One of Motorola's standout features in the Moto X camera is "Quick Capture," which gets you from sleep to shooting in a mere 2 seconds, all with a simple flick of the wrist. 

The idea sounds a little silly at first — do you really want to be flipping your phone around? But in actuality, it's pretty simple, and quick. 

To launch the camera app, hold the phone and rotate your wrist like you're turning a screwdriver or a doorknob. You don't have to do it too hard or too terribly fast — and you'll get a vibrating confirmation when you've done it right. The camera app fires up, and you're free to start shooting. Works when the phone is on, or when it's asleep.

You also can get to the camera by swiping from the lock screen or from the usual camera icon.

That "Quick Capture" motion in combination with a full-screen shutter button is what enables you to take pictures so quickly from a dead stop, and it works as advertised. You drag up and down to zoom in and out. There are buttons to flip to the front-facing camera and to shoot video. You get 10MP, 16:9 images from the rear camera with 1080p video. The front-facing camera shoots at 2MP.

Slide from the right to enter the gallery. 

The rest of the camera app is very simple. Options slide out from the left. You get options for HDR, flash, autofocus — by default, you tap the screen to take a picture; this option lets you touch to focus instead — slow-motion, panorama (no Photosphere, though), Geotagging and shutter sound.


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The Moto X 'Quick Capture' camera


In before "wrist-twisting is a useless feature"

It's nice to have the option, and I personally think it's a pretty nifty feature.

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Phil, can you give your general opinion on the phone? Just something short like how you think it compares to the One or S4. Thanks!

Agreed. I also had Tasker turn on my LED light with a wrist flick, though then it would randomly turn on in my pocket. It makes me wonder if pocket-shots will fill people's galleries...

I don't find it silly at all.

However, I am worried that many Moto X owners will
drop their phones while performing this action to
turn on the camera.

Or the possibility of wrist injury when this action
is performed repeatedly.

Just saying... :)

I'm paranoid when it comes to battery life, I disable auto-rotate to save battery so leaving the accelerometer on while the device is idle wouldn't be an option for me, but that's just me :)

I know the feeling. My GNex has made me really paranoid about my battery, since I can kill it in just under an hour with normal use. And yes, I also have auto rotate turned off lol

What is it with all of the aversion to a dedicated camera button that is going on in Android?

A camera button makes too much sense. WAY more sense than this nonsense about flicking your wrist.

Who inspired this "feature"? Anthony Weiner?

This is all I need ... a phone constantly uploading pix to Photobucket of my hairy left nut spied through a hole in my pocket while I'm running around completely unaware ...

^Best comment of the night^

I also agree completely. I foresee a lot of these types of pics showing up in people's galleries. This is so dumb to me. But I guess to each their own.

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How about a camera button, and a camera-only mode, where you just push the camera button, it starts the app and pressing it again takes a picture. Then when you unlock the screen, you can manage your snapped photos. No fuss, no muss. I feel a repetitive stress injury coming on from waving my arm around all the time like that.

This is exactly how Windows Phone works!!! One press of the camera button, even when the phone is locked or screen is off, and it starts the camera app. A second press of the camera button takes the photo. So simple and no silly flicking of the wrist.

Phil when are you going to post some demo photos? I watched the podcast I know you are going to take photos :-)

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I'm pretty surr Tasker can do this on "any" phone. Already have that "Quick Capture" thingy thanks to it.

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