0.3 seconds...

When I ran Quadrant I easily got 1406 as a score (beating every device on the graph...)

When running Gears for Android I got 62 FPS.

When I ran NenaMark1 I got 13.2 FPS!

In short, I'm excited for and yearn for the Droid X - but the Droid 1 (or Droid Prime, as I prefer) is certainly no slouch.

FTR, my battery doesn't run hot w/ this kernel and lasts all day long.


Phil, I think you just destroyed the EVO's market share.
I'm waiting for the Galaxy S Pro after seeing this.

At the end of the day, the Evo will still out sell the X. Sprint can't keep them in stock and most people could care less about these test because most people aren't nerds. As for being out dated, how can a devise that is so popular be out dated? All of the latest Android phones are great. Verizon people will go for Verizon devises and Sprint people will go with Sprint devices. Enjoy your devise or the devise that you wish to have. One

DX doesn't have a kickstand. I use the EVO kickstand constantly and at this point I can't imagine not having it. Battery life is awesome. I take it off the charger at 6:30 am every day and by 11pm there is still 10 to 15% life left. DX seems cool though. The screen looks awesome, but whats up with the "hump" on its back?
Oh and lets stop the shit talking on Sprint. I just did a speed test and got 1.28mbps with 3 bars of service (3g). Can't wait for 4g to come out in Orange county :)

The only thing that has me wanting to dump my 2 month old Droid for the X is supposedly better reception, call quality and battery life. If the reception and call quality is better than my Droids?!?! (which is dynamite) Its sold.

I just wish the OMAP had a sexy name so it would be on more ppl's radar. Since getting my Droid and learning what I learned these past few months, I'm treating all smartphones like I do my custom built PC's.

To be honest, the EVO was outdated when it came out cuz HTC put the exact same cpu the Inc. has in the EVO. Bigger screen, 4G chip and not a better cpu? They had a better Snapdragon w/45nm technology, ran a lil faster and didnt use it, its going in an upcoming WinMo phone...why.....

But yea ppl, it shouldnt be HTC vs. Motorola, X vs. EVO. "United we stand, divided we fall." Even tho most HTC owners threw the first punch by shitting on the Droid when the Inc came out. All of a sudden the Droid was the worse phone ever created. lol

Every phone has a segment cornered. The EVO has a Front camera and 4G chip. When 4G finally gets complete, the EVO will be the cheapest 4G phone w/Front camera in America since it came out so soon.

Is this CNN or something?

What kind of irresponsible reporting is this? You test three phones with different UI's and JIT adjustments done which we all know the impacts they have to a phone but then you run Linpack. Run EVO, Droid, Nexus one on the same platform before you get people all worked up because we all know that most people will not take those conditions into consideration!!

Wow, I love this site and check it regularly online & Newsrob and you guys are usually pretty fair but after the linpack BS I stopped the video. The only thing shown here is three phones sitting next to each other. THAT IS IT. Go apples to apples next time!

Ok, he said the Nexus had Froyo at the very beginning and its up there in black n white as clear as day.

What JIT adjustments has the Droid X had? Its still on 2.1 with a possible Blur. (The Motorola CEO said Blur is apps now, no entire overlay)

The only difference here besides Froyo is the Droid has a 45nm cpu vs. the 65nm one in the other 2. They all clocked at 1Ghz.

If anything, it shows the how the cpu in the X measures up against the other 2, even one running Froyo.

lol. Yeah. Take a deep breath. Think maybe we'll benchmark stuff later on when proper Froyo builds are out for the other phones? I've said before (and will say again, no doubt) that these tests need to be taken with a grain of salt, as it's not a level playing field just yet. And if you'd bothered to watch the entire video, you'd know that it beat the Evo and Nexus hands-down on the NenaMark1 test. Neener neener. :p

Take a Pill already ! Evo users will be fine. If we show a little patience. 2.2 was not available when the Evo was introduced. We will have the option to update soon. How many phones today, have 2.2 on them ? Ya, thats right.

Not wanting to be left out, Sprint announced this morning that it's working on the Android 2.2 update, and that the Evo 4G will get it.

As work on finalizing the software is under way, Sprint expects to launch Android 2.2 in the near future. It also will be available as an upgrade on the recently launched HTC EVO 4G.

With the Android 2.2 upgrade, customers can expect improvements to include the following benefits: updates to user interface, improved EAS Support, improved browser performance, including Flash 10x Support, voice dialing over Bluetooth and application storage on external memory.

Why are we fighting android to android and not android to iphone...
The Evo and Droid X both have their advantages.
I did pre-order a Droid X but im also a verizon customer.
The DX is on verizon, The Evo on sprint two great phones on two DIFFERENT carriers......
So why exactly are we fighting??????

What exactly does this mean for me? I have the EVO 4G and I must say I'm disappointed in this side by side comparo.

he even said something wasnt right with his evo, mine easily hits 7 in the test close behind the droid..

take away sprint bloat ware and sense ui it would PASS the droid easily.

wait until 2.2 and we will see, i bet it beats the droid easily.