Behold, the mighty Moto X. And its box. And the stuff inside the box.

For those of you into the whole unboxing thing, we present you, here, with a glorious unboxing video.


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mssca says:

Thanks for all the news on X. Rogers Canada also have it on right now.

Love how sarcastic Phil is for these unboxings. Omg, there a phone in there!

Liked Phil's tone in the video. Funny :)

mastatrp says:

*Meh* Man, my expectations were sky high on this...descending rapidly down to earth (its painful!)

_X_ says:

Phil I think you and I fell the same way about unboxing, yet you always seem to do them and I always seem to watch them.

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jamie says:

I think this will be the most hyped phone that doesn't sell to date!

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_X_ says:

I think it will sell like hot cakes. The customization will be its redeeming factor. While I'm a spec junkie, and underwhelmed by the specs I do realize that Android is mature enough that it doesn't need the latest processor and highest res to be a great phone.

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I don't know if it will sell. But customization is only going to be on one carrier at launch. I think that's horrible.

Blessen John says:

hahah. that's how all unboxings should be. Thanks Phil.

jgabler5025 says:

I'm pretty happy about the dual USB brick. While this will probably be charged by my desk lamp, I have a couple of USB powered electronics hooked up to my TV, and I'm running out of outlets.

GQ50 says:

Dual USB brick is awesome. Should be the standard for all going forward.

ballroomdru says:

I am pretty sure that the dual USB has been a Motorola standard since the RAZR. My Droid Razr MAXX, my friends Droid RAZR HD, and most of the other recent Moto phones have had them.

yankeesusa says:

It's a great looking phone. Putting that aside, is that a retina MacBook pro you got there charging?

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JobiWan144 says:

I believe Phil uses a new MacBook Air.

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h0ruza#AC says:


kcsween74 says:

'Behold the mighty Moto X'....too funny...Mighty though? Oh you meant mighty Not to say the phone won't do well with the average consumer and that it's not a solid phone but it's anything but mighty.

zero3187 says:

I love how Phil just goes, "Here's what's in the box, bye" lol. I love the two usb port idea in the wall plug!

If you don't like unboxings, you shouldn't do them. Period. This video really sucks. It doesn't tell me ANYTHING about this phone.

BigDinCA says:

It's not supposed to. There are other articles for that. The unboxing is just that - take the phone out of the packaging, see what else is in there, end recording. If you got to this unboxing article, you can easily get to the tons of other articles about the device since they're all in the same place.

Simon Sage says:

I tend to agree with Phil's cynicism, but people watch and enjoy unboxings - who are we to deny them? Besides, the dual USB charging brick was actually a pleasant surprise.