neolod admits the truth

The bootloader on your Milestone or Droid X is just as locked today as it was yesterday, and it looks like it will stay that way.  Android developer Nenolod admits he was lying when he claimed to have the keys to the Motorola sholes platform bootloader, and just did it for the lulz. 

What can we say?  Things like this happen, and all you can do is remember the names involved and stay far away from their "work" until they disappear.  We certainly will.  Hopefully nobody bricked any phones toying with this one.  [@clockworkmod]

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IZZY Dead says:

Not Cool! Locked Boot Loader.

IZZY Dead says:

It's an Android phone not an Apple or Windoz

dwhall says:

lol Told ya....

dwhall says:

I smelled a rat when he refused to show the C&D for legal reasons in which there wouldnt be none.

angermeans says:

That's really messed up I don't even know what to say and i hope you are right that some phones didn't become bricked in the process. What makes one do some thing like this?

El Jefe says:

"What makes one do something like this?"

Having no life & nothing better to do, probably.

El Jefe says:

Did nenolod down rate this? :-)

Hey, nenolod, you are a loser.

shawnsdada says:

Agree 100%

deercreek says:

What's he develop... feminine hygiene products?

Telanis says:

nenolod is the troll, not koush, and koush is awesome. go f*ck yourself.

deercreek says:

I was referring to nenolod, who had been called a developer. I agree that koush is awesome. Take your own advice.

shawnsdada says:

You ignoring the fact that he says "my hats off to him" for the trolling?

He shows nenolod support for it (no matter how small) and you don't see that as a slap in the face of the Android community?

I did have my hopes up a little until I re-read everything he posted. Then it became a little more obvious it was all BS. I will now have my BS detector on any time I read any kind of news like this.

Says he's getting unwanted attention from it. Seriously doubt that seeing how the whole point of creating any kind of hoax is to gain attention. Now his credibility (if he ever had any to begin with) is blown.

dvader says:

totally agree. **** you nenolod you ****ing douche bag

currentweb says:

Next time, we won't go all crazy retweeting until we confirm these exploits work. I can't speak for all of FreeMyMoto, but I apologize for getting everyone's hopes up. Next time we will be better. If it's any consolation, kexec method is still very promising! Just harder to do.

JeffDenver says:

Stuff like this is what makes me want to stay far far away from Motorola in the future.

My Droid 1 is the last Motorola product I will ever buy. I dont trust them anymore. Samsung may be slow with updates, but their products are good and they dont lock up their bootloaders.

BrianTufo says:

What a tool bag he is, I mean come on is his life that pathetic that he has nothing else better do do with his time? What a total d-bag!

Digiflame says:

oh well, confirms me getting the thunderbolt.

intheb0x says:

Anyone who supports Motorola and buys these locked down devices might as well buy apple.


wg#AC says:

This guy is no different than the assholes that write viruses that delete your family photos and f`up your computer. Losses like this need to be band and made sure they don't breed. We don't need any more of there gene pool around.

goblueboy says:


bababooey says:

I don't understand why moto encrypts their boot loaders. Once you shell out the money, the phone is yours, is it not? If I wanted to rent a phone, I would be giving Steve Jobs my money. What difference is it to them what you do with YOUR device? They obviously don't care if the Xoom is unlocked but every other device is screwed.

alershka#AC says:

The rationale that makes the most sense is money. The Droid X2 is a small incremental improvement but will run the latest and greatest os. Moto won't update the Droid X, making it more likely, in their mind, that people will dump the X for the X2 just for that reason. There is no other reason that makes sense to me which is why my DX is my last Moto.

I fell for this. I'm typically a pessimist yet I fell for this and for half a day was an optimist. I hope Nenolod has the runs for a week or some other equally uncomfortable fate.

J T M says:

I guess i can scratch Nenolod off of my xmas card list this year.

jtowndawg says:

nenolods unlock code was Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start being a d bag

dacp283 says:

Pretty childish of both of them. Koush has shown his colors as well by supporting such nonsense. I will be avoiding both of them.

jtowndawg says:

nenolods unlock code was Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start being a d bag

kentusmc says:

part of it is kinda funny, but really messed up, and to insult people the why he did is reall not cool

Impulses says:

I'm not saying what he did is in any way justifiable but... Maybe self respecting bloggers and editors should think twice before running with stories like this while having nothing but a random tweet as proof...

rippley05 says:

I understand why everyone is mad at being trolled, but, what else did he do that could have caused bricked phones?

Thank God I don't own anything Motorola...

JohnnyPre says:

..?? I'm selling my Motorola pager dangit!!