You guys wanted pinch-to-zoom on the Motorola Droid, and you're getting pinch-to-zoom on the Motorola Droid. At least in Google Maps, thus far, which has been updated to Version 3.4.0 and lets you get your multitouch on.

Let's hope we see a full multitouch update to the Droid come down the pike eventually. In the meantime, everybody get your update on. (Thanks to everyone who sent this in)

Update: Now with video.

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Chris says:


leah says:

When G, released the OTA update for their 'other' phone: , I was wondering when will it arrive for the Droid?.. Well, today, we have some answers and its all great!

Yes! Lets hope we see Browser pinch to zoom come soon :)

Dan Bock says:

How about for Hero? I want pinch-zoom on my Google Maps, too.

Uncle Ruckus says:

Now can we have the Nexus One?

Anonymous says:

i downloaded it and it doesnt work that well believe it or not i go to zoom in and it goes crazy then zooms in its weird hopefully another update or maybe just a bug before it settles in on phone

jiden77 says:

Can someone spot this guy some punctuation? ;-)

z2600 says:

My thoughts exactly. I just read that comment while picturing the author as Christopher Walken. Kinda chuckled aloud.

Anonymous says:

actually i lied it is jsut the way google maps zooms in and out then refreshes it just makes it look like its going crazy

Still no night mode :(

But this.........This is amazing!

Anonymous says:

there is night mode

Not on the droid. So, dunno what you're referring to.

Anonymous says:

Looks like it just turns itself on if it thinks its a time thats after sunset. Not sure if there is a way to override it or turn it on when the phone thinks its sunlight.
Set your clock to 10pm or something, and have it navigate somewhere and you will see the darker colors

ChocoBilly says:

What is "Night Mode"?

rufflez says:

dark backgrounds on the map

p08757 says:

I see no update! :-(

milrtime83 says:


milrtime83 says:

edit: nevermind

amayes says:

2.1 has to be coming soon :)

Anonymous says:

What app is he running on the home screen that shows dates and times? like a calender app.

rockymtnhigh says:

Downloaded the app update, and it is working great. Proves that the hardware supports multi-touch, just needs software to implement it.

I'd like to see it in the browser and in other google apps, like gmail.

Adam says:

Night-mode works in Navigation mode when you set the clock to night. I set it for 11ish and it works like a charm!

Jonathan says:

I'm not a complainer...I love my DROID...but I think I still like double tap better :-/ I guess I love that the option is there :-)

Mike in NJ says:

Multitouch zooming is really laggy on the Droid. Also, flicking the map (having it continue to pan even after removing my finger from the screen) seems to have disappeared. Maybe it was never there, but the behavior struck me as unusual.

Paul N says:

Navigation Night mode is enabled in the new version of google maps (v3.4). Check out my blog for screenshots

NickF227 says:

While you guys chill with your double tapping, I'm goood with my Eris pinching. <3

z2600 says:

Huh. I just rooted my Droid yesterday, partially for the pinch-to-zoom action. Saw an update and avoided it; thinking it would break the awesomeness. Neat.

I actually updated it on my way home from work. I didn't read the changes, just went ahead and did the update. Once I saw the video I tried it, IT WORKS GREAT!! and it makes it so much more enjoyable to use. Google maps has to be by far one of my top three apps, and now that it has the pinch to zoom its so much more easier, though iphone fan boys and girls will say hahah I've already had this feature.

pjames6 says:

I LOVE PINCH TO ZOOM!! Getting this update just made me gitty. I hope they start updating all other app to have pinch to zoom, weather channel, web pages.. Everything!

MicroNix says:

Thank goodness! I wonder if CNN carried coverage that the Droid finally has it where its owners can pinch one!!!!!!! My gosh, this has to be the TOP STORY of 2010 without a doubt. Finally, the Droid is useful!!!!!

LOL, I still think double tap is more useful than Apple's end all, be all invention of pinching. Its faster and only requires one hand. But hey, if Apple invented it, it *has* to be good!

disclaimer: I own a Droid and have owned an iPod Touch and pinch to zoom is *not* the second coming of Christ.

Anonymous says:

So what kind of droid guy are you? The Dolphin browser has offered pinch-to-zoom for quite some time.

MicroNix says:

No thanks on Dolphin browser. I've tried it and actually like the built in browser better. Again, pinching isn't even 1% in my factoring if an app is good or not. You would think from the hype of pinch to zoom that any app that has it is automatically the best.

Besides, why get settled in with Dolphin when Firefox is just around the corner? No other browser will have a chance.