We went hands-on with the Droid RAZR MAXX at CES 2012 and well -- it's a Droid RAZR with a 3300 mAh battery taking place of the original 1780 mAh power source and while that's impressive in its own right, the most impressive point is that it doesn't add any extra bulk. That said; If you skipped out on the original Droid RAZR due to battery concerns, come Jan. 26 you can pick up the Droid RAZR MAXX from Verizon Wireless for $299 with a two-year contract.

Source: Motorola; Thanks, Thomas!


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Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX coming to Verizon Jan. 26


Ohh wow!! Look they improved battery life and now want you to buy the EXACT same phone to get it!!

FUCK you Motorola!

When will you learn to wait a while before jumping into a phone the minute it comes out. How many times do you have to get burned before you wise up?

the only fault with the Razr was poor battery life,(the main gripe) so why is it a bad thing that they release it with a bigger battery? Im VERY interested in this phone.

only fault? The screen on there was also garbage. Didnt read they have fixed that. Like the first commenter I also notice that motorola/ verizon sem intent on screwing customers. first the bionic then the razr released so soon after, but not soon enough to swap. Then the razr to the razr max. Hopefuly motorola sticks to their promise of releasing less phones.

So , When Samsung uses the SuperAMOLED Plus its awesome , gorgeous , Beautiful , The Best screen technology ever ... etc , But when Motorola uses it , Its a garbage piece of trash ?

Im not trolling , Im just saying

personally , while SuperAMOLED plus is great screen , I think its waaaaay overrated

Whoa buddy. Completely unbiased opinion as I don't prefer any manufacturer over another (well, I do favor Motorola, but that doesn't matter in this instance) Motorola SuperAMOLED Plus is NOT the same as a sammy. From someone who has/had a Droid, Droid2, Droid Razr, Epic, Fascinate, and GNex, the sammy versions are hands down better. This is coming from someone that takes internet opinions with a grain of salt, and doesn't buy into hype very often. This is a noticeable real world difference. The Razr still had some screen dooring/pixelation during transitions, and definitely did not look as nice in general. Did it bother me? Nope. But if you someone truly uses the two different manufacturer phones real world for a period of time, they will not say the Moto screen is better. My only complaint from Sammy's screens were the heavy green tinting but even the Razr had that even though it wasn't that bad. I haven't seen that on the GNex.

Moto didn't use the super amoled plus ... they use what they call super amoled advanced ... its different, read up on it if you like

I had the Nexus and Razr side by side for screen comparison. While most times they were equal, if any one stood out it was the Razr screen. My wife and I both agreed on this. Just my $0.02.

If the Motorola's qhd screen looked better to you then the galaxys 720p hd screen, then you need to get your eyes checked. Not trying to be a dick, I'm really suggesting a visit to the eye doctor ... something wrong there

Nobody is saying a better battery is a bad thing.. Only that releasing it a short time after the original and not as an upgrade for it or something of that nature, but as an entirely new device that they want to wring another $300.00 out of you for. And what if you used your upgrade, your stuck.. And the only difference being the bigger battery?? really?? That's a sham..

Couple problems.

WHat kind of upgrade for the original Razr would this be? No one would buy that logic.
Likewise no one with a Razr is going to pay the ETF + the cost of the new device just to have amounts to a bigger battery and more memory in the device they already have.

If it troubles them that bad more than likely they can still return their Razr and wait till the MAXX launches, under that holiday return policy(I think, not sure). But you make it sound like the MAXX has nothing to off, so I don't see why you think anyone would even care...

It does add extra bulk. About a millimeter. Also the panel on the Razr is Pentile and using a SuperAMOLED Advance screen, which from whaf ive gatherer just means it's a qHD resolution, whereas phones with SuperAMOLED Plus are not using a Pentile matrix so pixels are less discernible. That's why some claim the Razr's is less impressive. Truth be told, it CAN be noticeably different but only if you're really looking for the difference.

Well to each his own, I guess, but having owned both devices, Razr from launch until the Nexus launched and Nexus up until about a week and a half ago, I can easily say the Nexus won out for me. Better pixel density meant sharper images. About the only thing the Razr had over the Nexus was how bright it got. At half brightness it was admittedly brighter than a Nexus at like 75% brightness.

But that's not enough for me. Furthermore, small text was a mess on the Razr thanks to the Pentile matrix. And if you don't believe me load up a full website or any site with small texts and watch the difference more pixels per inch makes. Like I said, though, most won't really notice the subtle differences, and in general the Razr panel is still a looker, but saying it's a better panel than the Nexus is like saying the Galaxy S has a better panel than the Galaxy S II or something.

My only gripe is that it wasn't announced until 2 days after the last return date for my Razr. I would have returned it and waited 2 weeks!

One reason I didn't buy the razor was the non removable battery but I couldn't see a reason to remove this one.I would be very pissed had I bought the razor

Ok look at it this way. Only a small percentage of customers are phone geeks like us. The common consumer is not comparing screens or paying attention to when phones are released compared to other phones. Now the business persone will be looking at this phone if they can use android and not blackberry as THE phone to get because it will last all day maybe 2 with heavy use and someone who is on the phone allday and has alot of emails ect... Is just what they are looking for. A long 16 hour work day then forget to charge and still go the next day without a charge. Trust me, Motorola and Verizon are all about sales. Now I agree it sucks for those who bought the razor but like a previous post said, learn to wait a while before you jump the gun. Just my 2¢

No... as a business user this phone still doesn't do crap for me. But I MIGHT look at the Droid 4 if it had this kind of capacity.

The mantra here always seems to be: "Don't buy X phone, because Y is better will come out next month/quarter and then X phone will be obsolete!"

But -- does that cycle ever end? A month/quarter after the Y phone comes out, guess what: they'll release the Z phone. Something better will ALWAYS come out shortly after your phone. There will never be an "ultimate last phone" that you should have waited for because cell phone technology has topped out.

I don't think anyone has mentioned it in post yet but in general ... what's with the word "obsolete." If you bought a bionic, and now the RAZR is out -- your phone isn't "obsolete." It's just that there is one phone slightly (and arguably) better than your phone. Wah Wah.

The other OEM's need to take a page from Motorola and concentrate on bigger batteries and battery life instead of this super thin phone crap.

Lol I kind of agree with first poster. :)

Anyhow, anyone know if the maxx will have ICS and i will assume the battery is still not abled to be removed swapped.

Anyhow I am still on my droid x. I have my eye on the razor maxx, even though my contract is up in about 5 months.

The 1st Droid Razr is a great phone. The battery is better then any other stock battery put out. Many people prefer the original razr because it is thinner and lighter. That was the main selling point of that phone and the battery does last all day. People complain over everything. The Razr is the best Android phone made, the first or 2nd.

I just returned my Galaxy Nexus last night due to the soft buttons getting in the way of actually trying to use the device.
Don't get me wrong, the GN is a very nice phone, but it is not compatible with my hands. Looking forward to the MAXX.

Bought a rezound and don't regret it at all ....... Clearly the best phone out for me but I do like a thin razr with twice the battery

I have had the razr from day one and I have loved every minute of it. I have had the og razr..og Droid and the Droid x. I don't mind the new phones coming out so often..that's our wonderful world of technology. But what upsets me the most is selling the razr at $299..then 3 months later dropping the price $100. I'm I the only one who feels ripped off? I'm just sayin ..

They did the same thing with the bionic when the razr came out. They can not sell older technology for same price as new thing. Although it does suck, just a fact of life.

Well one thing is for sure GREAT BATTERY on the Droid Maxx wish it was part of my GALAXY NEXUS. Big battery being WASTED on such a WEAK phone. Galaxy Nexus PIMP SLAPS the entire Verizon droid lineup...

He was, up until the Galaxy Nexus came out. Now he's just as stupid, pompous, and arrogant as he was with the Evo 4G/3D on Sprint, but about the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon.

I don't get why phone companies don't simply make 3000mah+ the standard size for all smartphones? Obviously the battery tech isn't changing anytime soon, so if the battery can't get better, use a larger battery... Personally I think being able use a smart phone 3-4 days without charging would be GREAT (not just in stand-bye). It's frustrating how fast everything else is improving on the phones: Screen, CPU, memory, 4G, etc... but not that battery. Yet they continue to push overly thin phones as if somehow everyone will ignore how poor the battery life is.
I hope the Maxx does well, of course releasing the non Maxx version just a few weeks earlier was simply amateur hour (as expected from Motorola)but at least the Maxx is coming out.

I hope Samsung does something like this with their Galaxy S series.

It seems none of us really need a smart phone it just the thing to do at this day and time.

For years we drove our cars and walked across Wal-Mart parking lots without talking on any phone. Now, we talk, or text all the time, day and night.

Our phones have become something like our best friend.

Hey Android Central

Is this your new revised phone of the year?

Same phone better battery

Its only fair....

Go android lol

You would be correct however, how often are our processors running at full tilt anyway? A single core running at 100 uses less energy than a quad core at 100 percent. IMO it's a bit moot point either way because 99% of the time our phones are not utilizing the entire CPU anyway. Unless of course you're gaming or doing some hardcore multitasking. Also noticed installing apps taxes the processor.

The only type of app that would likely use all cores at or near 100%, is something like video encoding. Even if all four cores being utilized that way uses four times the battery than a single core (which, I don't think is the case) you finish the encoding task in 1/4 the time since you had all fours cores working on it. Thus, your instantaneous power consumption would be more, in theory, but your overall power consumption for the task would be the same and most likely less due to internal efficiencies in the multi-core processor.

Maybe the MAXX is released in response to feedback about the RAZR battery. Sometimes plans just change based on market feedback.

I totally disagree w/ the whiner camps about "phones coming out too fast" BTW. What I bought yesterday didn't decrease in utility one iota. I paid x and got y. Unless for said person y is "having the very latest phone to make up for a small penis".

True, your phone didn't decrease in utility, but for the exact same about of money you could have gotten a phone thats is 3x better in utility.

And I highly doubt that motorola just figured out that their battery life sucked *after* releasing the phone and hearing customers complain. The MAXX has been ready to go for a while and like all android phone manufactures they are just trying to get as much money from customers as possible without actually giving 2 shits about their customers.

If manufactures were actually innovations when releasing phones every 3 weeks then I don't think that would be too fast, but making minor changes just to empty customers wallets shows they don't' care about you at all.

I had looked at the Razr, the Rezound and the Nexus because I can upgrade my Dinc any time. I wasn't thrilled with any of them for different reasons but the probable short battery life and no extended battery option weighed heavily against the Razr. With the Maxx, I will probably take another long long look at the Razr so I'm glad that I held off. I am, however, disturbed by Verizon/Motorola's disregard for those who bought Razrs and can't return them. The Maxx isn't some newfangled feature upgrade. It's, rather, what Motorola should have done with the Razr in the first place. If you are aware of the fact that battery life is always a major concern for any smart phone, especially 4Gs and you have the ability to address that initially, why wouldn't you? The difference in the thickness of the two models is negligible but Motorola made such a big deal out the thin profile of the Razr that it put quick profit ahead of concern for its customers, something that Verizon customers are all too used to. It won't happen because the corporate profit margins will suffer but Verizon should, at the least, offer a buy back option to Razr owners who are beyond their return period. It would be prorated of course but it would go a long way towards restoring some concept of customer service.

I skimmed through these comments, and everyone is missing the point.

If the original RAZR had a removable battery this wouldn't be a problem. But, at the same time, if the RAZR had a removable battery the MAXX wouldn't exist.

The timing of the release of both phones shows that Motorola made the RAZR while it was working on, or after it had greenlit, the RAZR MAXX. It knew.

People should avoid buying the MAXX on principal, and Android Central and other tech sites should call out Motorola on this. They knew what they were doing, and they purposefully and knowingly deceived consumers.

Why not make the price lower for those who already own the original Droid RAZR? It would pretty much be getting the same phone just with a different battery and more memory.

I dunno why people are complaining. Everyone knows that a new phone will come out several weeks after the last phone. The Razr Maxx will be sweet espeically since the battery life is promising. I'm waiting for the first couple of hands on reviews about the battery life to make a decision.