Motorola Devour

You've actually been able to buy the Motorola Devour for a while now (watch our hands-on), just not from Verizon. That's changed, and you can order it for $149 with the standard two-year contact and what-not. Or you can find it cheaper elsewhere. Your call. [Verizon]


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Motorola Devour now available from Verizon


I have mixed feelings about Motorola Android phones.

On one hand Moto is currently the leader in the market of Android phones with a keyboard so much needed for business users. On the other hand, with a notable exception of Droid which happened to use the stock Android and have a run-away success with it, all their phones come with an antiquated Android version. Their Android customization effort MOTOBLUR leaves much to be desired and to date gathered a mixed bag of opinions. While there understandably is a market for MOTOBLUR-based devices, it evades me how Moto is managing to under-serve the lucrative business user market segment currently left with Droid as the only proposition.

Motorola, please make a solid keyboard phone running the current vanilla version of Android. You are bound for success with it.

Kind regards,
Borys Burnayev
GTD for Android and Web

I thought this phone was out already. I saw a dummy model in a store a month ago when I got my Eris. I don't now if it was b/c it was a dummy phone or not - but it felt awful in the hand. Cumbersome and clumsy.

Best Buy got it on Feb. 25. Verizon just released it yesterday. It's not a bad phone. An update to 2.1 would definitely be appreciated, however.