Motorola Motoroi video

So here's some video of the Motorola Motoroi (aka the Sholes Tablet) in its Korean form. It should give you a decent idea of what we believe is coming to the United States at some point. Oh, and see that pinch-and-zoom action going on there? Don't get too used to that. Video after the break. (Thanks to everyone who sent this in.)


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Motoroi caught on video with multitouch


but this is the foreign model, so google hasn't removed the multitouch like the insist on doing in U.S. bound phones.

That looks pretty laggy, but actually, that website, shown in the demo video has full of pictures and flashes (although not fully supported as of now) so even on Droid, moving around in that page is pretty laggy. On top of that, the page was still loading, see?

Although it won't be as smooth as iPhone, the actual performance would be better, I believe.

I was thinking the same thing. I guarantee it was because the page was still loading.

Plus, Motorola's site is a very VERY heavy HTML/flash site, so it makes sense in theory.

The 'This Week In Google' podcast talked about Google's implementation of multitouch. Good stuff.

The holy chin of android is sideways now!!! all worship the chin ... may the chin live forever