And it's official. The Motorola CLIQ will launch on T-Mobile on November 2nd for $199.99. Pre-orders start October 19th and will run until November 1st. T-Mobile has a nice splash page that countdowns the days, hours, minutes and seconds left until you're able to pre-order the device.

The $199.99 price point for the CLIQ is definitely a bit higher than we expected, especially when the HTC Hero will be available for $179.99. We knew those 'free' rumors weren't feasible but we were expecting T-Mobile to competitively price the CLIQ to guarantee a winner. What do you guys think?


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Motorola CLIQ Available November 2nd for $199.99, Pre-Orders Start Oct 19


And it has solid telephone performance with enhanced noise reduction with two microphones (Crystal Talk Plus).

Here's a review of that feature:

And it has a better camera for low light conditions than an iPhone.

"The Cliq has a 5.2-megapixel auto-focus camera. We tested it briefly by shooting some pics in low light and comparing it to photos from the iPhone’s camera. Guess what? The Cliq’s cam captured finer details and offered a brighter picture with true colors."

With Media Link that Motorola paid the German software company Nero to write for them, it can easily sync music and import playlists from iTunes or Win Media Player, and make ringtones from your music with a single click, also transfer photos and do basic photo editing.