Motorola Droid X with new battery tab

Remember this one? When the Motorola Droid X launched in July, it did so with a little confusion surrounding how to remove the battery. We had report after report of people ripping off the tab -- which was light brown and mere said "pull" -- without knowing what it was for, which is to remove the battery.

But there's been a modification, and the tab is now red and says "Battery Release," with a little "do not cut" logo. Hopefully that will clear things up. For everybody else, we've got our instructional video after the break. Thanks, G!


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Motorola clears up Droid X battery tab confusion with design change


Glad to see thats been changed a bit.

I like to think of myself as an upper level tech-savvy guy and even I hesitated for a second upon finding the bright colored tab telling me to Pull! Thankfully enough the better side of my experience told me this was for the battery so I left it /phew.

Not for nothing but anyone who didnt know what that was and just ripped it off there phone has to be a moron !! That is hysterical

My x battery tab gold. Doesn't say anything about battery. It took a second to figure out. But i made it out with warranty intact!

I had my X delivered to my wife's office (the day after it came out)since it had to be signed for. She was a bit confused by the tab so to be sure, asked her boss (an iPhone user) for help. He ripped the whole tab off AND put the battery back in. I had a mini panic attack when I got home trying to get the battery out and put the sticker back in (at least he saved it). So the new design is iPhone user proof...maybe.

LMAO! You couldn't make this stuff up, that's a hilarious story.

I mean, aside from your wife's phone getting her warranty possibly voided... Hopefully that gets taken care of.

Darn iPhone users