Atrix HD

It's been a while since I got a chance to review a Motorola phone, and I think the Atrix HD is going to be a great way to reacquaint myself. The moment you put it in your hands, you remember just how well Motorola builds their phones. Everything feels solid, looks good, and this puppy is Fast (with the capital F). 

Blur has been redesigned to go with Ice Cream Sandwich, and my first impression is that they've really come a long way with it. This Blur is not something i would hate to use, and I've already found something I wish my own phone could do -- gestures to open a quick-view panel for things like unread messages, favorite contacts, or your inbox. Swipe up from the home screen icon and you're presented with a handy pop-up with pertinent information. Well done Motorola.

Of course, it takes more than an hour to determine everything we like, and don't like about a phone. We like to share our first impressions (were we haven't been jaded or enamored by anything just yet) and we know a lot of you guys and girls are itching for some info about this one. 

Hit the break to see a short video and a couple pictures, and fill the forums with questions you need answered in our full review!



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Motorola Atrix HD hands-on and initial review


Thanks for the quick glimpse review Jerry.
I might be falling for Moto phone again sometime soon.
Hope I don't get burned the way they did me with that Cliq XT.

What type of processor is in this? All the spec sheets I read just say 1.5 Ghz. Thanks for the quick hands-on video.

Nevermind I just went to your forum post on the Atrix HD and figured it out.

It's irrelevant as apps are written in Java. Only some games which use the NDK could be affected – but not in this case since what matters is the CPU architecture, and pretty much all androids use ARM-based CPUs.

looks like a great phone. at@t logo just makes it look ugly also the side bezels are quite big...just been on gsmarena for the size of the phone and its pretty much same size as the s3.s3 being maybe 1mm taller and wider yet having a larger it me or do motorola just like big bezels?

It uses an S4, de facto choice for US bound high end phones with LTE. I'm trying to decide what to recommend for my mother between this, the SGS3, and the HOX. Ultimately she may just opt for Samsung because it's coming out in red, and it does have the largest battery... I can't shake the feeling that this will come back to bite me in the ads tho, either because Touchwiz is just different enough to make troubleshooting over the phone a pain or because Samsung's history with updates will repeat itself.

Jerry, do you have anything to say about why this is the first non-nexus phone to have On-Screen Buttons? It seems like the best way to handle the transition to no menu button. The menu button and recent app button situation is the reason I am not tempted by the SGS3 or the OneX over my Gnex.

And I thought Samsung's industrial design team had gone downhill. This makes my GS3 look like Angelina Jolie. Yikes. I've owned the previous 2 Atrices and both had great designs.

I've never disagreed with something so hard in my life. I'm still incredibly disappointing in the the way the GS3 looks. This looks like one of the earlier Chinese Razr variants but still a who helluvalot better than the GS3 in my opinion.

yeah I agree I still think Motorola has the best hardware design...They are always very well made and actually feels like it won't break when you drop it. I do like the sg3 but I just feel moto builds a sturdier phone. Now would I buy a motorola product probably not.

You da' man Jerry! Thanks for the initial review. I'm really excited about this phone because it may just be a little preview of what the RAZR HD is gonna be like when that finally arrives. Thanks Jerry.

Why does Motorola refuse to use their 3300mAh in any other phone besides the RAZR MAXX ? They already have the reputation for phone performance and they could add battery-life to their achievements if they would add the MAXX's battery design to their other high-end Androids.

It's called MoreQuicklyPanel. More Quickly Panel is a great Android 4.0 taskbar/pulldown/notification toggles app! I just got it for my Galaxy Note when I updated to ICS yesterday. I highly recommend it.

I agree that Moto-Google's best plan would actually be to put Krait (S4) and a better screen onto the Battery and chassis of the RAZR MAXX - it would be ideal.

Right of the bat I don't like it! Why the camera hump in this day and age? And waaaaaaay too many ports. Minimalistic I think is the way to go

Where is Moto heading to??? No replaceable battery in latest phones, the same for HTC One X and One S.. We do not want this. Otherway, MicroHDMI and MicroSD card should be mandatory..

PD: Nice looking phone...

As a Proud New Owner of a Shinny New Galaxy Note.. I say: WELCOME ABOARD Atrix HD!

We have ALL the Hottest Phones here at AT&T! The Galaxy Note, The Hox, The SII, The SII, Lumina 900 and now the Atrix HD!!!

Take That Verizon!

Former Droid Charge Owner...

Any ideas if they plan to have docks? The position of the USA & HDMI connectors makes it seem unlikely. I have the Atrix 4G and use the car dock constantly.

I'm on the Verizon gNex (Jelly Bean rom). The specs are impressive on this phone. I really like the fact that it has the software home, back and recent apps virtual button. Just don't understand why manufacturers are continuing to build phones with either capacitive or physical buttons when the galaxy nexus paradigm exists.

The one swipe gestures to open apps are nice as well. What I don't care for is the unsightly hump on the back of the phone where the camera is. Real turn off for me.

I picked my white one today! I have been debating the HTC OneX and GS3 for quite some time. This phone appeared to combine the best of both worlds for me and it was lighter on my pocketbook.

1. It has great build quality. Not as sexy as the OneX but much better than the GS3.
2. It has the same S4 processor.
3. A beautiful screen. GS3 owners should be jealous. For me it's hard to tell the difference with the HTC OneX.
4. Expandable memory. I have a 32GB card in it now.
5. Benchmarks are on par if not higher than some on the OneX and GS3
6. A dedicated HDMI out port.
7. I also have to agree with Jerry about the nearly pure ICS experience. The few UI tweaks are the best I have seen so far.
8. For a limited time at&t gives you a Motorola Car Dock for free. It's built specifically for this phone and it's worth at least $40.
9. I really like the Circles app and the information it provides.
10. The rear speaker is the best I have heard on any phone period! It's a beast.
11. There is a setting for the video camera that is for concerts. I'm looking forward to trying this out. I see a lot of live music and every Android phone I have used the audio is so distorted I can't watch the video. I'm looking forward to seeing how this performs. I'll try it out this weekend.
12. Speaking of sound, calls sound great.
13. I really enjoy swiping up on some of the apps to get a quick look at calls, messages, calendar, etc..

1. Sealed battery like the OneX. I was aware and already keep chargers in the car, at home and at work.
2. It gets quite hot if you are doing a lot of work.
3. It's easy to cover the camera with your finger.
4. The camera isn't up to par with the HTC OneX, GS3, or iPhone4s.
5. There is wasted real estate around the bezel. A larger screen or smaller form factor could have been used. I'm a big guy at 6'2 so it fits me perfectly.

I'll update more if I find anything else I like or dislike.