Motorola Droid Shadow

Yep, there it is. The Motorola Droid Shadow, same as we just saw in some promo material. This one was found and napped in a corporate Verizon gym in Washington, then sent on to Gizmodo. It reportedly contained a text message confirming it is "unreleased" and then was remotely wiped.

That's a 4.3-inch screen you see there (same as on the Evo 4G -- and like the Evo, it likely isn't AMOLED or anything, that we're OK with that). It also is said to have an 8MP camera and will shot 720p video (again, like the Evo), 16GB of internal storage, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and HDMI out (again, like the Evo). And have we mentioned this thing pretty much is spec'd out exactly like the Evo 4G?

Anyhoo, if anybody else has an unreleased phone they want to leave lying around, we'll be at the Abeline Sizzler about 7:30 tonight for their "Show Mama a Good Night Out" promotion. [Gizmodo]


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The Motorola Droid Shadow likes to work out, have its picture taken


You can if you just pay full price.

This phone sounds good just too bad its Verizon. The Evo will be better still despite 16Gb internal memory because its 4G not 3G.

I am sure this phonwbeill be 4g capable as Verizon is releasing its own 4g network by years end and when they di nobody will want sprints enemic 4g network !

That might be a valid point if Sprint didn't use Verizon towers in areas where the Sprint network is weak. By saying Sprint has anemic coverage then Verizon intrinsically shares said "anemic" coverage. Good try though

Sprint doesn't use Verizon towers, different bands. They may share towers to put their equipment on however.

I'm pretty sure Sprint and Verizon operate at the same 2 bands, the Cellular band (824-896 MHz) and the PCS band (1850-1990 MHz).

Also they do have a roaming agreement in which they agree to provide backup coverage for each other in the instance of one not having as much coverage as the other: .

Sprint only uses verizon towers where Verizon signed the roaming agreements with them for it (or where they need to offer alltel coverage because of prior agreements) It's not everywhere, and it's largely 1x only. Which means crap when you're talking about it's usability when it comes to a powerhouse like the Evo or the Incredible/Shadow.

Not to mention that sprint has some of the strictest roaming agreements in their customer policy of any carrier, especially when it comes to data.

They may be releasing their own 4G network by years end but it won't really be up for a while after that so this 3G phone will be archaic compared to Sprint's Evo 4G phone.

Where you can get it. Remember, there are a lot of rural customers on verizon and sprint, so 4g would be wasted on both of them for a few years

im pretty sure the original poster was talking about sprint's anemic 4G coverage, not it's EVDO. so roaming doesnt pertain to this conversation at all since Sprint's 4G is wimax and Verizon's will be LTE

Other than the pyshical buttons(which may or may not be usable) and the motoblur, this looks like a really nice phone.

I know we all like big screens, but 4.3" just feels like the maximum a screen should be for a mobile device. I would much rather see a 3.7" screen with a much higher resolution- I give the iPhone credit there. They just improved on their screen, versus making a bigger one.

Hopefully 4.3" is the end of the line and we start making the screens higher resolution, versus larger in size.

Anyone else find it a little strange that this was found in a gym in Washington yet the weather widget on the home screen is showing the weather for New York?

Love it, looks great, will probably be first in line the day it comes out or do the whole pre-launch online thing. BUT and it's a big BUT... How soon after it's in my hands will it be antiquated? I mean how quickly will I see the next greatest phone "coming soon"? My Moto Droid still feels like I just got it. Does anyone feel the same or is it just me? OBTW I hope it's 4G or it's a No Go for me! (didn't mean for that to rhyme)

I personally think these phones are coming out way too fast. Hopefully this isn't released for some time. The Incredible isn't that old and there is already talk of a new Droid. Love Moto and HTC, but it seems consumers are getting screwed over a bit. Thats my 2 cents.

Also someone said Big Red will have 4G by the end of the year. I thought LTE is still in testing. Not to mention the time to roll it out to several markets. Well then again I haven't looked into LTE recently.

Incredible has HTC Sense
The Shadow has MOTOBLUR
The Droid (and droid2) run stock android

Basically the Eris and the Devour were entry level devices with their respective overlays. Now the Incredible and Shadow will be the high end devices with those overlays. Phone's are set to refresh every year or so, and we started hearing rumors about the original droid around this time, so everything seems to be right on schedule.

I think LG will take up the place of a "low end" stock android phone (to compare with the high end Droid line) The purpose is to give customer's choice, not screw them over.

If you're someone who always wants the latest and greatest, you don't pay attention to contracts anyway. Buy full retail, sell the old one on ebay

Apparently, the word on the street is that the Droid 2 will also run Motoblur. It's a shame really, as stock Android doesn't get the respect it deserves.

You know the more I see these new phones with the big screens being held the more I don't like them. I mean honestly that's about the size of the cell phone I was using in 1997. Taking a step back aren't we? Phone is too big for my tastes.

I think they are targeting the larger screens for people who want more media capabilities out of their phone. If you think about it there are still plenty of other decent phones out there with smaller screens. I like having a larger screen on my phone personally.

We want innovation and awesome phones!! they give em to us and youre complaining theyre coming out too fast. what a shame!! Truth is, Moto hasnt had a flagship phone SINCE the Droid. Its about that time they drp a new one anyway. with HTC and Moto being in the same markket (Android) you can expect top notch handsets to be rolling out back to back.

@ Kmatheny...youre the only one Ive heard say that. I tought I was the only one. I held an HD2 in my hands and played with it for a min (convincing my buddy to get one since he's on Tmo). He loved the screen. I personally wasnt the BIGGEST fan. I mean, Its nice and all but like you said. 3.7" is just great for me...give me a higher res screen.

1. Stop Complaining - I agree, having lots of phones coming out is a good problem to have, better than the problem in the past, which was slowwww innovation.

2. Screens too big? - just because you weenies with small phones (and small weenies?) and small pockets want to live in the 1990's doesn't mean the rest of us long for pagers again. It's about web and multimedia in your pocket.

It's also about one device to rule them all (those of you who still live by the 'one device can't do a lot of things well' mantra, go take your lack of vision cloaked as 'reality' elsewhere). The rest of us dream, innovate, and enjoy the fruits of it - because truth be told, current smart phones are already more than good at photos, video (HD recording!), web surfing, being an alarm clock, a PIM, and a phone.

3. Moto Flagship Needed - the Incredible was just a stop gap, kind of a slightly improved Droid, middle of the pack phone (like the Droid, which is now also middle of the pack) to tide us over until the REAL phones came out, like the EVO, the Shadow, and the rest. Sad fact, todays' top of the line is tomorrow's middle of the pack. But the Incredible is nice for those who like medium screen size with same power as the big boys.

4. 4.3 Too Big? - what, you people don't wear Levi's? I betcha we could go to 5 inches and still fit nicely in the pocket (Streak anyone?). Is this too big to put on the hip?

5. What is up with the tall thin look? - One thing that commends the EVO over the Shadow, IMO, is the fact that, though both are 4.3 inches diagonally, the EVO is wider. I like that better for portrait surfing and keyboard. I'm not sure why MOTO is going for the taller thinner look. Maybe fits in narrow pockets better, but I don't like it as much.

6. 4G - yeah, for those who have access to it in June or July (like in my area, Stockton/Modesto/SF Bay), 4G is nice. However, sad fact is that Sprint coverage outside of those few 4G areas is scant unless you live directly in the big metro areas. For this fact alone, I will have to stay on Verizon, who's coverage is ubiquitous (and more expensive), since the 4G coverage will probably NOT reach to my home or commute area. I hate not having data/GPS out in the countryside.

7. Higher Res screen - yeah, 1024 would be really nice, although I like the bigger buttons that 800 on a 4.3 inch screen provides, so not sure if 1024 is really useful or worth it.

8. My dream - 4.3 inch WebOS device - I'd leave android in a heartbeat if the WebOS came out on a decently large device. Sigh. I can dream. HP, get off your *sses and make me a phone!

WOW.A new Droid ! The question I want to know is will it have a physical QWERTY keyboard? So far I like the specs on it as it compares to the EVO.

4G is a nice idea, but it will not be worth breaking contracts for or paying full price for until next year. The full scale roll out will take time. This includes Sprint.
It's actually a bit more subjective than that.

- If you live and work in an area covered by 4G and don't travel, 4G may be a good choice.
- If you don't live in a 4G area, or if you do but travel a lot, most of your use will be 3G anyway, so why pay for something that you'll use the minority of the time?

As far as front facing camera's, we were supposed to be video conferencing on our home phones 15 years ago. That never really took off. The advent of mobile phones for video conferencing could be a good thing, but you have to consider the bandwidth it would take to both send and receive video and audio simultaneously. On 3G, probably not a worthwhile experience. On 4G, it may be worthwhile, but it will take a year or two for phones with front facing cameras and the services to become common enough to make it a viable method of communication.

Then again, I may be totally wrong.

I think these phones that are found/stolen/etc are being left around on purpose. Think about it maybe these companies want people to know about these phones before they release to get more hype?

I suspect it was leaked so that those of us on Verizon considering the move to Sprint for the EVO will hold off for the Shadow and stay with Verizon.

I'm in San Diego with no 4G in sight, so I'm debating whether it's worth the move to the lesser network to save $10/mo (and possibly piss off my wife if she is unhappy with Sprint).

Now I see Verizon's answer to the EVO and perhaps I play it safe and wait...

Exactly. I am a VZ customer who wants a better phone. I will be trying the EVO for 30 days risk free (thanks Sprint!), but I expect that their poor coverage in my area will force me to return it. With the Shadow on the horizon, that might help my decision.

It was nice of Motorola to basically rip off every spec of the EVO, wasn't it ? Maybe change their name to Motoripoff ?

Front Facing camera? I'd like for EVO to get a fellow vid chatter. CORRECTION: I'd like the EVO to get a fellow vid chatter phone that has even the slightest chance of using vid chat between devices. I am guessing that the iPhone Quatro (I refuse to call it what it isn't), will only play nice in the safeness of iChat (with Steve personally making sure no naughty bits are being transmitted). The onslaught of Android devices is great! SUPPORT ANDROID = SUPPORT THE DEVELOPERS, click an ad or buy an app today!

I would try to get this phone but it looks completely way too bulky (it is a sluder, right?). Also the one little feature I am waiting for, be it Motorola or HTC, preferably HTC, is a front camera. Add that onto a 4+ in screen for verizon and I'm sold.

Looks like the evo for Verizon but you have to think the carrier asked for these specs or something close now I hope and pray it doesn't have the snapdragon processor and is it does use the 45nm version but I doubt its running a Qualcomm CPU

Looks like the evo for Verizon but you have to think the carrier asked for these specs or something close now I hope and pray it doesn't have the snapdragon processor and is it does use the 45nm version but I doubt its running a Qualcomm CPU

Has anyone done a good comparison of Stock Android v. motoblur v. Sense UI? I like stock android, but my friend swears by Sense.

motoblur sucks ass. it's for kids basically. motoblur reminds me of something a sidekick would have on it. if your a high school kid then you will love it. i was looking foward to this handset untill i found out it had this garbage motoblur shit on it. it killed it for me basically. now all i have to look foward to is the droid2. that will def be in my collection of droid phones no doubt about it