Moto X+1 with bumper case shown in latest leak

A new image of the much rumored Moto X+1 has popped up showing what appears to be the device sitting inside a case made for the phone. At this point, there's not a lot of information about the phone itself though the leak reveals the front and the rear of the device.

We'll have to wait for Motorola to officially announce the phone to learn more. However, based on the photo that was leaked, it appears that the home screen for the device looks a bit odd.

The Moto X+1 is believed to be the successor to the Moto X.

Source: evleaks


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Moto X+1 leak shows device sitting pretty in a case


The fact that the notification shade and nav buttons aren't translucent on the Google launcher screams fake to me.

This is completely fake. There is no way they would put more bezel in a device that is going to have a bigger screen. This thing like like garbage

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Get over the bezel nonsense. iPhones have one of the biggest bezel % and it's the best selling year after year.
So bezels are clearly irrelevant

Not if you ask all those people who are constantly complaining about the HTC One's
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All of the people complaining about the ones are a minority compared to all the people that only buy Samsung or apple. Both have larger bezels.

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Can you imagine?! That would deserve a slow clap from the entire planet.

Fast forward to one year from now. Apple releases iFlash. *It's the first iFlash on any camera ever". Apple "We Invent stuff that other people invented".

I thought the same thing. The thin white strip around the lens would be a cool idea for an led flash.


This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

I think the case is actually helping it, rather than hindering it to be frank

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I didn't realize that "almost none" encompassed the entire front of the device, and the camera

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Considering a screen is a screen and doesn't differ in appearance in any way, shape or form from device to device, then this photo encompasses a rather SMALL portion of the bezels, JUST the lens of the camera, and a tiny circle at the bottom of the back. Yes, that's pretty much "almost none." No edges, corners, sides, seams, or basically the ENTIRE back of the phone. Almost every single element in which personality can exist is hidden in this photo. So yes, almost none is visible, and far too little with which to judge whether or not the phone is attractive.

Lol! I was laughing out loud reading this comment thread. Gotta side with turbo...judging the phone's looks from a cg render of it encompassed in a case???

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+1. Exactly. I think this was a mis post by evleaks. Its clearly the same form factor as the moto E and has all of its unique bodily features.

This is a pretty bad render.

1.- motorola devices come with transparent status and notification bar, even the razer HD (2012) had transparent nav bar.

Also, no front facing camera? And no flash?

But i think that hoever made this, made it so we know it will have front facing speakers and OIS (at least thats what i think from seeing the camera)

Looks like a other non-leak from evleaks.
He's just getting lazy now, living off these sorts of terrible renders or Mr. Blurrycam shots.
If he wasn't such a nice guy I'd completely ignore anything with his name on it. (/s just in case anyone hasn't seen how he behaves online)

I really hope this is a bad render because the bottom bezel looks really big compared to Moto X.

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You should check out TK Tech's leak. I think its pretty legit. Not this.

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LEGIT? He just wrapped a Moto X in cellophane. There is no proof that it is not a Moto X.

Giant ass bottom bezel, no flash, screen dimensions look off to me. If that really is the new moto x then that's terrible..... If anyone truly thinks this looks good then... Bleh

Hey thanks, this is the best we have so far. I'm really bummed about the 5' screen... I can't buy a phone that big.

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But this time he refuses to to size comparison, or even a non blurry close up of the "1080p" display. He even refuses to show screenshot of moto apps/settings, at 1080p.

This is clearly NOT a flagship-class phone. It looks like a low-end phone like the Moto E or Moto G. The bezels and dimensions look all wrong, not to mention the camera.

This render is sketchy. I would hope they would not release something either that much bezel. I would buy the original x over it for that alone.

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Emmh, that looks and feels (?) like a Moto E, guys. Maybe a Moto E GPE, but Moto E all the way.
No flash? Bezels to kill? Speaker grids at the front?
Yap, E.

Guys, look at top left portion on the 1st image. The image and the background don't align well. Its like a Photo shop copy paste.

Images leaked by @evleaks are always true… But I don't know how to feel about this one… It could be a Moto G+1, a GPe variant of the Moto E… Or a Moto X-1

Well doesn't this just prove that these writers don't even look at the stuff they are writing about? One less "Tech Writer" to read. Can't believe how many other sites are linking to this, too. Everyone jumps on the words without actually looking at the substance I guess.

Yea, a device that looks 98% the same as the moto E (speaker grill placement, bezels, no flash, fat dimensions, ) is what the next moto x will look like. Cmon guys, your better than this.

That was one of the few decent sized phones and I think that's partially why it seemed so popular. It's too bad they are joining the other phablets with their next phone.

Oh, let me just give my kindney to OnePlus so I can have the privilege of paying $350 for it.

From my Moto X+1 running Android 5.0 in the world's worst dummy case

I guess Phil will have to include this post in another "Editor's Desk" article with an AC apology? Don't worry guys, with so many articles being pushed through a day, there are bound to be a couple mistakes. :-) keep up the good work!

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That's one ugleh device

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

At best it's a Moto E. In a case that's reminiscent of an Otterbox or something like that. There isn't a flash in the device. At all. (Unless somehow the case blocked it, which would be absurd but not completely impossible.)

P.S.: The launcher is bound to look like that. I reckon it was the Android 4.3 (AOSP) launcher. I had it in my Nexus 7 2012 & Optimus G, and the black bars do show up - they don't support transparency or something.