Motorola Atrix HD

Well this is a bit out of left field -- Motorola has announced it will be selling an Atrix HD Developer Edition. The Droid RAZR HD Developer Edition just went on sale a couple weeks ago, and it looks like the Atrix HD will be following suit. Motorola doesn't give any price or availability -- assume its going to be expensive and coming out later -- but an official announcement is good nonetheless.

As part of the announcement, Motorola also seems to imply that the original Atrix HD is going to be part of the developer program that gives bootloader unlock tools to willing hackers. If true, this is probably more important to most users. You have to assume that most people who were interested in an Atrix HD have already purchased one and wouldn't be interested in buying a completely new handset. Unfortunately the bootloader unlock page still doesn't list the Atrix HD, so we can't completely confirm that this is the case.

Source: Motorola; Motorola Support


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Motorola announces Atrix HD Developer Edition


OR they could promise a Bootloader unlock tool and then CANCEL it along with any promised upgrades just before the promised release. MOTO STYLE.

My thinking exactly. I have an Atrix right now, and I'm DAYS away from getting my Note 2. I'll never give Motorola my money ever again. Despicable company for their lack of support / updates.

Are you expecting me to buy a special Developer Edition just to have an option to unlock the bootloader? Keep dreaming! Stupid company must learn their lessons the hard way. I have been disappointed by Motorola, will never buy one again.

Atrix users are burned and crispy kinda like anybody trying to play Halo 4 online today..the server is broken. Google needs to make the next Nexus in house at Moto and that's that.

Looks like I'm not alone with my crappy experience with my Moto Atrix. The important take away I've learned over the past 2 years is to never buy Moto ever again.

Its just a shame that Motorola is the only American smartphone manufacturer. The new razrs are amazing devices. Moto is a new company today and support for their devices is improving dramatically. I have never been satisfied with any companies timeframe with updates. But Moto deserves American support. Stay home and give an american company our loyalty.

If you see dramatic improvement in the fact that multiple devices were promised upgrades, then the rug was pulled out from under them EVEN THOUGH the hardware is up to spec with many phones being released and running JB or ICS RIGHT NOW (and this since the takeover from Google AND signing on with the Upgrade Alliance), this is drama I can live without. I love buying American and supporting American companies and the jobs they bring, but not if the service or product I get is inferior. In this case, service is the downfall.

My experience with the T-Mobile Motorola Cliq XT has kept me away from anything Motorola. Sprint is even trying to give methe Photon Q for free with upgrade.

When I see the Google influence, then I'll buy Moto again.