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Motorola is skipping Android KitKat 4.4.3 on Droid Ultra, Maxx and Mini smartphones for Android 4.4.4 to take into account an OpenSSL vulnerability. David Schuster took to Google+ to announce that the manufacturer cancelled the release of Android 4.4.3, which consumers have been patiently waiting for, to work on testing and readying the latest version of KitKat. The bad news is the wait will be prolonged, but there's light at the end of the tunnel.

"Sorry for the delay in giving an update on the 4.4.3 upgrades but I had to wait unit Google announced KitKat 4.4.4 today (I am bound by a NDA). A significant security vulnerability was discovered by OpenSSL ( and is fixed in KitKat 4.4.4. We had to wait until KitKat 4.4.4 became available. Consequently, all of our 4.4.3 upgrades that were in carrier labs worldwide (including the 2013 Droid's) had to be respun, tested and resubmitted again. This was a significant unplanned effort that we had to undertake. We should be re-entering labs next week and hopefully getting TA (technical approval) in 3 to 5 weeks later depending on the carrier."

When can we all expect to see the update rolled out to affected hardware? kitKat 4.4.4 is currently looking to be technically approved within 5 weeks, depending on mobile operator. Android 4.4.4 has just started rolling out for Nexus hardware. We'll update you all once we have confirmation the update is rolling out to the Motorola Droid Ultra, Maxx and Mini.

Source: David Schuster, Google+


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Motorola Droid owners to leapfrog yet another update to KitKat 4.4.4


Still waiting for the RAZR i to get any kk release. It's been coming soon forever now

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

Me too. i plan to get one as a backup for my Nexus 5, once Google/Motorola makes good on their promise. The M and HD got their update a few weeks ago, and I thought the RAZR i update would come around the same time, but now it's anyone's guess.

Since it never get 4.4.2 because it was going straight to 4.4.3 and now 4.4.4, all with no definitive dates.

Don't know why a lot of ppl getting excited for a minor update when they know a huge update is just around the corner lol... It's funny seeing ppl on here and xda drool over little updates.

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Yeah, but they all went crazy for 4.4.3 as well. People make less of a big deal when a phone jumps from Jellybean to kitkat - which is actually a meaningful upgrade

Actually, JellyBean was a lot better on the Droid Maxx. KK is just terrible (IMO) on the my phone. The home button always acting as if it was double tapped is extremely annoying. wish I could go back.

Looks like Moto Xs, Moto Gs, and Moto Es that didn't get the 4.4.3 update yet will skip over it too.

MAXX owner here. I'm in no rush for it, but I am fine with their explanation and if they're going to update, I'd rather wait a little longer and get the latest than get 4.4.3 and know others have 4.4.4.

This has been a very good phone to me, it is quality stuff to the point my wife and mother-in-law also got them, and I am just glad Motorola -- regardless of who owns it now -- is keeping things fresh on their top phones.

This wouldn't be that bad if Motorola understood the Droids were way behind and put them in front of the X and G. But the fact is the X and G will keep getting top priority with each new android release.

Lets not forget that the Droids are on some bastard version of android 4.4 which means it still has bugs and security issues, that all get fixed in android 4.4.2, 4.4.1, and now 4.4.3.

And also lets not forget that Verizon should be pushing through the Droid updates in a fast lane, since this is their phone line, instead it just resets the clock yet again with their BS 1 month soak time, even though 4.4.3 and 4.4.4 wont have any differences under the hood with exception to android bug fixes.

Yeah I have to say that 5 weeks for a minor update is a bit nuts. I am not really gonna bash anyone on this, just stating that it is a bit much for such a minor update.

I also have the MAXX, and it isn't just 5 weeks. It's all the prior updates that haven't hit this handset yet (as already mentiooned). It was only a few weeks ago he was telling us that well, no, you won't be getting 4.4.2 after all...because we're giving you 4.4.3! Or not.

So how many minor updatres = a major update? Since those of us stuck on 4.4 are now hoping they actually come through with what is the 4th update of KitKat we don't have.

Finally, I have to admit that I resent paying the highest price of any of the 2013 Moto handsets and not getting the support I think is reasonable to expect for that, relative to its other handets, anyway.

I understand your pain, really. Even going from 4.4 to 4.4.4 should not be that huge a deal. It is Verizon though so it is to be expected.

Nobody is expecting Android 5.0 for Google I/O. Android Wear? Sure. Updates to Google apps? Definitely. 5.0 will more than likely be an end of the year thing (like all major firmware updates) along with Android Silver.

KitKat is on like what 10% of devices? Even though Android 5.0 may be revealed next week most people will not see it for a year.

Seriously, the carriers should not care about what device or software is running on their network. That's like telling people that they cannot use their new computer on their Xfinity or FiOS Internet connection at home until Comcast or Verizon approved the device.

Let's start a petition.

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There are compatibility issues with devices. There also is the bloat factor. It makes them money so it isn't going anywhere. Finally why would they want you to switch and lose out on your money?

The computer/cell phone argument is not equatable.

The Maxx is a better version of the X for Verizon, old news. But lack of support makes me feel for the Maxx owners. Hoping the X plus 1 brings a little of the Maxx battery power to us. I'm watching out..

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No problem here with a Maxx, and very happy I don't have the X. The phone works great, don't even need an update as far as I'm concerned.

I love how Moto comes out and clearly explains why their phones aren't getting updates but there are still these idiotic moronic comments blaming verizon. Such ignorant hate is quite entertaining. Sad but entertaining.

Is that 5 weeks before or after Verizon gets a turn at it? No matter, I don't think my Maxx needs any update yet. 8 months and still loving it; best 300 bucks spent ever!

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Motorola sucks. My wife has the Droid 4. Terrible phone and their support is a D- to an F. I am so happy I chose the Galaxy 4. Constant updates and rarely have a issue with the phone. I was prior owner of a Droid 3. Same sh!t. This company should die. Wait... didn't they sell their phones(patents) to Google?