Atrix 3

The Motorola MB866, aka the Atrix 3 here in the states, has just passed through the FCC with all the support needed for AT&T's LTE network. A look at the radios (quad-band EDGE, 850/1900 HSPA+, and LTE) make things pretty clear that this one will sport the Qualcomm Krait S4, and rumors say it has a 720p screen and Ice Cream Sandwich -- which every phone launching now should have. 

It looks like a very nice successor to the Atrix name, and AT&T's blossoming LTE network looks to be a good place to put this one. We're not sure how it will fare against the other high-end phones on AT&T, namely the Galaxy S III, One X, and iPhone 4s, but Motorola has a strong following. No word yet on when to expect the Atrix 3, but at least now it's ready to be sold.

Source: FCC


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Motorola Atrix 3 passes through the FCC


For everyone crying about MotoBlur, Google has done something about it. MOTOROLA is now going to be using Google guidelines in making phones. (Hence, Google wants buttonless phones and Motorola follows directions.)

Take a look at the new ICS coming to Moto phones.

Interesting that now they decide to make another phone for AT&T after all this time. I own the Atrix and the Atrix II, but boy I wish they would release their source or allow for the bootloader unlock for the Atrix II. I am not a fan of motoblur and would really like to use a custom rom, especially since the LTE modem is a little off with my Atrix II. Well we'll wait and see how it pans up to the SIII, which I am still thinking is a better buy than Moto's devices now a days.

Hey, Richard's new phone! (He's always real negative about a new phone before he buy's it). And on his new favorite network too!

Yeah he'll have the T Mobile gospel pages texted & recited soon. Not to mention the GSIII official ad copy. But to each their own.

Maybe there's a commercial in that. Can you see it?

Several office workers look at a phone and say, "Richie won't like it. He hates everything." Hand him the phone, and he smiles and plays with it. "He likes it! Hey, Richie..."

Worked for Life cereal, maybe Motogoogle?

Ummm... hate to burst your bubble (not really :D ), but basic specs as-listed here already put it on par with the above listed phones. The fact that it's a Motorola phone (which generally have even better build quality than HTC (read: sturdier/solid) and generally better radios) is only a plus. Way to be too delusional to see past your own blind, hypocritical fanboyism.

I have to say it does look like a nice phone, and it might be good for someone who doesn't want to root etc. It's not that I'm a fan-boy, but I tend to stick to manufacturers that don't make it really hard to install custom rom's, and their motorola has a bad track record. That's why in the past I've stuck to HTC and Samsung, though lately even HTC can be a pita.

4+ inch screen and a Krait? It's gonna try. And it's the only one of the three with the full set of soft buttons instead of hardware (like HTC) or legacy (like Samsung).

Waste of screen space. The bezel is just as big so why not use it? There is even a very simple mod for the One X that gets rid of the legacy menu button and remaps it to the recent apps button so there is never any screen real estate lost even on apps not designed for ICS should they ave gone with three capacitive buttons.

Also, amoled screens suffer burn in which those buttons cause. Not sure if this screen is amoled or not. Google searching lists all sorts of instances of this happening on the galaxy nexus within weeks/months of people owning it.

Soft buttons have a place on tablets but not on phones in my opinion. Google makes some odd decisions at times.

how is it not neck and neck with the One X and the SIII? Shares the specs with the One X. Hopefully the align the ATT logo with the on screen buttons. Shit bugs me big time.

As long as Motorola improved the camera this should on par with the SIII or OneX. I think it'll just boil down to if you run stock which interface you like most.

This new PhilBlur looks interesting , finely they got rid of the ugly Camera & Text icons !!!

The notifications on the icons are a nice touch , so as the transparent status bar, I wish they add an option to get rid of it though

Im not sure about the new dock, especially with that ICS launcher icon

I wish they went for a square-ish folder icons, more like Sony & HTC

I like Motorola phones, but haven't got one since the Atrix. If AT&T would butt out, Motorola's phones on AT&T would be a whole lot nicer. I have a One X right now and disappointed you have to jump through hoops to unlock the bootloader. Samsung seems to be the only one that allows users to easily circumvent the AT&T lockdown on bootloaders.

RAZR MAXX is the best selling phone on VZ and it even outsells the iPhone.

Battery life matters and this phone could dominate.

I have the Atrix on AT&T and I would love to get this, I've been fallowing the rumors and stories about it for the past month or so. Looks like a good phone

I do like the power button and volume rocker both on the right. The only way I'd look at selling my One X is if this has a 3300 mAh battery and 32 GB of internal storage. (and preferably 2 GB of RAM)

Im still on the OG Atrix and its a great phone. Unforunately a I wont be getting this, switching to Verizon in March.

a couple days after the Verizon data plan announcements, I'm surprised anyone would announce that for fear of getting their head bitten off lol :)

Disclaimer: I am a Verizon subscriber, riding out unlimited LTE as long as I can lol, screw your subsides.

It's odd he never states this was the Dinara but now is branded the Atrix 3...another author on this site has a Dinara article states he's unsure if it will be the Atrix 2 successor, looks like it's decided.