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New off-contract pricing applies to custom designs, too, but bamboo will still set you back another Benjamin

Motorola is starting 2014 out right, dropping the outright price of its flagship Moto X Android smartphone to $399. That's still double the price of its budget Moto G offering, but a third as much (at least) of still less than what most other high-end phones will cost off contract. The new pricing is with 16 gigabytes of storage — 32 GB will set you back another $50.

It's worth noting, however, that you'll still likely be able to get the Moto X even cheaper at some point. Motorola hasn't been shy about putting this guy on sale, and we saw it go for as low as $350 outright in past months.

The new pricing applies to custom-designed phones, as well, but you'll still have to pony up another $100 for the bamboo backs.

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Moto X price drops to $399 outright


I don't understand why this phone is so popular. I have a couple of them sitting around, so I activated one last night to try it out. The natural voice recognition was cool, but it didn't work all of the time, and I wasn't that impressed by the Active Notifications. Can someone explain why you personally like this phone? I'm trying to decided between the Moto X, the LG G2, and possibly the Xperia Z1.

If you're not too thrilled with touchless controls and active notifications than you should go with one of the other phones.

Second, how do you have a couple of phones "sitting around"?

I sell new electronics at prices that undercut Amazon and all of the other big players. I don't have the same overhead, and I limit my profits. I don't like cheating people. Anyway, I had a Moto X in my inventory that is being exchanged because the colors came out wrong, so I decided to check it out before I shipped it back to Motorola.

From a few to a single one, good recovery.
You don't like ripping people off huh? But you are just another middleman in the process getting in the way. That is of course, if you are what you claim which we all know your not.

yeah, if active display, touchless controls and motorola assist aren't features you would use, then go with the LG G2.

I went with the Moto X because I like and use all of its features, it is as close to vanilla android as I can get being on Verizon AND it is snappier and beats my GNote3 on speedtests.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Moto X!!!!!!!!

Personally, I want the Z Ultra. The only thing keeping me from buying it is the lack of a camera flash.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

Carry some Magnesium and a lighter around with you. Whenever you need lighting for a photo, apply heat to the Magnesium with the lighter. It's much brighter than a flash, and it's great on your battery life. Just don't look directly at the Magnesium after you light it if you value your eyesight.

"The natural voice recognition was cool" yeah, I bought one with the promo code for #350. Returned it a week later. It's not for me. i can understand why some people love it though.

Exactly. I also got it w promo code but because of that same feature I love it even more. I'm OTR driver and can't live without it now !

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You and me both. I think a lot of people like Motorola more than the Moto X itself. They love how Motorola is selling phones at a lower price than all other off-contract phones besides the Nexus, have a mostly stock UI, gets updates almost immediately, and the customization. The Moto X itself is a fairly bland phone, the camera is mediocre, mid-ranged specs, smaller than average and lower res display, and just slightly above average battery.

I really don't know why everyone is making such a big deal about the Moto X, especially when phones like the LG G2 can often be found brand new for just $50-$100 more.

One update! And that was was pre-planned and pre-negotiated before the phone was released. I'd bet the farm that future updates will be back to business as usual.

It's famous because for the average user it's a great phone and easy to use. It sounds to me that you will do better with the z1. The Moto x is a great phone for those who are new to android or are coming over to android from iPhone.

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I have a custom Moto X available, any configuration you want, unlocked GSM (Bamboo is extra). $470, no tax, free shipping. I also have a Developer Edition. $460 + actual cost of shipping (you choose how fast you want it). That should undercut Motorola after you factor in tax. This price drop kinda screwed me, my current inventory is based on pricing I paid at the old rate. They sell fast, I don't expect to have them available for more than 24 hours.

The G2 has a better display and battery life over the z1, also you can find them for cheaper then the Z1.

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Yeah, the G2 is my main preference, but I don't like the lack of expandable storage. That's the only reason I'm even considering the Z1.

That may be true but the z1 has the waterproof features and sony seems to be getting updates out faster than g2. That alone will beat out the g2. Updates are a huge thing and for those that live in an area that it rains a lot and are constantly on their phone the z1 waterproof feature is great. Reason my wife is keeping her z for as long as she can. I love being able to keep the phone out at the pool and not have to take a long your camera on vacation.

Overall, G2 is one of the best Android phones available, but it's not for everyone.
Z1 is slightly behind.

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Use the Moto X for about a week. Then see how you feel about it. For a lot of people, the Moto X is a grower. It takes time to shine.

Yeah, but how? It's a pretty expensive device to try out for a week, plus once I switch to a nano SIM, there's no going back... I think.

If you have to go back, buy an adapter for the size of Sim you need. Or just go into a wireless store and have then transfer your stuff back to the size Sim you need.

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There is a sim tray adapter you can get to switch between micro and nano sims. I definitely recommend getting one if you're in a situation where you can switch back and forth between phones.

I just got my Moto X and for me, here's what it boils down to:

Size/Design: The phone feels better in my hand than my GS3 ever did, and the screen is big, without making the phone too wide.

Voice controls: I use these A LOT, and being able to talk to my phone without touching it is awesome especially when my hands are busy in the kitchen.

Active Notifications: While they are neat, they serve a greater function: they prevent me from waking up my screen to see if anything new is going on, which saves me on battery. And this brings me to my final selling point.

Battery: Even when I fiddled with it all day the first day I had it, the phone barely got down to 50% toward the last 1/3d of my day. Motorola has a reputation for having the best battery life in the business, and it's a well deserved one.

Liking a device is 100% subjective. These are the reasons the Moto X are the right device for me.

Besides affecting battery, it also make you use your phone less in your hands - efficiency !
I.e. Once out of pocket, you can see the clock.
If there is a msg unread, it's on your screen already.

Idk but just that Active Notification feature completely changed the way I use my phone. I'm coming from GS3 too.

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I smell troll or at least a F.O.S. text warrior, but I'll bite.
So you have a few laying around, unactivated - LMFAO! By that do you mean in the janitorial department at the shipping facility for the phones you work at? Or the ones that fell off the back of a truck somewhere? Anyway, why do you need somebody to tell you what to buy?
Use the phone and decide fit yourself.

The moto x is unimpressive at best, that's been established by everyone not on Googlerolas pay roll or free gift list. It's form factor and appearance are the only things it has going for it. I found it slightly laggy and slow in some use. The battery life is no where near what they claim, "24 hours of mixed use" unless that 24 includes 21 in standby. My testing found it only slightly better than my battery killing galaxy nexus = 15% at best.
If you can get past the excessive Verizon bloat, the Droid Maxx is a much better phone. It
Somehow seemed to run smoother , which is odd because, internally it's the same phone. Plus the battery will last last a few hours longer.

Phil are you sure mean a third as much as other high end smartphones? At $399 that would put these other high end smartphones at like $1,200 right?

Posted via Android Central App using this sexy LG G2

I was about to post that exact same comment. A typical higher-end off-contract phone has been around $600.

So the Moto X might SAVE you a third (33% off), but it is not a third the price of other phones.

I think he just phrased it incorrectly.

I hope Motorola can bring the price of high-end smartphones closer to $500! Soon, specs will be so good a mid-range smartphone will be sufficient for someone like myself.

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

Except this phone on paper has summer 2012 high end specs which makes it a mid range phone in 2014 at best. On paper and spec wise.

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True, but we're reaching a point where mid-range specs can provide more than a great smartphone experience. Unless gaming, etc is in question, the highest-end specs are overkill.

Mid-range specs being sold for a low- to mid-range price is ideal, in my opinion.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

You keep missing my point today. A phone with 1 year old specs will simply not cause the market to sell high end phones at the same price point. Why would other OEMs sell their phones with Snapdragon 600 and 800 at the same price as a phone with a S4 pro? Then factor in that other OEMs offer better build quality, better and/or bigger screen, better camera, bigger battery, etc. They have no reason to match the moto X on price.

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T-Mobile made all of the other major carriers freak out and change course almost overnight. If the Moto X sells well, you'll see the other OEMs respond, either by competing with a mid-range offering that competes on features (the Moto X is all about features), or by having better specs at a similar price point. My guess is the former. The Moto X has easily duplicated features.

Agree. The build quality is outstanding on the Moto X. Understand when people are arguing specs, but I have yet to find anything that the Moto X could not do.

I'm not missing your point. I understand what you're saying, I'm just not agreeing with you, lol.

If Motorola is constantly competing on price and stealing marketshare from the other OEMs, then it'd be only logical (and good business sense, at that) for them to eventually follow suit.

The other OEMs don't have to discount their flagships, but they may start introducing more mid-range devices to compete with the Moto X (or whatever its second iteration is called).

Whether you like Motorola or not, (hypothetically) this can only be a good thing.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

Just because its a dual core does not make it mid range. Its still a Snapdragon 600. There is nothing it cant do that other current high end phones can aside from phone specific features. I agree that it should have been priced around $400 from the start to attract more customers though.

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If other carriers go to the same lengths as T-Mobile to eliminate the contract to show how much phones really cost, Google and Motorola could bring pressure to reduce the cost of smartphones. Most companies could eat the cost and sell phones off-contract at around $499

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I was shocked as hell you were posting that early, although you're a husband and father (me too) so I would bet the days of partying your ass off on New Year's Eve are a bit behind you.

Posted via Android Central App

lol does being a husband result in the end of partying, or were you really implying that being a father does? I just got married. I'm very concerned about this.

I'm not married, but most of my friends are. From their stories, I can tell you that your fun habits will slowly start to draw more and more ire from your significant other.

I hope, you married the right person, lol.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

Haha, good for you, brother!! That's great!!

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

Let's just go with your screwed

sent from my DROID Eris, made by Nokia, powered by iOS 7 via BBM

I'm defending you here. I knew what you meant and didn't give you grief over it. I'm tired, too, so I understand.

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Had this been the price from day one, I'd own one. Unfortunately, I already have a Nexus 5. And a Nexus 4. And a Galaxy Nexus. I don't think I can justify the Moto X.

Sell the Galaxy and the 4, that should cover most of the cost.

Posted via Android Central App using this sexy LG G2

It's different. If the HTC One mini and the S4 mini were priced the same as their bigger brothers than that would be what Motorola tried to do with the Moto X.

Exactly the same, plus a Moto G.
So no need or desire for the X even at 400-450$.
Had it launched at that price it would be maybe 250-300$ now? Then, yeah.

Wow...amazing! If in the market to buy a new phone, makes the choice between the Moto X and the Nexus 5 that much harder

Sent from my SG Note 2

Moto x is well worth the extra 50 in speaker, functionality, and build quality alone. Plus the size, verizon availability, and design are way better.

Posted via Android Central Appd d

A lot of people I know blindly stick with Verizon. The moto x is a great device for everyone, and it's got vanilla Android, and Verizon is very receptive to Motorola pushing out updates. Kitkat was pushed to the Verizon moto x in a week or so after release. Recall that Verizon sat on their butts for four months to push Android 4.1 to the Galaxy Nexus, and another four months for 4.2. It has now been five months since 4.3 released, and Verizon has not updated the Galaxy Nexus add far as I know (Sprint got it awhile ago)

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Gotta move a phone that is at end of life. Make room for next one.

Posted via Android Central App via bad azz VZW LG G2 ROOTED!

So the G2 is EOL?

sent from my DROID Eris, made by Nokia, powered by iOS 7 via BBM

Sadly this is true. If updates are not important to you the G2 is probably the best phone you can get. I'm regretting that purchase

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You're regretting the G2 purchase? Or the Nexus 5 purchase?

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I too was worried about this but getting to Kit Kat will be a great thing. I think this phone will be great for years with Kit Kat.

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And honestly I'm not even sure kit kat is going to bring that greatest things, it seems that the updates are less and less important.

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Very true. The G2 is a great looking phone but updates are huge nowadays. Reason why nexus is so popular now and all these moto phones are hot sellers now that motorola is pushing updates pretty rapidly. Only reason my wife still has the xperia z is because it is waterproof and it's still a great phone. I can't wait to see kitkat on it. Already have kitkat on my rooted note 2 so I'm good for now. The wife doesn't care too much on what os is on the phone as long as it's not iOS.

It's not bad timing unless you let it be. I just ordered a Nexus 5 on Monday, but I'm not regretting it since the Nexus 5 is a higher end phone, and I like it better.

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Fantastic. Has Moto been listening to Android Central? Because a majority of users says they would pay up to $400 outright for the dream phone

Posted via Android Central App

Um, kinda. Software optimization, vanilla android plus useful features (touchless control, active display, trusted devices), and customization of the exterior. Sure, it doesn't have a snapdragon 800 or a full HD display like we had hoped, but it has the best screen size to phone size ratio. Battery life is also pretty good. It'd a great phone, even without all of those super phone specs

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After last night's dreams, I'll agree with you, brother!! Lol

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All jokes aside I have some really weird dreams so I do hope other people's dreams are better than mine lol

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Lol, I'm pretty sure we're both tied for weirdest dream, lol.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

You know the best way to not have those dreams?

Blackout drunk. Then again it is a crappy way to start a New Year

Well I guess I'm a complex guy. There isn't a single phone on the market that checks every box for my dream phone. If your dream phone exists then more power to you but mine doesn't exist.

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No, we're in the same boat, brother. My dream phone is nowhere near conception. At least, not yet.

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I need 2 things more

Boomsound and a slightly bigger screen.

I will take a shatterproof/scratchproof screen and a 5000 MaH battery as well but I am ok with those right now.

I guess I do not do dream phones. I take what fits best and just lament the little things.

I wish we had what we had with the SGS3 an almost perfect phone for the time.

I think 2014 might get us one, and I would put my money on HTC more than Samsung right now.

Yeah, when the S3 debuted, it was the phone to have. I wouldn't have called it a dream phone, but it came damn close.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

I'll take the Moto X over anything Samsung or HTC make. In fact, I did. Short of having an IR blaster, it's my dream phone.

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Your comments with randomly inserted commas hurt my brain. It may also be in part due to the empty bottles of liquor on my kitchen counter.

quote from article: "$399....... but a third as much (at least) of what
most other high-end phones will cost off contract...

unless my math is wrong, that means other high-end phones cost almost
$1200? I have never seen phones that expensive. Even my Galaxy Note 2
off-contract is only $799.

Where can I find these uber-expensive $1200 phones?

I feel bad for Motorola. I hope that they are making money on this great phone. Too bad if it doesn't sell well (we'll see once the next Q results come out) because it's one of the top 5 phones IMO

I don't think he was necessarily bashing the phone. Implying that a phone with lower specs costs less to produce (and so would be profitable at a lower price point) than a phone with a faster processor, higher-res screen, etc isn't the same as saying that the phone sucks because of its low specs. Aside from the US assembly, the X almost certainly costs less to produce than other flagship devices released around the same time.

That's a good point, brother. I should have read into his comment a little more.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

I wouldn't necessarily call him a troll, but I don't see the need to constantly trash-talk something that you either disagree with or don't like.

I typically avoid articles and discussions about things that I don't care for, lol.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

No I haven't. I actually owned a moto X for week and decided it wasn't for me. Great phone but just not for me.

Posted via Android Central App

Oh, then I apologize, brother. I didn't realize you actually used the phone.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

Yeah when I was contemplating my upgrade I tried the N5, MOTO X, HTC ONE, and G2. Went with better camera, bigger screen, bigger battery and faster processor in the end.

Posted via Android Central App

Then, you didn't choose wrong. You picked what you wanted at the time. Updates aside, the G2 is a great device.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

Google-rola isn't too concerned about profits I suspect. If I was them, I'd be looking at market penetration. Make your brand THE brand and profits will follow.

Posted via Android Central App

I know another company that could surely use that advice, lol.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

quote: " The new pricing is with 8 gigabytes of storage — 16GB will set you back another $50."

I thought the Moto X only came in 16GB and 32GB versions, did they create an 8 gigabyte version for this price drop?

I'll tell u this... I was so tired this morning, I worked till 4am and woke up at 8, that only three things came to mind: that was Phil, MX, and 399. Idk what everyone else is saying but geez they should have another cup of coffee. Gah I'm getting old...

Posted via Android Central App

Wish they had a 64 GB for $550, at least a 32 GB for $500. My S4 is a 16 GB, and I'm sick of dealing with the "storage space running low notification."

There's this thing called micro sdcards. 1 if the only good features of Samsung phones

Posted via Android Central App

I have the 16gig S4, I've had it since 4/28/13, no problems with memory, also 4.3 uodate enables apps 2 sd now.

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

I also wished they had a 64gb version until I sucked it up and bought the 32gb. Sure, I can't hold *all* of my music on it, but I'm finding just holding what I absolutely have to have and then accessing the rest via All Access when I'm at a WiFi location (which is most of the time) is working well for me. That being said, if they released a 64gb version, I'd immediately sell my 32gb and go for it.

Posted via Android Central App

I have a feeling 2014 is going to be a good year for Motorola!

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

Love this phone! Honestly do not hesitate. Be smart and use the phone first, then decide. I was a bit skeptical and now my expectations were exceeded. I'm loving everything Moto is doing right now. Happy New Years all :)

Posted via Moto X (VZ)

Good. Now i know that it wasn't worth it even when i got $150 discount. Phone is too small and girlish plus camera sucks. I had it for one day and then sent it back.

If your masculinity is affected by the size of a phone, you need psychological help.

It's a similar size to the HTC One, but feels better in the hand. It's fine if it's not for you, but there's no reason to demean others in stating your opinion.

Posted via Android Central App

Seriously, I don't get it. It's ok, if people don't like it. But, I've never seen the need to be so verbally hostile when referring to a phone (of all things).

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Well... That's quite forward of you, lol.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

No it's actually a micro penis. But seriously. Screen is too small for reading. Picture and video quality was terrible. I personally do not care if it is constantly listening. Who talks to the phone anyways? Unless while driving maybe? Only good thing is battery life, but that was not enough to keep it. It does not feel like MotoX more like MotoGs.
P>S keep enjoying your big penis! Wherever you want to put it

Ya know, I'm not opposed to buying one of those. The only downside that would hold me back is the awful screen.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

I love what Motorola is doing. They are my new favorite company. I just don't know why they aren't making a tablet.

Posted via Android Central App

Because when you are coming from the depths of defeat, you need to get really good at one thing before you try getting really good at another.

Posted via Android Central App

Exactly! Same reason that HTC isn't producing tablets at the moment, even though I'm sure they'd put forward a really good product. They're struggling and need to crawl out of their hole before they diversify.

This is one of the smartest comments so far. Who cares if you like the Moto X or not. Hopefully pushing the envelope with this pricing will make others do the same. The HTC One has been out almost a year and if I want to buy one outright I still have to pay the full retail it was introduced at! Hopefully that won't be the case much longer if Motorola continues doing this.

Had two, returned them. Just didn't care for them (I KNOW IM THE ONLY ONE!).

Nexus 5 is just a better phone. Regardless of your stance, the Lumia 520/521, Nexus 5, Moto G/X and other low priced great phones are helping shake up the traditional 2-yr agreement contract BS. That's a fantastic thing!

Say no to contracts and $700 phones. Of course Best Buy will go for "we gotta keep the lights on" pricing that will be much more, but oh well.

I like where this is going.

Nexus 5 is not a better phone.
Stock is atrocious
I would rather pay the $700 and get a great phone than $350 for a so-so phone

I am not really saying that the X is so-so, just that it is similar to every other one out there, but a bit less. There is no one real wow factor for it.

For the money the Nexus and Moto X is fine, but you get what you pay for.

I'm seriously considering this now. Was gonna throw my money at the N5 when I got some extra cash, but I dunno now. The Xs features and size and design do it for me. But the 5 has a better camera. But the X has battery life. Decisions decisions.

Posted via Android Central App

I have both phones and if I had to choose I would go with the Nexus 5. I just love the screen of the Nexus 5 (5", 1080P and very bright), GEL launcher, it's a little snappier and it's probably more future proof than the Moto X. That said, you can't go wrong with either phone. They're both great devices.

Some people value battery life and touchless controls over other specs. To each his own.

Posted via Android Central App

I agree totally. I'd be happy with either the Moto X or the Nexus 5 if I didn't already have an HTC One. People need to stop getting so rabid over a phone.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah, they're all great devices. Whichever you choose, you really can't go wrong.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

Tell that to every Nexus 5 vs Moto X review released. (Hint: The Moto X almost always wins).

Posted via Android Central App

I refuse to surrender!!

But, I will admit: it was hilarious to see people ripping their hair out, because of the Moto X receiving the 4.4 update (Verizon, at that) before some Nexus devices.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

I'm not an avid waiter of OTAs. I didn't even get the minor update sprint sent out for the G2 till I installed a ROM that used the updated image as a base. And with the N4 I would have to wait about a month for bug free CM11 anyway.

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I am a big fan off ROMs and leaks, but lately Sprint have been tighter with the leaks than a duck fart.

/3 kit kat build in 16 hours the other day

To everyone that is on here blindly crowning the n5 over the x I would suggest you use both phones before making a decision. I make phone calls send text and Google search everyday while driving with touchless controls. I've never been able to open my camera quicker to catch my 3yr old doing something silly. Some of the most useful features in a phone ever.

I guess if I was in a bar with my n5 I could show the guy next to me how my AC app opens 2ms faster than his does. HP!!! WOOOO!!!

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I wouldn't expect that. Maybe $50 just to bring it down to the original promotional price. I can't see them selling this phone for $250 anytime soon.

Posted via Android Central App

The only way that happens is to clear stock ahead of the X2's (or whatever they call it) debut.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Yep. Like the Nexus 4 blowout sale that was basically just to get rid of them before the Nexus 5. But that was about a month before the Nexus 5, so I wouldn't expect something similar from the X anytime soon.

Posted via Android Central App

Well Motorola just made my life a lot more complicated just as I was getting ready to purchase a Nexus 5. Now I'll have to make my decision all over again.

Yeah, to be honest, if I hadn't already bought the Nexus 5, it'd be a really difficult decision to make.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

I haven't been able to get a clear idea of what battery life on the Nexus 5 is like. I'd like the bigger screen, but the Moto X's reportedly stellar battery life is quite tempting…

It's hard to describe the battery life of the Nexus 5. Right now I'm at 1d 9h 32m with 18 percent left. Screen time is 3h 47m. That's freakin fantastic. Other days I need to charge after 12 to 14 hours. I'm not sure what's causing the battery life to fluctuate like that.

Yeah, for me, my battery life naturally fluctuates with my usage. But, my Nexus 5 has never been close to completely draining before I make it to a charger. It usually does last all day. I've never taken the time to check on-screen time, though.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

That's…odd, but somewhat comforting. As long as I can get at least 14-16 hours regularly I won't be terribly upset.

Start noting what apps you have running on those days that you see a drain.

One of the worst things that coders do is not closing things out right and keeping things away longer or more often than they should.

It is more than likely a poorly coded app.

I'm in the same boat. Bought the N5 on opening day. Tried an X on one of the Cyber Monday deals, but returned it within 2 weeks. I missed out on getting the Dev edition as it sold out. The X is a beautiful phone. Had I sold the N5, I would have probably lost about $75-$100 from Paypal and maybe eBay fees (Paid $450 with taxes&shipping). That's not in my budget. Despite the likely superior battery life of the X, I could buy an external battery pack, wireless charger, bluetooth headphones, and other accessories.

The Moto X has managed to totally sell me on Motorola. Now whatever phone comes next I will buy immediately.

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I'm with you. Its clear to me in 2013 that Motorola was the main manufacturer really addressing issues like UX, pricing, updates, battery life.

Posted via Android Central App

In three or four more years, Motorola may be the exclusive Nexus manufacturer.

But, I'm hoping they get their chance this year.

A Nexus 6 with touchless control, all day battery life, and fit-in-the-hand ergonomics sounds like a great proposition to me.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

^ This. I'd love for the Nexus and X series to merge into one feature-packed, inexpensive, stock Android phone. I'd say LG is probably done making Nexus devices (2 seems to be the threshold) and I wouldn't complain at all if Motorola took over next year.

Posted via Android Central App

LG is making plenty of profit off of the Nexus devices, why would they stop making them.

If Motorola needs to make their name relevant again, they need to make their phones under their name. Turning into a Nexus manufacturer will only make the phone credited by Google. Not Motorola.

This. I don't see how it would be to Moto's benefit to make A Nexus. They need to continue making their own phones. The primary advantage of a nexus is fast updates but Moto seems to be doing just fine in the day update department. I hope we don't see a Moto Nexus anytime soon, just more great Moto phones

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I don't think it's LG's decision. In the past Google has worked to not show favoritism for any OEM giving each OEM two swings at a particular device. For example, HTC made the G1 (arguably the first Google sanctioned Android phone) and the Nexus One. Samsung made the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus. LG has made the 4 and 5. I'm guessing next year we'll see a new manufacturer. I admit that it probably won't be Motorola, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were Sony or some other low-key Android manufacturer.

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I'd bet my money on Sony, considering Asus made both Nexus 7s.

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I really want Sony to make the nexus. I love Sony's design, and they're phones are beautiful. But in the us market their almost impossible to get a hold of.

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I got my fingers crossed, for an Xperia Nexus.

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I'll bet Google passes on Moto for the 2014 Nexus phone. According to the terms of acquisition, they're still required to treat Moto as just any other manufacturer for the most part, and I wouldn't be surprised if Google goes elsewhere this year just to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

That said, as a person who is a liiiittle regretful of going with the N5 instead of the Moto X, I would LOVE to see Moto do the Nexus this year.

I really don't think Motorola needs a nexus. They have their own identity, and they make phones that run stock Android plus a few useful and innovative features.

I think a Motorola Nexus would be great, don't get me wrong, but Motorola is just fine doing its own thing with an identity separate from Google. I say let other manufacturers make Nexus devices, and let Motorola have the identity of making phones for everyone, with vanilla Android and small additions.

My case is for HTC, Sony, or even Asus to make the next nexus phone. LG could make other nexus products, like maybe the next Nexus 7 or 10?

I hope Motorola's next flagship phone follows in what the Moto X started, but maybe, just maybe, a free minor spec bumps. I want them to have their own distinct lineup of devices for everyone.

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It isn't about need, it is about making money for doing nothing. Google does all the lifting and foots the bill, you charge them for your time..

it is a win-win

I would give Motorola a great shot at the next one. I think it is handicapped like this:

Moto 1:1
Sony 3-1
HTC 5-1 (most need right there)
LG 7-1 (only because they made the last 2, works for and against them)
Samsung 15-1
Field 50-1

Throw the HTC or Motorola the tablet. It would help them kick off the sector for them.

I do think Motorola would make a solid nexus, but I'm just fine with them making semi-nexus phones.

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Nothing is better than my Nexus 5!! I'll never believe your opinion!!

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While all this is neat, your right it will be 4 years for an exclusive, but I do not think that will ever happen. I am pretty sure that Google would not want to piss off the other OEMs. Take Samsung, they sell a hell of a lot of Android phones, of which each and everyone makes Google a bunch of money each and every day.

Yes they do have an alternative...

As for putting the touch less controls and everything else in the Nexus, the answer it no.

Motorola is still a company that needs to eventually show a profit (that or be totally eaten by Google) so throwing that stuff into stock would be giving away trade secrets to everyone. So now HTC, Samsung, Sony, the Chinese guys, and everyone else has the one thing that Motorola has going for it. Not gonna happen.

The ergonomics are not a big deal...

1 they already run near stock android
2 everything that makes a moto will be stripped out like touchless controls
I don't see the point when the moto X is already what a moto nexus would be.

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Ya know, I completely agree with this comment, brother.

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One wonders if the next nexus will just be the Nexus 5 (2014) sticking with the name as an indicator close to the screen size. ...Like the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 are doing. They've, in a way, painted themselves into a corner. I also just noticed size is also how they are being marketed in the play store.

I have the feeling they are going to keep the nexus program as is with a bidding process that will include Motorola. I also think they will save active notification and always on 'Google Now' while in deep sleep as something exclusive to Moto phones. They seemed to have held back with the Moto X to not scare their android partners. I would expect the phone you want to be announced or rumored this summer and fall. A new truly high end Moto phone with the extra cores for those always on features the Moto X has. Let's not even get into Moto's future in regards to the semi open Project Ara.

Well, since you're looking at the 16GB Moto X, let's do a quick comparison of each:

$400 Moto X

16GB of storage
4.7 inch 720p display
Fits in the hand
Touchless Controls
Active Display
All-day battery life (YMMV)
near stock Android
GSM and CDMA models

$400 Nexus 5
32GB of storage
4.95-inch 1080p display
"Stock" Android
Google-Edition Launcher
Has GSM and CDMA bands
Decent (but, not great) battery life

Only you can decide what you value most for your money.

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At this point, the Nexus line can't be called "stock" Android. AOKP is stock. The Nexus line is Google Experience or Google Play Experience. It's only slightly less off-stock than Motorola.

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Nexus is stock AOSP + then some.

As silly as it sounds, the called ID feature on the Nexus 5 is pretty incredible. Telemarketers and businesses show up so I know who is calling and such. A great, underappreciated Nexus 5 exclusive feature.

Is that exclusive? The Moto X and the HTC One GPe both have the new smart dialer.

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Supposedly it is GPe Devices and Nexus only, but I doubt that will last

You can install it on any Kit Kat ROM though if rooted.

It's a great feature to have. In the past, you had to install a third-party app to achieve such functionality. Even then, performance was hit or miss. It's nice to have it available natively.

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I agree, that's why I placed stock in quotation marks. It's definitely not even close to being AOSP anymore.

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Re: interface, I'd argue the Moto X is more "stock" than the Nexus 5 since the Nexus 5 has the Google Now launcher officially, but the other Nexus phones don't (officially).

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(I refuse to call it the Google Experience Launcher until Google officially calls it that)

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So I guess that $150 off deal was actually $50 off. They knew they were going to drop the price. Made it seem like we got a better deal than we actually did. Very sneaky. Why didn't they drop the price then take off the $150. So would have paid $250.

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No they wouldn't. I'm willing to bet the moto X doesn't cost more than $250 to make. These companies don't tell us their manufacturing costs but if they sell it to the carriers for $300(iPhone, S4, other high ends) each and are making profits of it at that price then it must not cost that much to manufacture. You did know that carriers pay slightly less than your ETF for a phone right? And then mark it up to $600.

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The last thing that I saw had the cost of goods pegged at right around $200, but that is just the tech.

That does not take into account labor, advertising, CEO/Office pay, packaging.

Lets not even mention R & D

I would honestly put it around 300 give or take 50 to the Carrier.

You know that the carrier doesnt care all that much about that cost, they make everything on the contracts. That is one of the reasons that these cheap off contract deals are not so great for them, and why it is fought against more and more..

Yikes. I thought they got a "bulk" discount?

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Yeah I'm pretty sure i read an article that said carriers pay about $300-$400 for iphones and then then mark it up to $600. There is no way they would pay $600 for a phone and then charge you $550. $200 upfront. And $350 over the 2 years of your contract. And then there's the sales when it's $0 upfront. Absolutely no way did they pay $600 for a phone and then give it to you for basically $350. Have you met AT&T and vzw? Reply is more directed at papi but i can't reply to him for whatever reason.

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Nexus 5 is way better at the same price point. Why is it better than the X? Well, the x has a 720p screen, and last generation ineternals (s4 pro vs Snapdragon 800)

I do not question my decision to get the Nexus 5 at all.

Yeah, for 400 bones, it's definitely a great deal.

Even people that don't like it should champion the move to a lower price point.

If Motorola and Google keep releasing lower-priced hardware, it's bound to influence Samsung, HTC, etc to do the same.

This can only be a good thing. Period (in my Richard Yarrell voice).

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This is I hope a new trend. Carriers always have deals and lower prices for on contract phones. But very rarely do manufacturers have sales or lower off contract phones. In short, Motorola wants people to have a moto. In market for new phone thought about financing a xperia z or galaxy note 3 through T-Mobile. But then I thought of a nexus experience with LTE and at that price. I keep hearing so much of the moto x and how popular, useful, and nexusy it is. Yes. Pay attention manufacturers. $400 is the sweet spot for off contract phones.

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Let's try to explain to those who struggle understanding that atrocious "low spec" pricing of Moto X.
First and foremost simply look at the specs of all iPhones until iPhone 5s. None of them had hardware to yell out loud about and Apple never really wanted that anyway. The only spec talking point occurred w that famous "retina" display and that's all.
So, basically they focused all the energy on user's experience, size, quality and design. And they've done a heck of a job. Everyone knew that the basic cost of all parts put together wasn't exceeding 200$ mark, but they maintained the steady sales growth for 650$ and up for years. No one ever questioned that price to "value" ratio. As of today even with much more advanced hardware I doubt Apple has significant hike in production cost and price per unit is equally high if not more.
Besides all of that, advertising played a huge part too. And when it comes to lowering production cost, except for dealing with sub-contracted sweat shop foxcon owners and their slaves, the major thing is extremely high amount of units produced. Every business owner from a baker to car manufacturer knows that bigger your production is cheaper your product get. That being said, Market share and therefore demand for Apple and Samsung are the biggest by a large margin compared to any other OEM and they benefit from that greatly.
Some may argue that LG and HTC are at the same price range with same "popularity" struggle, but in reality they do sell much more than Motorola in Europe and prices upon release are much higher than here and stay there for much longer. So they can compensate a little. Don't forget that HTC is on the verge of financial collapse.
Speaking of popularity, Motorola in smartphone US market has been almost invisible for years (tnx to Verizon deal and whatever else) so they knew from the very beginning how much they would sell even the greatest device ever made.
And definitely they were not ready for worldwide production and distribution neither. X8 computing development was ingenious and def not for free. Assembled in US and idea to let people get the customization of device just brought more trouble to supply chain management, also adding cost. On the top of that, there is a FedEx Overnight shipping which can be
dropped to 15$ per unit (75% off) on average at best while other OEMs use container shipments
All of the above counts and I missed to add quite a few, so if anyone believes that Moto X has to compete with anyone else is extremely mistaken.
After all, Motorola Mobility finally realized that it's time to listen to an average consumer and to make new priorities in their Software n Hardware development, speaking and standing for itself. If Apple can be successful in doing so, w Google's financial support they have nothing but time to try.

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one thing I submit to you, Apple did not concern itself with specs because they didn't have to.

At first because they made it mainstream, and kinda were the only game in town.
Next because they had so much market share they didnt care. No competition.
Finally, Jobs was being quite obstinate about it. Hated the idea of bigger screens and the like.

Now the market share is eroding. YOu hear all kinds of spec talk out of them...

Yep, it has for the past year and a half.

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Even with the new "talking points" they come up with nowadays, they still focus on putting together all things available without sacrificing performance. It's impossible to have all technologies progressing at the exact pace and that's why their philosophy is the best for user experience. i.e. displays get more pixels faster than processors can follow and stay energy efficient. Obviously, batteries are the same for quite awhile.
That's why most of androids sucked for a long time.

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I already have a moto x and I love it. I can also understand why others may not like it. To each their own, for me it fits perfectly in my lifestyle

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The phone is good, no doubt, but I'd rather pick up a Moto G and spend half as much. Other than a slightly better camera I see no difference side-by-side between the two phones. At least, not $200 worth to my eyes or ears.

You need to look closer. Ram, storage lte and the list goes on...

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Depends on the carrier. On Verizon, there is a huge difference between 3G and 4G. On T-Mobile and AT&T, 4G is definitely faster, but you still get great performance from the enhancements they made to their HSPA networks.

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AT&T not as much. Only goes up to HSPA 14 or something. T-MOs HSPA+ 42 used to rival lte speeds. But still good speeds from AT&T. Far mote usable

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Great deal! especially since i couldn't get it during the $150 promo! Just picked up the Developer Edition for VZW. :-)

Good price, but I'm looking to the future. Hopefully Motorola has something special up their sleeve for the first half of 2014.

I guess the demand for this phone at the lower price and unlocked was real. That Black Friday sale for this phone was an experiment by Moto and they learned from it. I can see this phone selling even more now. I'm still happy with my N5 but this woulda probably been my 2nd choice at this price no doubt.

I really like the Motorola Assist feature - it automatically senses when I am driving and reads my text to me so I don't have to look at my phone.

I went with the Moto X because I like and use all of its features, it is as close to vanilla android as I can get being on Verizon AND it is snappier and beats my GNote3 on speedtests.

Great battery life, too!!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Moto X!!!!!!!!

Moto x is a great phone but not for me. The display size is too tiny. Gladly back with the G2 here!

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Moto x is a great phone but not for me. The display size is too tiny. Gladly back with the G2 here!

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Glad I went with Moto X over G2,Nexus 5,Samsung,or HTC.The reason being I use all the features.Battery life,Display screen size,overall physical size, lag free,less bloatware then other vzw phones out of the box,pocketable,quick updates,app updates to core apps from the playstore(camera ,MA,Touchless Controls,Active Display)
Does any other phone update some of the core apps via Playstore?
I laugh everytime I see someone holding one of those huge big screen phones up to their ear to talk it just looks comical. :D

The phone is still to expensive. Googlerola set the market with the N5 at $349 for a 16GB unit. There is no way to justify even one penny more for the X. Now factor in the G for $199 - 16GB and all specs vs price arguments are moot. The market is now $349 or less. For those that will argue the G is a cheaper phone (specs) and can't be compared and should be cheaper than the N5... And the X is what? If you say it's the same as the 5 (spec wise) it's not, and the price is right, then the 5 and the G need to be more expensive. You can't have it both ways.
The X needs to be the same or less then the 5, much less $300 out less seems right.

Bottom line, don't buy it and the price will drop even quicker!