Motorola Calgary - Verizon

Well lookie what just fell into our inbox. That's clearly the Android-powered Motorla Calgary (aka) the Devour listed on this CelleBrite unit, and it's making its way into Verizon's systems as you're reading this. Whether we'll see it in silver or black remains a mystery, as does price. But this pic clearly shows that a probable launch can't be too far off, so stay tuned, boys and girls.

Thanks, anon!


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Motorola Calgary/Devour in Verizon's system


Umm, just because it shows up in a CelleBrite unit doesn't mean it's coming to Verizon or to a US carrier altogether. The CB units have phones from all over the world in it's database.

...Unless there is other evidence of it coming to big bad VZW (sorry, I'm a Sprint fanboy haha)

Exactly what I was thinking. Since it's on the "Source Device" screen I assume it would be selected when you are importing contacts from it - not to it. So it would make sense to have it in there.