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Just in case you were wondering if CyanogenMod 7 would come to the Motorola Droid Bionic, the above video should clear that up. That is of course, CyanogenMod 7 getting a full boot on a Motorola Droid Bionic (read our full review) and while it's far from ready for the masses, it sure is a pretty sight. No telling how long we'll have to wait for a release (and no asking!) but we're certainly hoping sooner rather than later.

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Motorola Droid Bionic gets a taste of Cyanogen Mod 7, but it's not quite ready


There's a project on XDA to port the ATRIX's ROMs to X2 (they already ported some ROMs)

So don't worry about it, you will get CM one way or onther

Yea, hopefully one day it'll arrive in some form. The one thing I really miss about by OG Droid days is in ability to flash CM. With all this talk that Moto is supposed to unlock their bootloaders (purportedly by the end of the year), perhaps development will be easier.

Do they have a CM7 for the droid x2? To use in the photon since they basically have the same internals? Or would I be able to use another cm7...I would like to make a back up of the original rom with web top, but I want to use one without web top or other ram occupying apps that of would never use.

They get this fine-tuned and it makes the Bionic far more tempting than it was on release..
Still, with visions of sugary ice-cream sandwiches and Nexus' dancing in my head it may not be enough. November is SO far away...