Motorola Backflip

If you're in Canada and have a hankering for some twisted, flippy Android keyboard action, know that the Motorola Backflip is now available on Telus. It runs a very respectable $399 off-contract and goes as low as $249 with the Canadian-standard three-year deal. [Telus] Thanks, Jon!


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Motorola Backflip now available on Telus


WTF? The X10 was 550$ and it's 150$ with a contract, that's a 400$ rebate, yet Telus is only giving a 150$ rebate? This is pretty ridiculous IMO.

No problem, Phil. The price on 3 year is actually $99 but $249 if you choose no data plan. Got a photo I took with my 9700 last night as I walked by the store window.

Somewhat related while not being very related, and probably a stupid question, but what clock app does the Backflip have installed for when it's half-opened?

I got a chance to use one of these a few days ago (AT&T version of course...I'm not allowed back into Canada lol).

The backflip is some nice hardware. Love the feel of the thing, and the keyboard seems great. Hoping for a backflip 2 with a better processor and more ram.

I got this Motorola backflip last month and its awesome with the advanced features and functions which works at the best.Its call and image quality is superb.All the apps are working fine with this cell phone.
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