Motorola Droid 2.1 update

The above just popped onto Verizon's Web site and, well, you can plainly see it's pointing to the impending Android 2.1 update. We'll let you read through the thing yourself, but there's live wallpapers, pinch-to-zoom, voice-to-text everywhere ... basically all the good stuff that you've been waiting on for so long.

Anybody actually seeing the update yet? And in the meantime, join the conversation in our Droid update forum. [pdf link] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Motorola Droid update gets some details


The Eris has Senseui on it

Android + Sesnseui = Wait 4-6 months for HTC to rewrite senseui to work woith the new version.

It's friggin buggy as hell on the Droid due to landscape mode .. thankfully they're leaving it out until 2.2 :D

Woohoo! Spring forward, think it comes before the 20th which was my guess based on Matt's cryptic "Spring" remark?

You know they are gonna pull in 10 minutes and it'll have been a screw up on some chumps part :-( I hope that's not the case! :-) YEAH!!!

Seriously...if our update DOESN'T have the 3D app drawer, I'm just going to stick with Cyanogen's mod. That would be craptastic...especially after waiting all this time.

Having worked customer support for a phone company, and now as a software developer in a company with an extensive support team, I'll tell you right now that making even minor changes to UI "over the wire" to customers always pisses people off. Besides, the app drawer doesn't appear to be in stock 2.1. It's a Nexus specific addition.

The app drawer was never coming.

I used to believe that too, that it was a part of the official "Google phone" experience. But, earlier today I saw HTC reps show users how to turn off sense on the Desire, and it has the 3D app drawer and such. I agree with the 1Ghz thing.

Bugless Beast 0.8 is 2.1 with 5 screens. It's build on the ESE53 release which is what VZ is pushing to non-rooted phones. BB is easy to install and is very, very stable and clean. I've been running it for a while and it rocks. So if you want 5 screens .. it's your phone .. do what YOU think is right. :D

I'm using Helix, and it gives you up to 7 screens. It also lets you double tap on the screen to give a thumbnail of each screen so you can jump fast. very sexy, but I only have 5 or my 6 screens with anything on it right now. haha

Where am I gonna put the weather widget if I don't get more home screens? Wasn't going to root but I might have to...

Try one of the home replacement apps. It may not have support for live wallpapers but atleast you'll have more than 3 screens. I don't use a DROID myself but I run OpenHome and love it and the customisation of the UI and widgets with BetterCut.

Just got mine three days ago, but still, glad to see that VZW's finally giving us some love. Now, all we need is a DATE...

Verizon doesn't write the software. The phone manufactures do. Each manufacture has their own software development life cycle. Each is probably quicker that other based on work force size and skill. Plus you have to factor in the maturity of their software development processes. Things take time.

This was never even announced for 2.1, it was even said that it wouldn't be here until AFTER 2.1 so I'm not sure what you were hoping for with this update.

I was hoping that since Motorola flubbed on the release date that they were going back to add it, hence the long delay.

Dude, no smart phone has Flash 10.1 mobile yet so it can't be added. There are a few running Flash Lite, but it's not the same thing and doesn't work all over the web.

Last I read on Laptop magazine in an interview with one of the Adobe guys was that mobile Flash definitely won't be coming until AFTER 10.1 for PCs. They're still sticking to their first half of the year statement, so any time between now and the end of June. That's on Adobe, not on Google or Motorola.

everyone seems to think the 3d app drawer is a nexus specific, but everyone said the same thing 2 months ago for live wallpapers. I think if Moto really wanted to give us that new nexus launcher, it would have. google/nexus exclusivity had nothing to do with it.

I don't know if it has been said yet but I feel that motorola went back and added stuff to the update because we all bitched so much. So these communities really work. Regardless, I'm just really extremely excited its finally coming out!

Yes they added stuff but not because of us. Verizon rejected the 2.1 build they submitted which lacked live wallpaper among other goodies.

Are we absolutely sure this thing only has 3 screens? I was really looking forward to 5 like the Devour has :-(

If you want the 3D app drawer, go to the market and install HelixLauncher. It works on 2.0.1 or 2.1.

I just want my email's to come through, Im on my second droid and no one can seem to figure it out. I have to turn the phone off several times a day to push the emails through. UGHHH

Okay...Great. I don't see anything about Bluetooth voice dialing...the one major major MAJOR feature I want/need with my Droid. It would be nice to call people through my car speaker phone without having to take my eyes off the road.

I hope they put an email signature in for exchange accounts! (I don't want gmail to handle my corporate stuff, and I don't think I should have to pay for touchdown for something that should come stock...)

I have always been a loyal Motorola customer, but I am becoming disillusioned. Droid owners are complaining about the update *finally* coming. I bought the Cliq primarily because it had a keyboard and it is *STILL* using Android 1.5.Wwhere is our update? If they want me to buy a new phone, they they shouldn't have locked me into a 2 year contract, or made all the new phones without physical keyboards.

Verizon had the update scheduled to start rolling out to users OTA last week, but postponed it at the last minute.

There has been no mention of ActiveSync being included in this release. Hopefully they will listen to the corporate customers and add this in 2.2, as no companies will support the device until full ActiveSync functionality is there. I can't believe they aren't interested in corporate users, which is the biggest segment of the mobile market.