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Looks like you can add Adobe Flash to the list of features the Motorola Xoom won't have when it launches this week on Verizon. In addition to missing LTE data and access to the microSD card, you'll find yourself Flashless when if you pick up the first Honeycomb Android tablet this week. Motorola confirmed to us today that the footnote on Verizon's Xoom page is, indeed (and sadly) correct.

As for when we'll see Flash on the Xoom? The Verizon footnote says "Expected Spring 2011." Adobe's certified devices page says "Early 2011." [Verizon, Adobe]


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Motorola Xoom won't have Flash support at launch, says Motorola, Verizon


hahahaha, the main reason I ran out to get on the pre-order list was Flash for my photography business!.. BUT.. at least it's coming.

What's the big deal about Flash ?
I know its for flash-powered websites & all , but the Flash-frenzy is gettin otta cotrol
(Check Motorola Europe page on facebook for example)

For me in particular.. simple, effective, slide-shows for brides to see and go.. OOOhhh, aaahhhh, We want to book you!

In my case, I subscribe to courseware that's delivered in Flash videos. My opinions on the technical merits and drawback of Flash are irrelevant. The fact is that many content providers deliberately choose to stream audio and video files in Flash precisely because it provides at least some barrier to scraping. Whether we like it or not, Flash is used in the real world, and not just on Hulu and YouTube.

I already have an iPad, so I know firsthand how limiting the web is with Flash. I'll just wait until a Flash compatible Honeycomb tablet is available before switching to an Android tablet.

ha! No flash? If it wont launch with flash, then it's gonna take months to get it. No deal, just get the PlayBook. This thing isn't gonna sell at all.

The playbook likely won't gain flash support until the Xoom does. Also, what makes the Playbook more appealing than a temporarily flashless Xoom? Apps? Cloud integration? Google Services integration?

Not saying there is anything wrong with the Playbook as I think it will be a successful product, especially in the corporate world where blackberry is already prominent, however I can't say that the playbook will be any better than the Xoom, even if it doesn't have flash at launch.

"The playbook likely won't gain flash support until the Xoom does."

Playbook apps are made with Adobe AIR. If it doesn't have Flash support, something is seriously wrong with Adobe.

No 4G at launch, no Flash support at launch, no Wi-Fi only model at launch, $800 price tag.... Epic Fail! DOA! Move along, there's nothing to see here.

No 4G, no Flash (and never), and a $729 price tag didn't stop the iPad from selling like hot-cakes.

The iPad everyone bought was the $499 version (about $400 now through apple refurb). No reason to pay any more. With iPad (and soon iPad2) at the $400 - $500 price point off contract, its hard to justify an $800 Xoom.

You have too much assumption. To think that the iPad2 in its 'speculated glory' will sell for the same exact price as the last generation seems very short-sited and wishful thinking.

If you think Apple isn't going to take advantage of this mess and launch the iPad II at the same or lower price than the existing model, you don't understand how they have completely dominated the tablet market ever since the iPad came out. I don't like Apple, but the iPad does what it does better then any competitor. Now Moto is launching the Xoom half-done. Apple isn't going let that go un-answered..

I would like to point out that apple isn't really known for doing things to be like everyone else lol

After reading all the things that Motorola did wrong with this device, I kind of just want to wait and get a good HTC tablet that has dual-core, Honeycomb, WiFi only, 9" screen or bigger, and obviously comes with FLASH for God's sake. That, or I'm buying a new laptop. I want a good tablet or computer for college. I have some cash from my birthday left over, $250 in Best Buy gift cards, graduation money is coming soon, and I have a job; so money isn't really an issue for me at this point.

$800 for something that won't have 100% capability for weeks to many months? No flash, no 4G, no MicroSD access. No thanks. All that will happen eventually, sure, assuming Verizon and Moto don't renege on the 4G and microSD upgrades.

I'm not into the Buy It Now, Get It Later method.

Honestly guys.... I'm as big an Android fan as the next guy. But this shit is EMBARRASSING! . . . Why not have 10.1 until 10.2 comes out?... Shit is ridiculous. The reason I hate my iPad is because flash sites and certain embeded videos don't work...

I support this comment. Emabarrasing indeed!!!
again and again.

User just coming out from a *blocked bootloader* Milestone which suddenly stopped work (bad digitizer from factory).
Never again a motorola in my life.

"The reason I hate my iPad is because flash sites and certain embeded videos don't work.."

I'm in the same boat.

Agreed. I, also, am a big fan and cheerleader for Android, but this is quickly becoming a textbook lesson on "How Not To defeat the ipad, even when you have the device to do it."
$800 price tag, some f-ed up rule to buy one month of 3g service from Verizon to activate wi-fi, and then you launch the thing without the one feature that has most potential customers looking beyond the ipad... Flash.
Don't know whether to blame Google or Motorola but this campaign was obviously not well thought out and I'm guessing the Xoom will probably sell worse than the Nexus One.

(Just to get it out of the way, I am an Apple/iOS user.)

I had a Palm Pre Plus that was advertised as "Adobe Flash coming soon!"

Now, over a year later, still hasn't arrived, and now no longer coming.

Just wanted to share that bit, not saying it will happen with the Xoom, but it has, in the past, happened.

I have said in other places, if you are building a flagship product, something you expect to be a huge seller, you need to be able to differentiate yourself from the competition on your own, not need to rely on a third party who may have very different priorities. While the choice to install Flash on an iOS device (more so the iPad, I personally don't see it as that big a deal not having it on my phone) SHOULD be given to users, (even if it is a setting that is buried and off by default), I can completely understand why Apple doesn't want to be reliant on Adobe. If Apple is to be believed, before the vocal anti/no Flash stance, if they truly were waiting on Adobe to deliver, and Adobe clearly didn't, it just proves this point.

EDIT: And I am not saying that the Xoom or any other Anroid tablet should NOT support Flash, just that it seems to me that the primary reason for them to is because the iPad doesn't. Not for customer choice, not because it is the right thing to do, but just so that they can say "Why would you get an iPad that can't do Flash? Our tablet can/will"

very dissapointed about no micro sd card that's one reason i love android over apple. im looking forward to the toshiba tablet with a full sd card reader!!! why why no sd card reader on these tablets, wish it was a honeycomb standard

i had a ipad until i heard about android tablets coming out. 32 gigs is not enough storage, i filled up 32 gigs in no time on my ipad. you need at least 64

To me this is no big deal. I know one of the big things Google touts about Android is Flash, but I can honestly say I have only used it like five or six times since it's been available. Flash is nice to have, but it really has such a small impact [of my] Android experience that it's not something I'm really going to get too excited about not having.

Though, this does just add another point to the 'Honeycomb just isn't ready yet' list alongside SD Cards not working and 4G-less 4G tablets.

It's not Moto's fault that Adobe couldn't get Flash 10.2 working in time, but there's no excuse for the lack of MicroSD support. I mean, the preview Honeycomb build on the Nook Color supports MicroSD!

No excuse for No flash, No Micro SD, No 4G ... Dang Moto if it wasnt ready then why sell it? .. Oh yeah .. Maybe because iPad2 is coming and you don't wanna be left behind again ... I love Android but things liek this are maddening ... Especially at the $800 price point...

Would any one buy a $800 HDTV with "HDMI - Coming Soon" ... Or even a clothes washer with "Steam Cleaning - Coming Soon" .. Seriously? Really Moto?

I wish I could give you 10 stars for this comment (see my comment above). The reason they are advertising it is for one and only one reason. The iPad doesn't support Flash.

I too think this is a great comment....they lie to us in an attempt to one up Apple and the iPad and all they end up doing is looking like a third rate operation.

Who knows what else Moto has lied about with regard to the Xoom

My blame is not on Moto, it's on Adobe. It wasn't Moto's fault that Flash 10.1 wasn't available/ready when the first Droid came out, and I REALLY don't think it's their fault this time either with the Xoom.

Really? I always thought it was for the Google Experience, the open-source structure, and the...oh yeah, it's not Apple.

Kinda. All those are BIG plusses but flash is my main reason. Well that and file management/sd card. And I don't see anything wrong with apple, its just their mobile devices suck because the stip them down and limit them to the point of making them garbage and not to mention the control over the app store. I would still buy a mac over any other computer though, but thats all i will buy from apple, macs, other than that.... everything else is yuck.

Please. Just don't release the thing until it's ready. Anybody who buys this crapshoot for the price they're asking is a fool.

its not that expensive. get a job. Its the same price as a ipad with the same things lacking (good thing about this product is its upgradable). suck it up

I agree...not having Flash right away and having access to the Micro-SD slot are not reason enough to downgrade the price. The internal hardware is still the same. The 4G upgrade? It's free anyway, so that's a bonus, not a negative.

froyo phones support flash right away but this doesn't.. nice

and in the best buy flyer it says "desktop-like tabbed browser with Adobe Flash support"

You guys are kidding, right? No Flash, no LTE? No sale. Stop buying manufacturers' compromises. If they can't produce the goods at product launch, they should change the launch date. Instead of you paying and waiting to see how long it takes them to fulfill their promise to you, you should make them wait for your money until you're satisfied with what they're offering. It's the only bargaining chip you have. Use it.

I was all about getting this real soon...but yeah, now hearing that it's even more incomplete really turns me off to the idea. I mean, damn, it took how long for the original Droid to FINALLY get Flash? It almost feels like Adobe is intentionally sabotaging things to help boost the Playbook (since they had a full-on partnership with RIM to create it).

Bingo! Because this is supposed to be THE flagship tablet. The pro or con of the Android ecosystem is that there are new devices every other month (or more). Now, it is entirely possible that the NEXT flagship android tablet will be out with full support right out of the gate, possibly cheaper and wifi only options before this one gets the update. ESPECIALLY if said update will need to wait for Verizon to push it down. (I admit I don't know much about this part, will the updates be OTA? And available over wifi?)

I wouldn't be too concerned about flash. my gtablet doesn't officially support flash, but I was able to get an unofficial copy and it works great. Not sure if the 2.2 versions will work on honeycomb but I'm sure something will get leaked before the official release.

the sd card is a different story. Completely unforgivable.

Wow, do they really need to be first that bad... Its a google flagship for honeycomb not like there going to let out some other tablet first... way to drop the ball Moto.

Half baked products, empty promises, high prices... How much abuse are consumers going to take? Being first at all costs is getting very old.

Ok quick question. Now flash is available in the market. and it specifies that it will work for 2.2+. Would this work with honeycomb. I mean they did say that all apps in the market would work for amd scale to play. (during the announcement of honeycomb when they were playing fruit ninjas this was said.) so wouldnt flash 10.1 work??

$800 bucks to be a BETA tester. Seriously, I wanted to like this thing, but it has turned into the textbook example of how NOT to launch a product. I loath Apple and use linux as my primary operating system, but I'm 90% sure I'm going to buy an iPad II when they come out...

Then get off this site. The stock xoom at launch is still better than the ipad. And way to compare the xoom to a device that doesn't even exist

he's got a point

the android manufacturers are rushing into the tablet market before they're really ready to compete. Samsung rushed last year, and now Motorola doesn't seem to have things all ready to go either.

and if they can't provide a competitive tablet in both performance and price, then apple will easily get more sales. yes we don't know what the 2nd ipad might bring, but its likely to have some comparable upgrades, and offer one at $500 again.

that's when i'll consider a tablet as well. once the 2nd iPad is announced, android tablet manufacturers will get a nice slap in the face, and be forced to lower their prices or flop.

If you don't think the primary competition for the Xoom is the iPad II, your kidding yourself. How many people do you think decided not jump on the iPad when it first came out, but have now decided they would like a tablet but are waiting for the iPad II/Xoom/Whatever since they are ALL imminent? Don't be a fanboy - the best product will win. And Moto has crapped up this launch, to say the least...

I'm one...I didn't jump on the iPad bandwagon because I knew things were going to be missing...and Apple's refresh time is ridiculous. I don't want to toss that much money to them that often. Sometimes, Apple can be just as guilty at releasing incomplete products as the next guy.

Flash and microSD card support are half the reason I'd switch from the iPad. As things stand right now, I'll wait until a fully baked Android tablet, Xoom or otherwise, hits the streets.

They really shouldn't be rushing it out with such half-assed features.
No access to external storage? Really?

I fully expected these kind of problems, and would be willing to live with them... If the thing cost $400 - which is what I expected it to cost. At $800, it had better be finished, and perfect. It is not. FAIL.

Oh, and the battery won't work until a summer update, but that's ok right? I think the high price is because they need money to pay for the rest of the tablet to be finished.

Effing whiners. You weren't going to buy the XOOM anyway.

You b!tch and moan - and you're not affected by this new technology anyway. I'll be glad to demo my XOOM to you with the new Honeycomb O/S, learning about the new platform and assimilating knowledge for "what's next" is good enough for a few weeks.

Go away.

agreed. they expect to pay 400 bucks for something thats worth 800. The average smartphone cost 600+ bucks. This isn't a -blam- nook. This is a high end device. People just like to b!tch like you said

I agree with what you are saying, and I see where some people here are coming from. However, no Flash and no access to Micro-SD doesn't equate to half-off the price. The hardware hasn't changed. Some people here are bitching to bitch.

I fully agree with you there, but people have been b!t¢#ing about Apple computer prices for years, and the same holds true. Apple computers are not generic/cheap products and are priced as such.

I see no issues with the Xoom as it currently stands (no Flash) price. I think it is fair for what it is. The only thing is the one month 3G requirement for enabling wifi, which is a joke.

Clearly some people have already made up their mind - They are going to buy it no matter what. Fair enough. Somebody has got to work out the bugs, and who better than the fanboys. I'll wait for the price to come down and the features to go up...


Don't assume that because a person exercises common sense it's because they don't have money. *I* can buy a Xoom, but I won't. Not like it is now, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. And as for the Honeycomb experience, it's not at all perfect, but I've been "assimilating knowledge" on Honeycomb with a Nook Color for a couple of weeks now.

His initial comment was that the "whiners" weren't going to buy a Xoom anyway. If it's the "hottest" device out there, and it certainly looked like it was going to be, what would be the most likely reason *not* to buy it, if you were in the Android camp to begin with? Not being able to afford it. His implication most certainly was that the people complaining were not likely able to buy the device, so they should shut up.

That's not necessarily the case, is all.

uhhhh no. Stop assuming. You make an a$$ out of yourself. He's talking about all the people b!tching and moaning about flash, lte, and sd card. How thick are you

People have a right to whine and complain. When you are charging full price for an incomplete product, there is going to be people complaining. If Motorola has not learned from there past mistakes with their Droid line and Motoblur phones, I don't think they ever will. Do it right the first time or don't do it at all. They only reason they are pushing it out unfinished is to garner market share before LG and Samsung bring out their behemoth tablets. no Flash and no Micro SD access (hardware is still there though) because of current software limitations with the OS. How is the product itself incomplete? And if it was to do you put a price on access??

How do you know they are even charging full price. remember the one leak awhile back that the price was 1200 bucks!? maybe that WAS the real price and knocked it down. Don't assume. It makes an A$$ out of U and ME

They are delivering an unfinished product with promises of future access, compatibility, and use. I just think they should get it working before they start selling the thing.

Maybe that's why all this crap does not work the way it's supposed to. We have trained the manufactures that it's OK to peddle incomplete products. "We're just happy to have anything at all. Thank you, Thank you, Mr. Motorola! Gosh golly - could you please raise the price? I don't care when or if it ever works the way you said it would..."

Prehaps HP waiting to release the Touchpad until summer makes more sense now. That way it will ship complete and with Flash enabled. Can you imaging buying a car under these conditions? Sorry but your leather heated premium seats and wheels, which we are charging you now for, won't be ready to install until "Spring". LOL

oh wait a minute some of the comments said it's because flash 10.1 wont work with dual core devices, therefore the ATRIX WILL NOT SUPPORT FLASH OUT OF THE BOX ALSO? If that is so, my question to moto is WTF. now that the smoke from CES 2011 is cleared you need to postpone the launch date because we can see clearly now. dont tell me they just found out and didnt have this information in Las Vegas. they cant even give us a specific date instead we get and open ended time lime. how can we believe such rubbish, as far as I'm concern buy the time the XOOM or the ATRIX gets FLASH,LTE,SD CARD function, THEY WILL NOT BE THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN.

No flash, no working SD slot, no 4G (which is the reason they are charging more for the device) and required month of data through verizon to use it. This tablet could have been a monster release, but was just handled poorly. It would have been more prudent to release it in a month so at least they could get the basics operational.

Did Notion Ink do the planning for Moto's rollout? Like some I have been following this and the Samsung 10.1. Its the sd card, 4g, etc that helped seperate it from the pack. I was willing to wait for those but how many other things could be "coming soon". End of the day I'll probably still be there in line with my wallet open but stuff like this is making it easier to stay home and wait.

I never liked it much when a device gets released ahead of it's time because it causes some features to be missing. Many of us can go without flash the same way Apple mobile users have, but it sends a growing negative message.

Anyways, there is always someone to blame and reasonings behind everything with these companies. You can find some opinion based ideas on who is wrong and why there will be no flash at launch at:

The Ipad can view flash now though an app in the app store, still not enough to make me decide to grab an Ifad though. like i said before, will probably still pick this up Thurs and get the updates as they come.