Motorola Droid X with new battery tab

Remember this one? When the Motorola Droid X launched in July, it did so with a little confusion surrounding how to remove the battery. We had report after report of people ripping off the tab -- which was light brown and mere said "pull" -- without knowing what it was for, which is to remove the battery.

But there's been a modification, and the tab is now red and says "Battery Release," with a little "do not cut" logo. Hopefully that will clear things up. For everybody else, we've got our instructional video after the break. Thanks, G!

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DaRkL3AD3R says:

Glad to see thats been changed a bit.

I like to think of myself as an upper level tech-savvy guy and even I hesitated for a second upon finding the bright colored tab telling me to Pull! Thankfully enough the better side of my experience told me this was for the battery so I left it /phew.

icebike says:

So its Phil Proof now? ;-)

ottscay says:

That's much better IMO.

cea1203 says:

Not for nothing but anyone who didnt know what that was and just ripped it off there phone has to be a moron !! That is hysterical

vbwake19 says:

Its called a battery pull. Thouht that was easy to figure out day one.

Evo2DroidX says:

My x battery tab gold. Doesn't say anything about battery. It took a second to figure out. But i made it out with warranty intact!

JkdJedi says:

I got burned on this one, any replacement stickers out there?

kilgoreflux says:

I had my X delivered to my wife's office (the day after it came out)since it had to be signed for. She was a bit confused by the tab so to be sure, asked her boss (an iPhone user) for help. He ripped the whole tab off AND put the battery back in. I had a mini panic attack when I got home trying to get the battery out and put the sticker back in (at least he saved it). So the new design is iPhone user proof...maybe.

DaRkL3AD3R says:

LMAO! You couldn't make this stuff up, that's a hilarious story.

I mean, aside from your wife's phone getting her warranty possibly voided... Hopefully that gets taken care of.

Darn iPhone users

chief113 says:

When is x getting Froyo?

moosc says:

Can I exchange my X for this?