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Not a perfect replacement for a stand-alone camera key, but it could help with the occasional selfie

Motorola has updated several of its apps in the Play Store this week, and the latest to grab a new version number is the Motorola Camera app. The changelog is nice and simple — you can now take pictures on your Motorola phone by hitting the volume key on your phone or attached headset. This is a feature that other phones have had for a good long while, and it isn't a perfect stand-in for a dedicated camera button, but it can't hurt to have another way to snap a picture for the times that call for it.

As always, there are some "bug fixes" included in the latest update as well. The Motorola Camera app is compatible with Moto's latest lineup of phones, including the Moto X, Moto G and Droids on Verizon. You can snag the latest version of the app from the Play Store link above.


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Motorola Camera update lets you snap a picture with the volume button


I really like how motorola released a phone that was pretty darn good and have continued to improve it through updates and app improvements from the beginning. Along with keeping it up to date with the latest android software.

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I thought so too, till one update broke my driving mode and the most recent one has Google Play music not working right. Two of the biggest things I used on the phone.

As an owner of this phone, I can say the pictures it takes are good not great.

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I have the Droid MAXX and if there is a bright light off on the side, it cannot handle what to do with that light source. I'm not even talking lens flare or direct light. Hopefully this gets better, since I love Moto and their new path.

And how they're making their apps available on Google Play to upgrade individually is nice as well.

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I said this from day 1 with my Moto X and I'll say it again...
BEST PHONE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love my custom Moto X. As far as I'm concerned Motorola has won my business for the foreseeable future as long as they keep going like they are. Great phones that are customizable, useful innovative features and timely updates and app improvements. Love it.

Now I just can't wait for their Android watch to come out this summer.

AC has a strange obsession with anything Motorola. Even to a minor update they dedicate an entire article to this. Lol.

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All I want from a Moto X2 is everything the Moto X currently has plus a camera that takes pictures at least as good as an iPhone 5S. I'm fine if it doesn't take pictures as good as the iPhone 6 that may or may not be announced/released by the time the X2 comes out, but dear God at least match the previous gen iPhone.

The camera of the Moto X is the ONLY thing about it that needs improvement. If Motorola can fix that, they could rule the world.

" This is a feature that other phones have had for a good long while".....
Can anyone tell me if there is an app that lets the SG3 do this whether volume or the "home" button?

Idk what's worse - quality of photos or settings. I lost hope long ago and this "fix" just confirms that for a decent camera one has to wait for 2nd gen.

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VZW Moto X

Love the Moto x except for the abysmal camera. My Nokia Lumia 920,now 18 months old, blows it out of the water.

Motorola simply needs to up the quality of pictures, add optical stabilization, and include an option for shooting 4:3 resolution and they'll have a true winner.

I have to agree with others.. While I like the Moto X a lot, I think the camera on it (and previous Motorola phones) is not up to par with Apple and Samsung's.. Not even close- especially in lower light. My wife's S3 camera, a 2 year older phone, has a much better camera.