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Motorola has just launched a really interesting Android-powered pseudo-computer in China that hosts all sorts of home entertainment content. The HMC3260 has an 18.5-inch LED touchscreen that can play TV shows, movies, play games, browse the web, and otherwise run Android apps. Motorola partnered up with a cloud service provider called WASU to load this thing up with content. Here are the specs. 

  • Freescale i.MX53 ARM Cortex A8 1GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB DDR RAM, 4 GB NAND flash memory.
  • 18.5-inch LED display (1366x768 @ 60Hz, 16:9 widescreen)
  • Android 2.3.4 operating system, customized Android Launcher with rich desktop experience
  • TV and video client and integration
  • Broadband internet access through EuroDOCSIS and LAN (PPPoE / DHCP +, etc.)

While Android is certainly no stranger to dipping its toes in the desktop computer world, it's not often we see big-name manufacturers create an all-out desktop device complete with a mouse and keyboard. It's still running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, so don't expect a whole lot from the Motorola HMC3260, but the concept sure is interesting. 

There's no information on pricing or availability, but you can find more info at the source link below. Could you imagine an Android-powered device that would replace a traditional desktop computer? I'm looking at you, Transformer Prime owners. 

Source: Motorola


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Motorola announces Android-powered desktop system with 18.5-inch touchscreen


The iSheep want it without knowing what it does. People researching an unheard of device that sounds neat and then wanting to buy it is not the same as buying whatever product Apple declares to be magical.

It's probably been in development since that was the most current. Besides, this is concepting and generating interest. Guaranteed ones with more memory, processor and physical storage (read - external hard drives or SSDs) plus newer Android versions will be in the works.

This is amazing. It may be quite behind the times, and the hardware is..lacking to say the least. But its the first step into putting Android into the desktop, something I've been wanting for years. Google just needs to get around to making an actual desktop version of Android. Same way there's a phone version, and a tablet version. But nonetheless, I can't wait to see where this goes

Why do they take such a different concept, and put absolute shit parts in it? How does this make sense? It's a gigantic screen running Android. Put something a little stronger than a wilted leaf in it.

I am anxiously awaiting Android's arrival to the desktop but this ain't it. Once Chrome for Android catches up to Chrome for PC/Mac it will be a reality.

Google will eventaully merge ChromeOS and Android, but until then, this just isn't going to work. Android isn't designed to be a desktop OS

Is this a joke? Bad idea. Maybe a good idea 2 years ago when Gingerbread was a new OS. Very bad timing considering Windows 8 is coming out. Very poor specs for a desktop. Android would make a horrible desktop OS, its a mobile OS, there must be a reason Apple hasn't created an iOS desktop (probably because it would be stupid). Other than run android apps, this couldn't do anything a Windows PC could not. A windows PC could probably do it 10X faster. What the hell is the point of this thing. Kill it with fire!

I think this is the first time I've ever looked at an Android product and actually thought "Well, that looks kind of Apple-ish."

>"The HMC3260 has an 18.5-inch LED touchscreen"

No. It has an 18.5 inch LCD touchscreen (with an LED instead of CCF backlight)

Such embarrassing specs to put in a new Android product; especially a "desktop". Slow CPU, slow GPU, low storage, un-exciting memory, and an ancient version of Android.

I have the Razr Maxx and have to say that I am 75% impressed with what Motorola has done with it's WebTop experience. On Gingerbread it was garbage, on ICS its moved up to Recycled status for me. If the UI was ICS instead of Honeycomb it would be about 85% complete. They have made lots of progress here. Personally I see it going somewhere good. Just going to take some time. Keep your eyes on the prize Motorola.

Not really sure how to feel about this lol. It's an interesting concept, but for a desktop, it has laughable specs. And there is no way this is competing with Windows 8. I understand that bigger flagship phones running Android may be gaining in popularity, but putting Android (and an older version at that) on a giant screen does not all of a sudden count as innovation. Just my .02.

i have thought about the possibility of an android based computer before. I think that with the right design this could be an amazing thing. However, this is certainty not going to catch on as the specs are crap but I love the idea.

Asus would be my pick to develop something like this.

Before it can really be of good use, Android needs to add multi-user and access controls. Combine that post-4.1 Android with a fast 4 core CPU, 2+GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a real ethernet port, several USB ports, and yes, it could be very useful quasi-desktop.

Not to piss on their creation but... Cortex A8? 1366x768 on an 18-inch display? Android 2.3.4? They're about 2 years behind the current generation...kind of like the new iPhone! BOOM!!!! HAHAHA!!! You know you giggled inside your mind on that one!

Since this is for the China market, the specs make sense since it would have to be very cheap.

As an aside, I was using my Nexus 7 and had the USB OTG cable connected to my USB keyboard and USB mouse (keyboard is a USB hub). So aside from the small screen, it's the same type of experience but the ICS and Tegra 3 is almost good enough on speed compared to an older desktop. If it were a larger screen then it could reasonably a replacement for a desktop for general browsing.