Motorola Calgary aka Devour

Love the Motorola Droid, but really want MotoBlur? The Devour may just be your cup of tea. Phone Area got a tip that what we've seen as the Calgary could well be released as the Devour, with a 3MP camera and MotoBlur being pushed by Android 2.1. That's it. No idea on release date or pricing.

Best of both worlds? Or just a middle-of-the-road mess?

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That thing is hideous. At least the LEDs are brighter than the Droid and the keyboard looks pretty good. What is that random circle and square on the face? I don't understand why Moto couldn't make a nice skin of Android that doesn't look like a child's toy the way HTC did.

tkfox007 says:

Tiny screen is tiny

blah blah says:

Ha! that is a remake of the older Motorola Sidekick done for T-mobile last year and now discontinued. Same screen size, keyboard and base shell...

I guess using up old inventory parts.

Anonymous says:

I guess there releasing it prtty soon im a Verizon Retaler and i just got my demo