Motorola Assist

For those of you rocking a newer Motorola phone that has Motorola Assist, it's time to check for an update. In this new version, you'll gain the ability to reply to texts using just your voice. You'll also be able to pick which music app you want to use, and the phone will do a better job detecting when you're driving, thanks to a Bluetooth connection. 

Hit up Google Play for the update.

Thanks, Max, for the tip!


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Motorola Assist now lets you reply to texts with voice while driving


Great news from Motorola with the speedy updates let's keep it coming!

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Whoa. My favorite feature on Windows Phone is the ability to hold an entire hands-free conversation over text. Nothing else has ever come close. If this works as advertised, it will be amazing.

I love my Moto X.

Android 4.4 has a bug where some users' Exchange accounts get stuck syncing and drain the battery.
Seems random, but I've noticed it happens to me mostly when I switch from WiFi to Cell and back to WiFi quickly.

Once the bug occurs the only solution is to remove and re-add the Exchange account.

It is fixed in 4.4.2.

It happened to me on my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 (2013) until they were updated to 4.4.2, and it is happening on my Moto X running on 4.4.

Interesting I have never heard of this bug since like yesterday now two people have said that they have it, thats very odd.

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I'm assuming this means that it is just integrated into Assist, because you could already do the Google Now thing, though it wasn't good.

I'm hoping it reads text messages back to you to verify what they say. That is my biggest problem with GNow. It doesn't have an option to repeat what you said.

That's odd. Google Now is usually very good at understanding what I'm saying about 90% of the time. The other 10% it's clearly screwing with me on purpose.

I got the opportunity to test out the update on my drive home from work and I'm happy to report that yes, it does read the message back to you and then asks you if you want to send the message. In my opinion this was a much-needed feature of Assist and it works very well.

i do this now. i just press the little microphone on the keyboard and speak my reply. doesn't everyone do this?

Well, I think the difference here is that as soon as the Moto X senses that you are driving, it activates the Assist app. When that app is active, the phone will read incoming texts to you so that you can focus on the road. Now it also lets you reply using voice-only so that you can text and drive without dying a horrifying death.

I've been replying with voice only since I got my Moto X before this update... This just removed a couple steps is all. Before you would reactivate G Now with your voice command, say send text to (insert name) and say your text. This didn't bother me, but its nice that they made it even easier.

I don't get the music part of this. So it will automatically start playing the music app of my choice over bluetooth, once I start driving. But I will still need to turn on the car's radio. Without Assist, I hit the aux button on the head unit and achieve the same result. Am I missing something?

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It works well for me because when I start the car my stereo is always on and my Kinivo BTC450 autoconnects to my Moto X. I literally don't have to press anything. I just start driving and if my phone is in the car music starts playing.

Why turn the radio off at all?

Or, you could go even further by saying you had to open the door and start the car with your hands as well..

Motorola is getting better and better.. Is it tomorrow Motorola event in Uk? Hope Moto X comes in Europe.. I really prefer it over my Note 3.. Some people will disagree but... Stock android, fast updates, cool stuff (useful).. :)

And i can'y use it, because it requieres kit kat....

If Motorola really wants to dominate the market, or at least increase their market share, they need to step up their game worldwide, not only in the US.

I like Assist, but as someone who takes public transit at times or is a passenger in the car, I wish there was a better way for it to know when you were actually the driver.

I think the method of just hitting "I'm not driving" in the drop down is a good solution.

My problem is that I still can't use it to play an artist on my moto x!

I wonder if this will work on the Republic Wireless version as it is still not on 4.4 yet. They shipped my order today, can't wait!

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Gee what happened to focusing at the task at hand. You are driving you should not be texting either by hand or voice. Focus on your driving, not thinking up a reply.

One of the best decisions I made in 2013 was getting a Moto X. After class yesterday, I pulled out my old Optimus G to play around with and immediately felt weird without the X's active notifications and tons of other useful features. I don't foresee myself going back to anything other than a Moto X sequel or device in the same family line.