Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich

Fear not Motorola Droid Bionic owners, you are no longer left behind and can join the cool kid party with a taste of some Ice Cream Sandwich. Developer dhacker29 of the TH3ORY ROM team has released a mostly functional ICS build for Bionic users to play around with, and while not everything is working reports are pretty positive so far. While still working on getting data & wifi working along with getting the SD card to mount the developer feels they are getting closer to getting this functional. Looking for something new to play around with this weekend on your Bionic? Be sure to hit the source for full details.

Source: Rootzwiki

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chrisz5z says:

Running a beta version on my Inspire 4g, great devs on XDA

moosc says:

If it wasn't for team Th3ory the bionic would be sol in support of roms and customization

dimsdale says:

F the Bionic and Moto with it.

rj160202 says:

Buy a bullet, rent a gun. Your existance is worthless.

josuearisty says:

I see a big hater here!!

Breedingh8 says:

Port for razr plz

ro1224 says:

Not crazy about the ICS icons (3-D phone / App Drawer, etc). Hope they can be changed.

njd915 says:

Team Nexus all the way!!

No data, no wi-fi = thanks, but no thanks.

turbofan says:

How can you say its mostly functolional when data and wifi don't work?? That entirely non functional.

crpeck says:

Go dhacker29 - wtf with the negative nannies - do you have a ROM you dev'd with working radio & wifi? Baby steps is what it's all about, gotta learn to crawl before you can walk. No worries, cause we'll be running soon enuf....

Hate to be a wallpaper n00b, but what is that lovely wallpaper?

It gets a neuterd ASOP Rom.

And I'll bet, it's at the same stopping point as all the other ICS Asop Roms....

Davest says:

Did the bootloader get unlocked and no one told me? How are they installing ROMs witha locked bootloader?

drrobg says:

Any news or update when ice cream will be released ?