About a year ago the Motorola Droid was released, and many of us have held strong with it since then, but with all these new devices being released there is tons of temptations. As many of you know the primary line on Verizon accounts are eligible for annual upgrades, which means it is that time to make the big decision. Are you content with your Droid for the time being, or is there something else that is out that you plan to make the jump to? So, let us know, will the OG Droid be enough to hold you over for now, or will you be making your way to a Verizon store to grab yourself a new device?


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Motorola Droid owners: Are you upgrading, or holding strong?


I would if I had one, 2.2 does not have tethering so it kind of ruins the experience along with the old processor

Im not an LG fan at all...but it seems like the LG Star will have the first dual core phone with near stock android 2.3. The 4" screen is a plus w/front facing camera & LTE compatible. Here is to hoping LG puts out a good product!

Dude, why pay for tethering when you can get Tether, PDANet, etc. and tether for practically no additional cost. I just got Tether for Android and it is pretty zippy.

Get Wifi tether from the market... It is free for rooted phones.. works great.. rooting is made simple as one click these days too...

I agree, I want another stock Android experience. No Blur, sense, or whatever else these manufacturers are shoving on top of Android. I don't even care if the phone is Moto at this point. I just don't want to deal with bloated UI's.

I'm waiting for lte myself. Why waste money on the last generation of 3g phones. I played with my friends evo since we finaly got 4g in the area and it made me all kinds of excited. Cause lte is going to launch in a big way soon as wimax crawls along.

Droid 1 was groundbreaking when it hit.. There are great phones out there but nothing groundbreaking as it was.. holding out till 4G..

I agree. I rooted, overclocked my Droid to 800mhz and installed LauncherPro. Feels like a new phone again. Very fast, smooth and the display quality still rivals any top tier phone on the market today. I'm holding out for a 2Ghz phone LTE (4G) and a major OS update.

I rooted my OG Droid just a few weeks ago. I'm keeping it for another year, at least. As awesome as the current crop of Android phones on Verizon is.

I want to upgrade but every phone I look at has drawbacks. I decided I don't need a keyboard so the Droid 2 is out. The X is really too big for me. I was waiting for the Fascinate on Verizon - the size seemed just about right, but they Binged it and it doesn't have 2.2 so that's out. Merge sounded interesting, but there's that pesky Bing again. In the mean time I am generally happy with my original Droid - just hate the keyboard and wish it was a little faster.

I'll upgrade the day Verizon releases a Google (Gingerbread) Experience LTE phone. Until then, my Droid1 will hum along at 1.1ghz just fine.

What rom are you using to get 1.1? Using CM 6 RC 4, and setCPU can only get it to 800mhz.

*edit* Used a proper kernel (from p3Droid) to bring it to a POSSIBLE 1.2... Not that I'll push that often. I prefer not see the mysterious blue smoke.

I'm in the same boat as a couple other people. I finally rooted my phone last week so it feels new again. My upgrade date is in August because I am not the primary line, but I think I can deal with that.

I was tempted by the X, D2 and D2G (I'm a Moto fan), but for me the X is too big, and the non-stock Android on these devices is a deterrent to upgrading. I'm still considering the D2 or D2G, and just bought D2 car docks for my work and personal vehicles. I'll probably hold out until my NE2 discount in July.

I bought mine January 7, 2010. So January 7, 2011 I will be in the VZW store looking for what is the top of the line device to upgrade to.

Hopefully Droid Incredible HD will be out. Only fly in the ointment might be a VZW iPhone4. Tons of family members far away I could facetime with.

Been a great device to have. Android Rocks!

Wait, so only the primary line can upgrade after one year? How long do the secondary lines have to wait for to be eligible to upgrade?

I "upgrade" whenever I want because I pay retail for devices. I haven't signed a contract in 4+ years and counting. Some lines are able to upgrade yearly though if they're on what's considered a "Premium" plan. A premium plan is any Talk and Text plan, or any Talk only plan above the lowest level of minutes. (so 900 for single, 1400 for family). Secondary lines don't qualify because you're only paying 9.99 a month,

Not true, I've upgraded a secondary line on our family plan on more than one occasion after only 12 months. Thats actually how I got my Incredible and my lil bro's Fascinate

Then you had an exception upgrade, NOT something part of standard policy like an annual upgrade. Just because you were able to do something as an exception doesn't mean the person asking the question can.

I bought mine the day they were in stores (whatever date that was) and I'm happy as a clam running Cyanogenmod. It still does everything that I need it to do. Why switch?

Love my OG Droid! (even if it weighs 100 lbs and doesn't compete with my bf's Droid X) I got it in March though so I'm not eligible for upgrade, plus with LTE on the horizon I might as well wait it out.

I got my milestone in Feb, and I'm still sticking with it. Even though phones like Desire Z and Galaxy S are awesome, I don't think those phones have improved that much upon the original Droid/Milestone. Same Cortex-A8 core processors with little variations in other hardware.

I'm holding out till dual core cpu phone with stock android comes out or telus comes out with LTE phones. My Milestone is still awesome!

Nothing compelling yet. I want at least a dual core Cortex A9 based handset w/ a 4" screen minimum, 512 Meg to 1 Gig RAM and 16 gig internal storage. LTE is not a must but would be nice. Otherwise it is just a rehash of my Droid. A little root and some OC and a dash of Custom ROM and well... no need yet.

I have Verizon but my primary line can only update every two years, not every year. Who gets to do annual upgrades?

Your primary line will get an annual upgrade if you're on a single plan with 900+ minutes OR a 450 Talk and text plan. If you have a family plan, you'll get an upgrade if you have 1400+ minutes OR you have a 700 minute Talk and Text plan. You need to be on this plan for at least 6 months before your annual upgrade to be eligible.

LTE won't hit the entire network until 2013 according to Verizon. I don't see LTE going any further than major cities and airports for at least another year. In upstate NY I don't expect it til mid 2012. So those holding off on LTE might want to rethink it.

Im waiting for something with 4inch screen, stock android, LTE, dual core processor, and hdmi out. I will not settle for anything less.

Having HDMI out is very handy imo, I dunno why it hasn't caught on or why it hasn't been featured on more phones (just the X and EVO I think?). Maybe it's the overpriced cables the carriers try to hawk, or the initial scarcity of said cables online... It's more convenient than DNLA streaming or anything like that tho, imo, don't even need to carry a cable; just get a tiny micro-HDMI to HDMI adapter and use the existing cables wherever you are.

Upgrade to what? We have the most current version. Verizon has made enough on me with early upgrades. In July, if something WOW is available, yes. I can get a full upgrade then.

I've had mine since March, so I have to wait until March '11 for a new phone. Chances are by then, either a small handful of LTE phones will be available, and/or the VeriPhone will be available. I lovelovelove my Droid, and I'll only defect when I get my HTC Mecha; rooted Droids rock.

Where is the choice in the poll for I would upgrade now if I was eligible? I only get an upgrade every 2 (not primary user).

I'm gonna hold out for something else, I may get the Samsung Fascinate. Samsung's TouchWiz overlay is so much better than that Droid (or whatever) Blur that Moto is putting on their phones which I feel impedes the performance of the phone severely.

tkfox007: Blur isn't great, but TouchWiz is awful. They tried too hard to mimic ios, and it's also cartoonish. I set up my mom's fascinate, and had to put launcherpro on out after only a few minutes, just to set it up.

Worst part about it is that Samsung is taking longer than HTC or Moto to upgrade their devices to 2.2, and 2.3 is almost out!

I am gonna wait for the devices of 2011. Who knows what wonderful devices, that will be brought over to accommodate the new LTE network. My requirement is that it has to have a processor over 1 ghz, and stock Android. That would be AMAZING!!! Lump me in the hopers and dreamers category, but can't blame a guy for trying.

As it stands right now, I will be waiting for the Droid Incredible HD. My Archos 101 should be shipping sometime this week- I have no doubt that it will hold me over in the meantime.

- AdamZ

What is Jared talking about? I can't upgrade now. I have to wait until July 2011 for my upgrade with Verizion. Unless you signed a 1 year contract when you got the original Droid on release date, you have to wait until July like me. Sure I wouldn't mind upgrading now, but I'm still happy with my flagship Droid. I'll wait until July, by then I'm sure there will be a few nice Droid's with LTE on them.

2.2.1 finally fixed battery drain on my incredible. Give me time to finally be able to "play" without a bump charge twice a day.

You will find that most android fans (the people who visit this site more than twice a day) are the people who upgrade their phone at the very least once per year. We have an expensive addiction :(

I'm eligible for the "new every two" upgrade in July. None of the phones out right now are very appealing. The Droid X is too big. The DI has Sense. I never use the keyboard so the Droid 2 isn't appealing. The LG Star looks appealing, but it's too early to tell.

I love the stock OS on the Droid. I run Launcher Pro. I really like the look and feel of the Samsung phone but they ruined it by adding Bing. I'm hoping a phone will be released in the next seven months that fits my criteria.

I still am holding out for now, probably till LTE phones start really filling the Verizon store. I have mine running Cyanogenmod 6-1.RC4 and overclocked to 1.2Ghz. With that combined with a great set of apps, I can't really find a reason to complain at this point.

I'm on my third droid... :(
BUT I took it to verizon and complained enough for them to overnight me a droid 2 for free!! :)

But I won't upgrade until LTE

I'm holding.

I've been looking, but haven't seen anything worth putting the extra major (for me, anyway) money into.

A few extra features? Are they worth 3, 4, 5 or 600 more bucks?

Nope. My Droid gets it done. And that's good enough for me. But I am watching.

I got my Droid through craigslist a few weeks ago coming from several years of BB. While I'm tempted to go X for my early upgrade next month, I'm going to hold out until something "groundbreaking" is released as an earlier commenter stated.

But, just like I got my Droid through craigslist I may "upgrade" to an X in the same manner. I guess I should say that I'm going to stand pat as far as upgrading through Verizon is concerned but I'm not against a craigslist "upgrade".

I've had the Droid since it first came out basically and am not eligible for a full upgrade until July. I'm trying to wait til then. Sure I could upgrade now, but I wouldn't get as much of a discount. Plus they'll probably have a Droid 3 or Droid X2 by then.

I was going to keep my rooted OG Droid forever, I dropped it and cracked the screen from the right corner to the speaker hole. That portion of the sreenis now dead. I am not due for a new contract until Octorber. And Verizon just killed New Every 2. Verizon is FREAKIN NUTS! New DroidX for $589 Refurbished DroidX for $589?!?!?! And a refurbished OG Droid is $289!

I plan on getting a DroidX off of eBay. Those are going for $325-$350. Screw you Verizon!

For me, having motorola milestone (droid) since its release in HongKong the rest of smartphones never bothered me at all. But, I feel that my moto-milestone has been energized since i upgraded to higher firmware version of froyo v2.2.1, some dead functions comes to life.
Some of users maybe asking for what has been promised like the 3G hotspot(sounds cool) enabling nearby friends to use your connection.

At some point i have to draw the line if the function of this smartphone is good enough serving its purpose (as to what i only need) much longer. Swapping files(documents, mp3, pdf ..etc..) wirelessly between my motorola milestone and some of my house computers is more than what i expect for a phone. As well as this puter that has intel core2 quad core that serve me for almost three yrs now and that is drawing my limit.

Let see what kind of function if a smartphone has 16GB Ram and #2 quadcore cpu clock the same at 2GHz. MEANTIME I'LL STAY WITH MOTO-MILESTONE (DROID-froyo 2.2.1)


I traded in my old Droid for a new Thunderbolt. i found $100.00 in a parking lot, and traded my old Droid to Verizon and got $55.00 on that trade in offer. So now I'm rooted on an HTC Thunderbolt and loving it....just wished we'd hurry up and get LTE in the Raleigh area.

I'm ready for something new but haven't seen anything worth putting the money into. I've also dropped my OG Droid a few times, and the screen acts a bit wonky now. I'm trying to grin and bear it until I can get something new. For the most part, I'm holding out for either the Droid Bionic or the Samsung Galaxy 2. Whichever phone comes out first is the one I'm getting.