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The Motorola Atrix 4G has had a bit of a rough go out the gates. While many would say that it just having Moto Blur is bad enough, the whole blocking of upload speeds on the device by multiple carriers didn't help it any. To add to those issues, many users (including Phil) have confirmed the device does suffer from some rather serious voice quality concerns.

While Motorola won't be able to address some of those issues, they have started looking into the voice concerns and are now accepting up to 1,000 users that will be selected to test out a new software release that hopes to address some of the remaining bugs in the device. Sadly, at this time they've not given off a list of enhancements coming with the software update but-- they will post them when registration closes. If you're among those having issues you'll likely want to try and get into the program. Hit the source link for the full details and to get yourself registered. Given Motorola hasn't posted the changes to be included, the voice quality issues still may not be in this release. [Motorola Forums]


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Motorola Atrix 4G to get update to fix voice quality?


I purchased a Atrix after dealing with the Samsung Captivate. I guess at this point I have the patients of a saint. It is good to see that Motorola, unlike Samsung is concerned about these issues and is quick to respond. My sound quality is not bad. Sometimes there seems to be interference. All in all a great phone and I believe that these issues can and will be resolved.
Oh, there is one problem that they have to fix on the Atrix. When I am logged on to WIFI, most times when I leave and have to go on to 3G it doesn't connect. You have to shutdown the phone and restart it. Or, there is an app that corrects this. It is called Wififixerfree. I hope they correct that problem. It is a well known problem. you can read more about it on the Motorola web site.

You think YOU had to develop the patience of a saint? I had an iPhone 3G running OSi 4.0+. That thing was the most frustrating piece of electronics I have ever dealt with and I used to get paid to work on frustrating devices like VCRs back in the day.

The phone was so frustrating my girlfriend would frequently CRY when trying to deal with hers. When she finally got her Atrix she smashed her iPhone with a hammer. My friend had a captivate that I played around on for a few days and that was the phone that INSPIRED me to switch to android. I had completely forgotten that some smartphones actually work until I got my Atrix.

I noticed that WiFi thing, but I am so used to dealing with much bigger problems I never even thought it was a real issue.

My iPhone would:

* Freeze for 5-10 minutes every time after pressing the first letter on the keyboard in an application. But occasionally after around 10 minutes if it didn't enter the letter it wouldn't hit a key at all. This would drain battery life like crazy.

* Randomly freeze after receiving a text message/phone call (you could feel it ringing but you couldn't answer and it would continue to ring until forced reboot.

* Decide a portion of the touchscreen would stop working.

* Automatically shut down even mid-phone call.

* Reboots took increasingly long times. I got up to 1.5 hours when I finally got my Atrix.

* Randomly switch between vibrate and full volume.

* Refuse to turn off even after holding down the power button for 5 minutes (which would hurt your thumb and you couldn't remove the battery)

This is just a taste of the most common problems. I cannot begin to tell you the frustrating things it would occasionally do.

Wow and i thought this was my "it phone" when I first read about it. It is having way to many issues. I guess a lot of companies are rushing out these phones soo fast and aren't working out the bugs first...demand and competition I guess.

I love the fact that Moto is signing up people to test a fix for the Atrix, but the D2G has had overheating and Exchange problems since it launched. Good times. I guess I'm going to have to root this sucker after all, as I doubt Moto will give it any more thought...

I think most new smartphones have initial issues, both software and hardware. My Atrix voice quality is pretty good, so the issues could be initial run hardware problems. There are software issues with data connectivity that are an occasional problem, but like most issues our internet forums highlight the negatives. Overall the phone is very nice. I'm pleased that Moto is listening to the issues and has an update so quickly.

This is a massive issue though, and everyone I've talked to on the phone tells me it sounds like I'm in a tunnel, or on speakerphone. The phone is nice overall, but this one issue is enough to ruin it for me.

Personally, I'll be returning the phone unless they release a software update in the next 25 days (my return period) that fixes the voice quality.

I'll respectfully disagree. My wife picked one up this last Sat. and the phone feels great, nearly doubles my Droid X quadrant score, and more. No issues with call quality so far like some have reported.

My only complaint is for a "so called" 4G phone the download speeds are only hovering in the 1.x Mbps range. I expected a higher download rate and it does show H+ with a strong signal.

The things I am thinking about are the 4G upload speeds, the insane price of the laptop dock which would have been an awesome add on for a phone if it didn't cost more than a real laptop, the locked bootloader, and now this.

5 days a week i make approx 30min of calls on the handset and another 30min of calls over bluetooth while driving and nobody is complaining about my sound quality (and i have asked). i am on rogers in toronto using an unlocked at&t unit and i love the phone. once you freeze blur, or install the gingerblur mod from xda the phone is very fast with an awesome battery. forums are full of people complaining because they have real issues or because they are new to android and are too lazy to google search for instructions. if you can live with a locked bootloader it is a great device

no real problems here, the speaker quality isn't up to the N95 I mothballed for the atrix (but that was three times the cost).
handles everything well, fast, no FCs, no incompatibilities.
my usage drains the battery 10-20%. I'm in awe of WTF ppl must be doing to eat through the battery in so many hours.

One issue is with the built-in mikes. If you use a wired or bt headset, the sound is great, but the internal mikes sound badly muffled. It is immediately apparent if you leave two voice mails on a landline - one with the headset & one without. I had so many problems with the Atrix that I had to take it back. The worst problem is the at&t network. 1Mb downloads and 0.3Mb upload on a good day! I'm SO glad I dropped it for the Thunderbolt!

WELL............when i got up this morning, the update was waiting for me to install on my Atrix. It downloaded and installed.


When the phone rebooted, it had 57 apps running. Most are new to me, being named like com.motorola or

ALSO, they cannot be stopped using app killer.

In addition to those new apps, I have duplicate apps running at the same time, apps which have never run at boot before. 2 Paypals, 2 Maps, 2 Vlingos,.................

I have been talking to Motorola and they have no idea what is happening.

I am now waiting for level 3 support to call me back.