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Motorola Droid RAZR Car Dock

Looking for Droid RAZR accessories? Let's start with the excellent car dock. It's sort of your standard kit, with a ball-and-socket mounting assemble that can attach to your windshield, or your dash (with the help of a plasting mounting disc). There's a locking nut to make sure the whole unit stays put while still allowing articulation for that perfect viewing angle. And then it's time to get down to business.

Because the microUSB charging port is on top of the device, you'll slide the phone into the dock sideways, then snap in the bottom edge which is now on the right. It can take a little bit of practice at first because you also have to get the HSMI port to fit just right. (That's all where you see that big hump on the left.)

Once you're plugged in, Motorola's excellent car app takes over. You're greated with options for Navigation, Calling, Voice Search, Music and Main, and each button takes you to car versions of the respective apps, with large, easy-to-press buttons.

We're quite impressed with what Motorola's done here. It's a thoughtless process, which in turn shows the thoughtfulness of those who designed it. Because if you are going to use your phone at all in a vehicle, you need to think about it as little as possible and concentrate on driving.

We've got more pics and examples of the car apps after the break.

Motorola Droid RAZR car dockMotorola Droid RAZR car dock

Motorola Droid RAZR car dock

Motorola Droid RAZR car dockMotorola Droid RAZR car dock

Motorola Droid RAZR car dockMotorola Droid RAZR car dock

Motorola Droid RAZR car dockMotorola Droid RAZR car dock

Motorola Droid RAZR car dockMotorola Droid RAZR car dock


Reader comments

Motorola Droid RAZR Car Dock


Does this car-dock allow for a car-charger to plug in (micro-USB), so the phone charges while you're using this?

Everything I have read says it charges while docked. The question I have if anybody can answer is can any of the default icons be changed, almost like the X's dock? It would be nice to customize one of the buttons for Slacker.

I think the default Car Dock app will only let you set a couple of custom apps. But I have been using an app called Custom Car Home for almost as long as I've had my Droid X. It gives you 3 screens with a 2x4 grid of large icons where you can place any app of your choice. This gives you up to 24 apps you can run from your car dock. I have all the same apps for maps and navigation as the default car dock, but I also have GasBuddy, FuelLog, Pandora, Google Listen, Tune-In Radio, NPR news and more all easy to get to while I'm driving. This app can also be set as the default when you put your phone in the dock it will pull up in place of the original one. Give it a try I know I prefer it over the original car dock app.
BTW my next phone will be the GNex! I'll work something out for a car dock.

The default Google Car Home dock app gives you 4 screens with a 2x3 grid of buttons. That's the same number of buttons to customize as your app. Plus you don't have to just put app shortcuts on the buttons, you can put navigation directions or direct dial contacts as well. I use powerAMP as my music player and it can even put playlists on buttons.

Have this mounted in my car, fit's nicely on console as I live in AZ, not mounting on window! Had the DX dock as well; this one's allot better more sturdy doesn't fall off or disconnect from it's suction at all.
And yes it changes if you have a USB port in your car... problem I'm having with it is that NO CASES will FIT it that I can find been through two and one that SAYS WILL FIT CAR MOUNT!

If anyone has a idea of a working case hit me up

Charges while using it, other wise would be useless. In the pictures it doesn't have the HSMI port hooked up to the charger wire.

I just picked up this dock 2 days ago so I am still trying to learn the intricacies of the features. It does allow a car charger to plug into the rear of the dock and the phone charges while in use.

I have it synch'd via bluetooth to a Pioneer FH-P8000BT head unit. Pandora plays well and the phone features are fully functional. I'm still not seeing success with the voice feature for some reason.

The navigation seems to perform well although I have not had the time to use it much.

Sorry future sammy owners, I dont think the GNex will get accessories like this. I say this only because I dont see any other Sammy phone with them. There is a lot of aftermarket "one size fits all" mounts, but none built specifically for the phone like Moto does.

Unfortunately I think you may be right. I'm hoping for the best though, cause the G-Nex is definitely my next buy...

Sweet dock though for the Razr guys!

Yeah, its one of the things that swung me to the Razr's side. I don't think there is a bad choice out of the 3 phones about to drop. There are awesome things I like about all 3.

Oh, crap. I didn't realize that the Samsung phones didn't get docks like this. I use my OG Droid and car dock every single day driving to and from work, and I'm not sure that I could live without it.

I suppose if a 3rd party manufacturer had a decent one it'd be fine, but I really like the custom-fit of the OEM version.


Next up: How about universal accessories that [work and fit well] so when I change phones, like with MicroUSB, I can reuse $50 accessories?


I'm a "road warrior" and rely on my Droid X daily for Google Maps. I actually used a solution from Gomadic:

I have a vent mount because I live in California and the windshield mount rules are just not worth risking a ticket. It is adjustable, and rotates for easy charging. The padded arms that grip the device are adjustable so it should not cover micro-usb port.

Kicker is, I bought this for my Garmin 4.3" GPS, which is much bulkier than the phone. This could support a 5" device if needed.

I hope the car dock for the RAZR is better than the one Motorola designed for my Droid X.

Motorola's car dock for the Droid X is a two piece design where the cradle for the phone is separate from the suction cup base that mounts to the windshield. The two pieces join together with a sloppy/loose fitting that allows the phone to vibrate while driving. It's also so fragile that I tend to use two hands to adjust the phone - one holding the phone and the other stabilizing the mount.

Lesson learned - just because it was designed by Motorola doesn't mean it's a quality accessory.

Phil or others, can anyone confirm: the Bionic car dock came in two flavors, one from Verizon with just the dock and and an audio cable; and one from Motorola with the same plus a rapid car charger and a combined USB charging/audio cable. I assume the Bionic doc ports audio from HDMI out to the USB cable. I was in the Verizon store yesterday and their Razr car dock only included the dock and audio cable. However, I found an Amazon page which appears to have a similar dock for the Razr ( that included a combined audio/charging cable. It would be very fine if all you had to do is drop the Razr in the dock, and you would be charging and have audio out without any other hookups. Any input?

Someone was asking about a case, I have the Otterbox (pink one that VZW sells) and if you take out the insert on the dock, the phone will fit in it with the case on.

I have one and yes it charges as long as the cable is plugged into the dock and the square part that plugs the phone into the dock is pushed in. I love it. My question is about the HDMI cable. I have just a reg car radio. My car is an 02 and it doesn't have a plugin. Do I need this for my car to play its music and whatever else it does? I wanna go get the cable but don't know if I'm gonna b wasting my money or not.