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The recent update of the Motorola Droid X to Android 2.2 was one that was very welcomed -- until we began to see new bugs pop up. We've seen Motorola acknowledge the messaging issues that were caused by Froyo, and now they have done the same with some others. Some of these issues include:

  • Stuck on Moto logo after reboot – this was tough on a few owners. Very sorry about that. A fix has been developed for this and should eliminate the problem. It will be distributed in a future software release. If you are still experiencing this issue, click here.
  • Random rebooting – while there always seem to be new conditions that can cause an electronic device to panic, we do have improvements coming that address and eliminate identified panic states. They will be distributed in a future software release.
  • WiFi connection and stability – improvements in WiFi have been developed, to address several problem areas. They will be distributed in a future software release.
  • Battery Manager “force close” errors – under some circumstances, pressing the battery icon under Menu > Settings > Battery Manager results in a forced close error. A fix has been developed for this and should eliminate the problem. It will be distributed in a future software release.
  • Media won’t play – includes “sorry the player does not support this type of audio file," custom ringtone stop working, video won’t play, etc., until after a reboot. We believe we have identified the cause of these errors. A fix has been developed for this and should eliminate the problem. It will be distributed in a future software release.
  • Music files cutting off the final four seconds or so – a solution has been developed. It will be distributed in a future software release.

If you are a Droid X owner and are noticing any of these bugs, or any others, Motorola asks for you to let them know. Keep in mind that if you don't report it, they can't fix it! [via Motorola Support] Thanks to everybody who sent this in.


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Motorola acknowledges Froyo issues on Droid X


I'm having the last few seconds of my mp3s cut off, and didn't notice it until I read this thread. Also the battery manager FCs are present on mine. Off to tell Moto about it.

My wife has the Moto Droid (no X) and has some of these same issues since upgrading to froyo. Especially if the phone shuts down for whatever reason, then she has to redo all of her custom ringtones. Songs stop early. It's ridiculous!

Anyone else experiencing the Gallery issue where it won't load your 'Camera' pictures randomly? If I reopen the Gallery they will pop up, but there is absolutely no reason I should have to go into my Gallery twice half the time.

Still waiting for an acknowlegement from Motorola that the DX can lose graphics files, and yes, it has been reported by bunches of users on their user forum.

You didn't really mean to say "Keep in mind that if you don't report it, they can fix it.", did you?

The Incredible has had a couple of bug fixes, just like virtually every phone in existence. I don't understand this blind elitism over what phone you carry. Are we getting as bad as Apple fans?

You call it "blind elitism" if someone suggests going to another vendor's phone when their current one is riddled with problems? That's laughable.

Fact is, the Droid X is a poorly tested product. As a professional in telecom testing, it looks to me like they had way too few people on the testing team, or they just shortcut the whole testing process to meet their release dates. Either way, the result is unacceptable.

The more people who hold Motorola's toes to the fire to produce defect-free products, the sooner stories like this won't need to be run.

I find it blind elitism when I see the constant, "You should have gotten this, instead." It's like saying, "Ha ha you got screwed, my was is better." Which I guess is the way the tech world goes. I've been in IT since 1997, and everyone from graphics cards to cell phones grow a silly elitist fan base which is often completely based in a loose grasp on reality.

The only fact is that people buy what they perceive to be the best, and then want to spend the rest of the device's life time telling everyone that one (long since dead) fact.

There is no team, only a crap load of individuals with somewhat similar tastes.

And as far as the X goes, it's a fine phone, and most knew going into it, that it would never be truly unlocked. The bugs bothering these users may be the end of the world to some, and go completely unnoticed by others. At least Moto is addressin the problem. I had an Eris, and stock it was nigh unusable for anything but basic tasks, thankfully HTC patched it up when they could. I think it went through three service updates. No one is immune to updates breaking things. No one.

"I had an Eris, and stock it was nigh unusable for anything but basic tasks..."

You're certainly entitled to your opinion. But your attitude toward flaky untested products is clearly different from mine and many others who expect *much* better out-of-the-box performance. I wonder how many other consumer products you use every day that are based on embedded software are full of obvious defects. Like your car, your HDTV, your game console, DVR, etc. Bugs with these products are rare from my experience. The reason? Testing testing testing.

Even if you don't install any 3rd party apps on your Droid X, odds are you will run into issues that take significant functionality away from the core phone feature set. Things like unreliable wifi and 3G connectivity, reboots, camera and player issues, and many more. On my DX speech recognition is completely unusable in anything but 100% quiet environments, or by using noise canceling mics (in spite of the fact the DX supposedly has a noise canceling subsystem embedded in the phone). My "old" LG Env2 ran circles around the DX with respect to voice dialing. Just one specific example...

As consumers we should not be giving Android phone manufacturers like Motorola a free pass to release products well before they have been fully tested. The more we just say "oh well" the more flaky products we will get in the future. I can't explain why I see so many defending poor quality but it may be a generational thing. Anyway, I'm trying to press for better initial quality rather than cross my fingers for lots of patches and updates.

I have had the random rebooting problem and a ferocious case of the wifi instability. Nothing I do can get my DX to stay connected to my NETGEAR router. Frustrating beyond words.

I am glad that VZW has acknowledge the problems. I hope a fix is coming soon. Up until Froyo arrived I loved my DX and showed it to lots of people. With Froyo I have refrained from recommending it to anyone.

Haha86 your an idiot telling people to downgrade to dinc? Thats crazy, big screen vs little, omap vs snapdragon, plastic vs metal, dinc Is a good phone but its aging and is no way better than the x.

First is not nice call other fellows android Central users an idiot, just show a lack of etiquette and respect from different point of view, second the true is Motorola DX is a failure! you most read in the forums the immense list of bugs and malfunction that it phone has, shame of Motorola, what good does have a big screen metal brick (its plastic) useless, the lack of knowledge in smartphone technology make you state the D Incredible as a aging phone, again the true is that right now even with the newest smartphones out we can't find any better than the HTC Incredible, since Nexus One, the D Inc and the HTC Evo has being the best smartphones out-there. faraway to be outdated even the great Nexus one.

I have the gallery issue as well, but its not a froyo problem because I have a Samsung Fascinate with Android 2.1.

do most of these issues affect only recently upgraded droid x's? i should be getting a new one in a few days, it should come with froyo on it already no? will i still have some of these issues i wonder?

I have been seeing the random rebooting, custom ringtone issue, and media issues. It's all just nuisance problems though and doesn't seriously affect the use of my phone. it doesn't reboot often and it only loses the custom ringtone that is set up for one specific caller, but not the custom ringtone that is set up as my default. Usually a quick reboot will straighten out the issues anyway.

The real problems I have with my DX is all of the stuff Verizon preloaded on the phone that I do not want to use, but wether I want it or not it's going to continuously run on my phone. I have to frequently use a task killer just to shut this stuff off.

I'm waiting for this patch to come through so I can root and get rid of the bloatware.

On another note, what's with the DInc/X trolling? They're both great phones... be happy with what you've got

It's good to see Android Central running a story like this. Motorola isn't the only Android phone manufacturer that has released a product before it has been adequately tested, but comparing online support forums they appear to be the worst offender.

I'm a Droid X owner from the very first day and I can tell you it's been a disappointing experience in terms of product polish. There are more issues than listed in this article and I am beginning to suspect some core hardware defects may be the cause of at least some of them.

Anyway, thanks for running this article.

Droid x owner since release. I've had the wifi issue, picture gallery issue, and music track issue. But none of that has made me regret the dx. Wifi problem is annoying but I found a work around. Virtually every phone releaseand update has its own issues. People with other phones can advocate "if the phone has one problem it is a piece of crap" mentality. But if they followed their own advice- they wouldn't own any phone :)

For the most part my Droid X works well, but I am haveing the following problems:

I am having trouble with the camera saving pictures. Some times it takes a long time to save or at least display the pictures. Some times I have to go into the gallery more than once to see new pictures.

Ringtones get jumbled to the wrong contact from time to time.

Some video and audio gets out of sync when fast forwarding.

Car Dock mode if I play music in shuffle mode it does not play all the songs but like a 10 song subset.

Pictures assigned to contacts are improperly sized.

I am thinking of wiping the memory card and doing a complete factory reset but I don't want to if I don't have to.

I own a Droid 2, an X, and an Incredible..

All the issues mentioned above are present on both the current official OS's for the Droid2 and the X. (Wifi issues can be partially eliminated by switching to TKIP vs AES... partial fix, I don't recommend staying with TKIP after the problem is fixed.)

Side note: The R2D2 Droid 2 OS doesn't exhibit many of the problems, and applying it to my Droid 2 (XDA forums for info) fixed many of the problems. Notably, the Wifi issues are now fixed. Force-closed Battery is no longer, and the 3second quick end seems to have been fixed as well. I'm not certain about the random 'this song is not supported', as I've not had it repeat on the Droid 2 yet.

Just wish to heck they'd fix what they can in incremental patches, instead of all-inclusive patches that 'fix it all'... aka: release 2.4.5 for the DroidX.

I've let Motorola know if the problems. Believe me. Froyo us great, just not motorizons version. They screwed it up. And it took them what? Six months to ruin ut before they put it on their phones. Yes I will buy an htc phone next time over a Motorola. They just suck.

i haven't noticed the mentioned problems (yet?) however... my market app is now gone! i'm unable to update all of the apps that need to be updated to run on froyo. i'm also unable to add anything new. appbrain won't run without the stock android market installed. wtf?!

this is apparently not an isolated incident as i searched the forums for a solution and tons of people had the same thing happen. check yours! the only known solution is a factory reset. if you do this, you can backup your apps with mybackup (free version should do it) which you can get from the dev's site: - downloading it via the market isn't going to work if you don't have that app anymore!

i'm avoiding a factory reset and therefore stuck 'til moto posts another update... i was really enjoying this phone until this happened!

Now I understand why Samsung is still working on Froyo update to Galaxy phones. Own a Vibrant.

Love my Droid X, concerned that all of these problems have been solved...however your going to release them in the future...when exactly is that...2 weeks, 2 months, with Gingerbread...???

I picked up my Droid X a few weeks ago and it came with 2.2 loaded on it from the factory. Occasionally when I power down (on a plane or something) it will hang on the Moto logo at power up. It's interesting that it only happens once in a while. Maybe one power up out of four or five. A simple battery pull seems to fix it then. I don't have any of the other issues. VZW has offered to replace my X but as mine was a 2.2 device to begin with rather than a Froyo upgrade, I'm thinking there is no guarantee that another X wouldn't do the same! Hope the software update/patch is out soon-

They are all minor problems. No such thing as a smartphone without bugs. X is still champ. Im sorry I just dont think htc has the same quality as moto based on experience.

Got a DX on the launch date. After the Froyo update, got the Battery FC issue, exchange sync issue, etc...I tolerated them. Then, the WiFi once turned off and never turned back on again. It would give me an error when I tried to turn it back on. Being severely dependent on WiFi due to the nature of work I do, I called VZW and they did whole bunch of things and said that I have to go to a VZ store and exchange it for a new one. Now, I have the new DX, which came with Froyo installed on it. It does not have any problem whatsoever...No battery FC, no sync issue....nothing!

Apparently, they fixed many issues for the newly/recently built ones...Flawless, so far!
None of the mentioned issues in this article or comments.


I love my Droid X, Motorola and how they communicate and handle issues/concerns, not so much.

My DX has the music player lockup problem requiring a battery pull.
Also have the FC on the Battery Manager App. Wifi on my DX works fine. Have had other apps FC on me as well. My DX rans 2.1 for a very short time before the 2.2 update. Had downloaded very few apps before going to 2.2.

Sure hope Moto does not plan on holding/acculumating fixes and releasing one, large, fix update. They tried that with 2.2 and that burned them badly.

Im glad they finally took responsibility for this, and I hope you cry babies know that this is not a VERIZON WIRELESS issue. Grown ass men crying about a piece of equipment, smh

Dear Motorola;

I'll give you the fact that these are minor issues, and are to be expected with any firmware update for a highly technical and advanced piece of electronics. We've seen similar issues with other phones, and fixed them ourselves in short order.

Unfortunately, we can't step in and fix them this time because of your profit-minded decision to lock the bootloader. Since you've chosen to make third party patching and fixes impossible, might I recommend that you get your ass in gear and give these people what they payed for? It's only your reputation at stake.

Jerry, FYI, Motorola conveniently left out the more serious issues that exist for many many DX users. Things like intermittent wifi and 3G connectivity. And, there are quite a few others that were left off the list; at least they did truthfully admit on their support forum it was only a partial list.

But I do agree with your closing comment: they need to get the a$$ in gear on product quality. It's not like they have a leadership position in the cellphone business (they still don't). They should be trying much harder to get and *keep* their customers IMHO...

O I have'nt read the issue im having yet, but the issue im having regarding Froyo on the Droid X is when i charge the phone and i unplug it, the screen stays lit, but not normal all black i have to press the home or clear screen button to make it show the proper screen. Anyone else having this issue???

Finanandroid thanks for the dime store lesson. ok some issues with the dx but the rest of your statement is BIAS, and since we talking technology nobody here can say that they have seen a smartphone without comparable issues. Also for my bias part dinc is good but just reminds me a of a childs toy. From the cheap plasticky feel to oversaturated colors of the screen. just my opinion, dont like it? stay off the forums.

actually you misspelled, "misspellings" , you spelled it "mispellings" , oh your welcome in advance dude . LoL :p

Droid X owner since launch date. Installed 2.2. on offical release date. I have had ZERO problems with mine. I tried playing around with the items everyone says they have problems with but I have yet to experience any issues. This is my first smart phone and I just love it. Wife has Droid and has had no problems with hers either, even after her 2.2 upgrade.
Perhaps we're just luckly.

Going to get brave and root it when I have a chance.