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Need some help figuring out all the bells and whistles on your Motorola Defy?  Things like DLNA media sharing, capturing and sharing photos and video, and sorting out your contacts just got easier with these videos.  Check 'em out! [via How2Moto]

Motorola Defy: Text entry options

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The Defy comes with several different options to get text from your mind to your phone -- typical text entry, Swype, and voice input.  I doesn't get easier, or more customizable than this!

Motorola Defy: Media sharing using DLNA

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Share your personal media with other phones, computers, game consoles, or any other DLNA enabled device.  Wires are so 2009.

Motorola Defy: The Family Room

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Family and friends all in one place with Motorola's Family Room app and widget.  The widget streams messages from your family only, and the shared calendar makes this a highlight of what's new on the Defy.

Motorola Defy:  Taking and sharing pictures

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Taking and sharing those once-in-a-lifetime moments couldn't be easier.  Motorola's camera software takes all the hard work out of it, and lets you focus on what's in the viewfinder.

Motorola Defy: Contacts, favorites, and keeping in touch

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Keeping in touch, and keeping your contacts in order is a breeze with the Defy.  Whether it's linking your friends with their social media accounts, or transferring contacts from your SIM card these videos will help.

Motorola Defy: Setting up your personal email

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Setting up your personal accounts is a breeze.  This video shows the few easy steps to get your messages and the info you need on-the-go.


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