Truly modern timepiece first, smartwatch second

Building on the announcement by Google of its new wearable device platform, Android Wear, Motorola has announced its first device with the software: Moto 360. Just as we expected based on statements back at MWC, the focus here is primarily on the design, materials and experience of the watch as a piece of jewelry more than just as a technologically "smart" device.

Motorola is using high-quality metals, leather and precision manufacturing to make Moto 360 in a way that it "begs to be worn," according to the promotional videos. And based on what we can see so far, it looks downright beautiful to us already. Motorola takes a small dig at other smartwatches that are all square or rectangular, explaining that when it went to design Moto 360, it had to go round.

Of course at the core of things it is running Android Wear, with all of the same functions we're seeing shown off from Google and others — "Ok Google" voice control, Google Now card-style information and messaging functions are all here.

Motorola isn't spilling too much information right now, naturally, but says that Moto 360 will come "in a variety of styles" around the world — starting in the U.S. — in the Summer. Based on what we see now those styles consist of metal watch faces with leather or metal bands, with a few different colors available.

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Moto 360

Moto 360

Moto 360

Moto 360


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Motorola announces 'Moto 360,' its first Android Wear device


Apple are you "WATCHING"?

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And when will you be getting one Andrew??

I mean for review purposes of course

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why do you post things that are already explained? read other posts by android central recently.

What he said. ^^^^^

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I'm interested, but I will probably keep the Pebble. Can't imagine there's too much of a resale value for a black plastic model Pebble.

the pebble is no competition, google now interface is way better, but hopefully pebble will update very soon

I don't mind square, although I would love it to curve a bit more around my wrist. Square or rectangular makes more sense to me for a device. Really nice design though.

"Google...says it's working with launch Android Wear smartwatches 'later this year.'"

Well that was quick. I'm excited!

If the iWatch is too expensive, I'll sell my iPhone and buy a Motorola Droid, and but an iWatch. Still pretty neat though

I highly doubt any Android Wear product will work with iOS. Otherwise they would have named it Chrome Wear.

My god, I must have this!!! [runs off screaming, 'Take it. Take my money. All of it!']

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And it's moto that finally gets the idea right with the Smartwatch design brilliant. Hope the feature's will be just as good and they no doubt will be.

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I'm buying it. Between this with my Moto X and Watchdogs in April, my summer is going to be awesome!

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yeah.. i'm planning on this and a samsung note.. that stylus / digitizer tech is beyond amazing.. add in talking to your watch and get some sick location based services and your golden..

Perfect, it actually looks like a watch and not a Gameboy duct taped to your wrist. I like it... I like it a lot.


I love giving my money to Motorola.

If smartwatches were people, how much would this phone be LAUGHING at the Samsung Gear?

Had the same thought. How pissed is Samsung right now? Right now a bunch of Samsung execs are scrambling to see if they can quickly throw together yet another product and release the third version of the Gear in a single year.

Well Samsung is an Android Wear partner, so they may have something up their sleeve.

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Yes, exactly like how Nexus sales caused Samsung running scared for their S-series and Note series phones. You can easily see how Nexus is outselling Galaxy devices.

First smartwatch I've seen that interested me. Now lets see decent battery life and pricing - and I'm in.

I'm not sure I care for a round touch screen, seems like it will be less software-friendly.
I'd really like to see NFC in the top strap of a smart watch, so I can tap-to-pay with it.

That would be a really useful idea, but I think I'd rather have it use standard bands so that I could swap the band if I wanted.

Motorola is just asking me to give them my money. This and the Moto X2 should be a great combo :D

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I agree that it should be a watch first and everything else next! This design looks real nice, let's see how it prices out?

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Probably a lot lower than the Samsung smartwatches. Moto priced their Moto X similarly to other flagships at release but quickly dropped them down to Nexus-like prices off contract. Hopefully they start out lower with this one
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OK *now* I'm interested in a smart watch.

Where do I throw this pile of money?

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I really like the design. If the price is right, I'll be a buyer for sure.

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That'd be cool =)

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It may have been a while since you wrote on paper. The Note has a ways to go in that regard.

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I hope they make an Android Wear-compatible version of the AC app just for this.

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Motorola is calling this jewlrey, don't expect the price to be anything less than $350.

Nobody wants cheap jewelry.
via N7

I like cheap jewelry. But, then again, I'm also a cheap date. =)

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I imagine Moto will nail the design and functional simplicity of the Moto 360 in the same way they nailed the design and simplicity of the Moto X. This excites me.

I don't use watches, so I've found all of these devices very unappealing, but this one looks pretty interesting.

Agreed, and I would have bought one if Moto was still an American company....even if it was a Euro, Japanese or S.Korean company, but I will never buy anything from a Chinese owned company. Never.....

i like how they hint at better fitness tracking.. that will be handy.. no cameras just view and talk..

i did hear something on the rumor mill about "ok google, find people near me".. and those with a wearable and in your viewable list would be available..

This is the Design I have been waiting for and I'm sure it will be priced competitively I'm in and will be purchasing :-)

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I don't think this is presumptuous so well done motorola for actually putting thought into a product

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The Moto version looks better than the LG version, I will most defenetly pre order one.
Most likely IO attendees will get one

It never does, lol.

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If the face has to be that huge I'd rather have it square. Reminds me of a pocket watch just strapped to his wrist. That first retractable band is pretty nice though.

I'm drooling. This looks fantastic!
This could definitely make smart watches more mainstream

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Absolutely, amazing design. Exactly what I've been waiting for to buy a smartwatch. If the price is around £200 or less, I'm buying it on day one. (Unless of course, motorola launches it in the UK 6 months after the US, like it did with the Moto X)

+1 I never thought a digital watch could look elegant... However, I do think they can go further by incorporating gold and sapphire.

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Now *THIS* is the first of these smartwatches I've seen that actually looks classy and not like some cheap novelty toy, imo. Especially that first pic; very, very nice. I still prefer wearing a "real" watch on my wrist and this seems to strike a a good (and, imo, needed) balance.

Amazing, Moto nailed it. A smartwatch should look like a watch first and an electronic device second. Pebble steel almost got it, but then it uses a weird rectangular face and an e-ink screen which can't look like a realistic watch face.

Dang that's a beautiful looking watch. Love the classic look. Integrated Google now, awesome. I'll definitely be keeping a close eye on this and LG as well as what fossil can put out. This news gets me excited for smart watches for the first time.

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Now *that* is a sexy smartwatch. Can't wait to see more. Hopefully Moto can keep the price reasonable and have good battery life. It needs to last at *least* 48 hours or so and be under $200 to have any chance of becoming a "mainstream" thing, IMO.

Qi charging would be awesome, but with something like a watch, I feel like you have to assume that at least once in a while people are going to forget to charge it overnight. And *usually* they don't use "standard" charging cables that make it easy to get a little bit of charge during the day (not to mention the headache of having to take it off). That is, at least to get "mainstream" success.

think its a nice looking bit of kit but am gonna wait for kinks to get sorted maybe check nexus too!

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IF they make a Nexus watch, my money is on it looking more like the LG model. I don't think they will necessarily release a Nexus watch.

wow.. this is moving along quickly.. Boom.. wearables sdk.. moto 360.. google community.. 1136 members and counting.. great video showing the features google would prefer to see..

shut up and take my money?!

I think we can mostly just assume that smartwatches are going to be at least water resistant. It'd be insane to release a wearable product that could easily be damaged by sweat or rain.

This is what happens when a company actually puts some time and effort into design, and not just leave it as an after thought.

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Many thought the same about smartphones,
Then tablets (me too).
My pebble was a surprise gift and I wasn't excited at all,but after few days I really started appreciating things it does for me. all depends on one's job and activities.
things are moving in this direction and we can only watch where it's gonna end.
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VZW Moto X

The problem with smartwatches is you either have to talk to them, which is not an interface option you see people rushing to do all day long, or you have to use two hands. They're great for at-a-glance but once you start interacting with them, you may as well have pulled your phone out.
On top of which, moat have been ugly, cheap looking or bulky to this point.
The 360 is still a bit blocky, but design wise is light years ahead of anything else out there. I could wear this to a client meeting and not look like a tool with a smartphone strapped to his wrist. The interface is still an issue.
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This feels sort of like a repeat of the project Ara thing coming after the big modular phone meme. We just see that designer's classic watch design and then Motorola has one just like it. Were getting trolled.

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For the first time, I'm interested in a smartwatch. This thing looks great! I just wish it could be a bit thinner, but I fully understand the current hardware limitations. I guess that will come with time.

I certainly hope that we're not going to see something like we did with the Gear (at first), in that it only worked with limited Samsung devices. I will presume, until I read something further, that since it's a Google/based device, it will work with most, if not all, current Android devices.

Count me in.

Even though i like the look of this i can't see myself having one. I have a tablet and a smartphone that does what i need it too....when i NEED to use them.

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Same here. I need a very few things in my Pebble and it does it well. So, for me it's overkill , but for those who need something like that, enjoy ! Very beautiful timekeeping piece too.
Knowing Motorola, it should have a slightly better battery life than G Gear. Even then, that would be another inconvenience for many. Can't wait to see how long will it last.

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VZW Moto X

I love my Pebble so much, but if the Moto 360 comes in for less then $250, and works a quarter as well as the android gear videos show, well Pebble I love you but your getting kicked to the curb.

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I really hope the metal launches side by side with the normal leather band. I hate to see this go like the bamboo on the X

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Still way, way too thick. It reminds me of the first LED digital watches back in the 70s. Cool to look at, a pain in the butt to wear.

As far as I know this is a very popular design in the last 5 6 years - scuba like watches. Def too big for my wrist

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VZW Moto X

It's a very nice looking design, though the timepiece looks a little thick. I wonder how long it will take for moto to actually release it? My guess is, a while.

Didn't like the early adaptations of the smartwatch (i.e. Pebble), looked too much like a Nook strapped to your wrist. This has got me very excited to actually get a smartwatch. I commute to work via bus. I could look up the bus route, use my watch to skip songs on Pandora (I assume they'll add some functionality like this) and then shoot my wife a message "hey I caught the earlier bus home, be home @ x:xx!" all without digging through my pockets to find my phone.

Hated having to constantly hunt for my phone to check on simple things like current time, notifications that popped up on my phone, bus route, "man I want to skip this song!", etc. As long as the price is right, I'll see if I can budget for one.

It's the design moto has got it spot on in my opinion and the functionality is sure to be good. It just seems that attention to detail has been put into this product... And moto knows that if it lacks in software then it's not that it won't sell but will be on them that they went so far and slipped.

I just have a feeling that this is the one watch to rule them all.

Sent From the one the only the magnificent Note 3.

I'll see what it's like when it hits the stores. I've NEVER really been a watch kinda guy. I'm just not sure what use I'd get from it that i get from my phone and tablet.

Not a fan of the color of that leather band. If they offer black leather(motomaker for the watch?), or if it can be easily changed, I might just have to take a serious look when it comes out.

Watch bands are typically an easy switch. Unless they're designed by morons.

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Nice to meet you, moron! My name is tool bag!

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That's actually a great idea. I could see Moto Maker for the watch propelling this tremendously. It would allow you to customize the watch to meet your own sense of style which is a major part of what a watch is. In the present "analog" watch market, you pick a brand and style that meet your sense of fashion. It only makes sense to be able to do that with a smart watch.

Had to share this with you guys.


"It is the best looking smart watch to date, I'll give you that, but still not a compelling reason enough for me to jump into what I otherwise consider a redundant device category. If there comes a day that taking my phone out of my pocket becomes so difficult that I require a redundant screen on my wrist, I'll go out and buy a Segway to drive me from my door to my car"

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Wouldn't it be more difficult and less convenient to get on a Segway and ride it to your car in the driveway than walking to it?

Not that pulling a phone out of your pocket is difficult but isn't looking at your wrist less "difficult" and more covenient?

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Beautiful! And it looks nice on the woman's wrist, too. I can't say that about most of the current smartwatches.

Posted via AC App on HTC One

A smartwatch that actually looks like a watch!
Freakin amazin, First the Moto x and the Moto G, now this.
Motorola coming back like a beast!

First smartwatch since the pebble that has actually caught my attention.

Motorola are really displaying attention to detail and yes the moto x is good and the moto G and this 360 wow if they get that balance in terms of software then you can only take your hat off to moto and innovation (whether you like Smartwatches or not)

sure we are purely going by appearances right now. That said and I retort it would be daft to go the extra mile and then to slip with poor battery for example

I was contemplating the Galaxy Neo but my Money is now safely saved and will be exchanged for the Moto 360 when it arrives in the UK.

Please don't let it be a year after the states moto.

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Nice. Now that is something I could wear.

But, will it see the light of day with Lenovo taking over Motorola. They are committed to quick profitability.

It's been announced so I strongly suspect it will see the light of day ;-)

Sent From the one the only the magnificent Note 3.

Not only that, this sort of thing is probably part of why Lenovo bought Motorola. This is easily the best looking smartwatch to have been announced or released.

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hmm sounds interesting..but I already have the Iphone and Ipad. All I need now is the Iwatch and I, Robot and I can start the life of I, laziness

It will be nice to see these Wear watches in person. Probably, they will debut this summer? Samsung needs to take heed and think about offering their watches at a more competitive price.

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I want this liKe right now! I love Motorola!

It seems like every smartphone will now have its own smart watch. . .

Posted via Galaxy S III

Why? They are doing a great job already. Lenovo is a very good company, and they will keep the good path Motorola was walking, dont doubth it :)

Why? remember Thinkpads? They are doing pretty good still, after they were bought by Lenovo.

My hopes are

1 it actually looks like this
2 it works with any phone no limitations
3 decent specs

I don't expect anything more then 24 hr battery life. I don't expect godly CPUs I can charge it. But I need it to work well. I'm not a fan of pebble. To me it wasn't a watch that I would but. The gear 2 is closer but still not a fan of round. Apps??? I don't need a ton.. In fact just a few to me are needed. Texting, voice chat, video chat would be cool but we are not there yet. I don't jog I don't bike but I can see how others might like it. I just want my smart watch to look like what I consider a watch. Moto does that

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Wow, the first ever smartwatch that made me actually want one.
But then, Moto is right a watch in todays world is a piece of luxury and as such.

I do not know whether I would at the end wear this over let's say a IWC Aquatimer or Rolex or such.
Or even a nice Eterna/Tag and so on.

Of course those watches only tell you the time and not directions but still........ it's gonna be a tuff one.
And this watch also makes me think of jumping ship over from WP/iOS to Droid for a smartphone.

I wish there would be a Moto X2

Think it's quite sad that they went with real leather. They could just as well have went with faux leather and push the industry just a bit further towards being sustainable and cruelty-free. It sure isn't a lot of leather on the band but still. I really want to like Motorola and this would be an instance where they could show some good-will.

God no. I'm surely glad they didn't have you on the design team. However, if you want to be cruelty-free and sustainable, you will be able to buy a metal band or plastic banded one (they state it comes in different styles and models). Then take the band off and put an after-market plastic faux leather band.

Or maybe Motorola could take making sustainable and cruelty-free products seriously and simply not use leather? If someone still really wants a leather band THEY can buy one after-market or just take their favourite club and kill an animal themselves to make a band out of, since we still live caves and cant be expected to try to be sustainable in any way. All Motorola needs to do is get premium faux-leather instead and suddenly they are more sustainable and less cruel.

Some things I hope these watches have.

- Support for wireless charging. It would be really nice to drop it in a charging case when you went to bed and have it fully charged in the morning. If not the battery life of a charge needs to be in days or weeks

- Waterproof. I don't want to have to worry about the watch when it rains or I go skiing.

- Shock-resistent and shatterproof. The screen is going to get bumped into a wall, dropped on the floor, etc. If this breaks the device in anyway the device is worthless.

- no Hands operation. The watch screen can dim down to save power, but it must come back up when I look at it so I don't have to put down something I have in my hands to push a button.


Are women going to wear something this large on their wrists? I watched the interview they had on hangouts and the girl that was conducting the interview looked like she was wearing a mans watch. I mean granted you can change the band and maybe a girl could put a small chain around it and figure out some makeshift way to pull it off but where I come from girls don't wear watches this large unless they have large wrists to match it. I will be buying one for myself but I spend entirely too much on watches as it is so why stop now.

I guarantee we'll be able to wind this puppy to charge it...and that's gonna be pretty freaking sweet. ;)

Yep. As long as you do not have to press any buttons to see what time it is. Goes nicely with my FitBit Force (itch, itch.)

I was going to buy another citizen echo drive, but this new smart watch looks just as nice from the outside. If it's like $250-300, I'll probably be getting one then.

Nice to see Moto doing the smartwatch in a way we all hoped it could be done. Samsung, you got owned. This is what the Galaxy Gear could have been, and should have been. And something tells me it won't be the last time another company makes them look bad. If Sammy isn't careful, they'll become the new Apple. Just look at the S5, while HTC and LG roll up their sleeves and step up their games. I didn't bother waiting for the S5 and went Moto X, and it was the best decision I could have made. Now let's see what Google themselves have up their sleeves with the smartwatch. This one by Moto will be hard to one-up.

Why do most of you need watches? Cant you just call up to your mom's from the basement to find out the time and to get some more cheetos and dew?