Motorola Defy

The Motorola Defy is a semi-ruggedized Android smartphone that is the latest in a long line of Oprah-giveaways. What you've got is a 3.1" touchscreen behind scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass attached to a form factor that's water and dust-resistant - down to the oversized rubber covers for the USB and headphone ports.

We dig the white-on-black looks and the exposed screws around the edges. We don't quite dig that it's sporting Android 2.1 instead of 2.2, but for a phone in this range it's not a deal-breaker. It's got a 5-megapixel camera to snap photos of your Australian adventures and DLNA to display those photos on your television. You'll access it all through the MotoBlur skin, which didn't appear to slow the device down too much, but even so - T-Mobile G2 this ain't.

More photos and a demo video (which, yes, veers a little towards the pitchy) after the break!

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Jonneh says:

I don't like the guy explaining the's so cheesy and scripted. But, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I'll be happier when I see one of the AC guys do a hands-on review or something I guess.

Isn't it 4.1? Not 3.1..

063_xobx says:

3.7 inch last I heard

Jonneh says:

Nah guys you're both wrong it's 3.9
source: some very reliable gossip chinese article online

noszero says:

I know its rude but has Motorola entered "release all your ugly phones week". The Droid, Droid 2, and Droid X are gorgeous ...but this week, sorry, yuck.

The original Droid is one of the ugliest phones I've ever seen. Gorgeous.......not!!!!

bgc123 says:

lol notice at the top right of the blockbuster app it says "Powered by VCast" :P

xBronco says:

wow did not like it at first but man sounds sick! Wish it was stock android tho. That motoblur looks gay!

xBronco says:

o and yes that guy thats talking about the phone did a terrible job and def needs some prac or needs to be fired.

caldwelljt says:

I skimmed this article about a half-dozen times or so to discover what this fantastic new hands-off interface was all about... Is it voice aware? does it use the camera to read some kind of predefined sign language?

.... no, none of the above. In my middle-of-the-night rand-u-cation (random education), I misinterpreted defying not as the name of the phone, but as part of the article's title... meaning that Motorola had overcome the "hands on" approach used by Android and other smart-phones....

...I'm so smart.

*smirk* Anyways, I'll pretend I didn't think this was my Dick Tracy Watch-on-a-stick and go back to reading...

... at least it got me to finally register & post (I did get a good laugh @ myself)

-JonC (lurker & 1st time poster)

macdonx says:

I don't know about you people, but is there any phone really worth checking out these days? After the HTC Evo and the Droid X and the Samsung Galaxy S line, all the phones that are coming out as of late are just ... blah.

Sure, they change the form factor and tweak a little of the software, but really? Is there anything else to look forward to?

I check out all these newer phones and I look at my Evo. Nothing tells me that there's anything better out there right now.

When did Android become so boring?


I agree

kra2y says:

definitely bigger than 3.1 screen. another source says 3.7