Motorola XT701

You just can't blink these days or you'll miss another Motorola Sholes Tablet sighting. Such is the case recently with the Moto XT701, the version of the Sholes Tablet destined for China. It briefly appeared on Moto's China site (at this URL) but has since been taken down. But Russian site GadgetFreaks managed some shots [translated page here] before the disappearance, and they clearly show the XT701. [via Unwired View]


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Moto XT701 makes brief appearance


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I may be being dense, but why is this being called a "tablet?" Previous information posted on it shows it's a cell phone, right?

I'd love to see a "DROID touch", even if it does look like that. My gf replaced her old PDA (a Palm) with an iPod touch because her new 64-bit Windows operating system will never be supported by Palm Desktop. I think there is a vacuum of PDA users who don't want to pay $30/month for a phone who would really like a tablet.