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Candy colored Moto X back plates appear in alleged leaked photos

And just like that we're seeing what's supposedly some of the custom colors that Motorola will be offering for the upcoming Moto X phone. Earlier we passed along the news that sources at ABC say the customization options consist largely of colored shells, and the French blog NoWhereElse has scored some images.

Their source says there will be a total of 16 different colors to choose from, including subdued tones like blue and more bold colors like the ones pictured. We can only assume that the front facing shell will be using the same palatte if these photos are accurate. Hit the break to see two more pictures.

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hallda01 says:

If this is what built by you means, then Nokia already did it a long long time ago.

Rehzonance says:


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Ratnok says:

And still nobody buys Nokia.

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artlu629 says:

I use to have a Lumia 920. Worse phone I've ever used (I owned BlackBerry before).

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branant says:

Exactly! Very disappointing. Motorola is going nowhere with this. Especially with the dangerous price of $299 it competes against the quad core Nexus 4 with 768p display and anything else on the market with 720p screen. No matter what color the plastic cover is, this already looks very bad for Moto.

Iceitic says:

"...this already looks very bad for Moto."

You're why we can't have nice things.

I see no reason to jump to doomsday conclusions based on the fact that a company is offering a service that another company previously offered.

This is as ridiculous as all the crazed Android fans singing of Apple's demise after iOS ripped off the notification bar.

TL;DR: Chill out, it's not the end.

Nev says:

"You're why we can't have nice things."

Best. Comment. Ever.

eramos31 says:

I'll take a moto device with a non-glass back for $299. As long as its smooth idc if its even dual-core.

mwara244 says:

And it is still a step up for a replacement for my Galaxy Nexus.

But Motorola Flagship device is suppose to Release in October, the X is just a mid range device.

AnGeLFaCe77 says:

I thought the Moto X was the high end one and the Xphone was the midrange one

mwara244 says:


vcarvega says:

If this is the extent of customization choices, then perhaps... but I don't think enough information has come out to be jumping to those type of conclusions yet.

TheNexusMan says:

It's "designed by you." And Nokia has never let you pick what color casing and what color trim you want, and mix and match them.

Graham Cluck says:

Exactly, Nokia's Like 'been there, done that'. Still, No other Android maker is doing this, so I'll give a little credit. I like the engraving idea. Great for gift giving. I know people were hoping to customize specs, but that's just not realistic considering manufacturing costs. You gotta start somewhere, and though I haven't been pleased with Moto lately, I'm willing to see where they go.

valapsp says:

lets hope customization isnt limited to just casing.

tylerjames09 says:

I also read that the consumer will be able to pick the color of the phone's trim, woo...hoo? However this pans out for Motorola is going to be very amusing to watch.

Marcellus1 says:

Those look removable like the cover on my S3. I'm guessing this means the Moto X comes with a removable battery, maybe removable micro SD as well.

NoNexus says:

it has electronics in it so it must be able to automatically park my car for me.

My point is don't jump to conclusions that that backing is even removable. Everything stated so far is that put out says that you basically have to order the device with the customizations.

severinj says:

the back plate was removable but iirc the battery was not. i beta tested this phone a while back, there is a post about it in the rumored phones forum.

don't know why people are shocked that it isn't anything special. we've known this for months.

Viper says:

Stolen from the Nokia 5190...

Ry says:

Android green please.

dbranch8 says:

I wonder if this means easy repairs.

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ro1224 says:

Yuck. I'll stick with black, white and gray - thank you.

Graham Cluck says:

Gun metal grey like on the HTC One would be sweet. Or even a navy blue would be nice. Question is, are we looking at plastic or aluminum? I fear plastic :/

I fear plastic too. Does not get uber hot or cold when temp changes, durable as heck (I've dropped my GalNex 25+ times now), no dents, leaves no scratches when slid across abrasive things.

How else will I justify a fat plastic $40 case to wrap my aircraft grade aluminum and glass masterpiece in?

Graham Cluck says:

It's not that it would be the end of the world. I mean Sammy's quality has been quite good despite the use of it (Note 2 owner here), but we've come to expect so much more from Moto. OG Droid, Droid X, Razr series, etc. And say what you will about HTC's lack of leadership and general turmoil, and questionable charging ports (lookin' at you Inc 2 and Rezound, though they were usung sing MHL ports not regular micro USB). Not to mention the DNA's multitude of issues (SIMs causing PUK codes. Hence why I won't sell them to customers. And 16 GB of storage with no SD support? WHAT?). They did however set the bar with aluminum and/or aluminum casing, and overall design to the point where Samsung is now considering the idea of integrating that into their hardware. I look forward to that wonderful day.....

Purple Zebra says:


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tx_tuff says:

UGLY. They should call it the Moto Easter Egg.

ricbon says:

well the new moto mobility logo makes sense now

Diskoman says:

From what I have seen the customizations include engraving on the back shell, and preloads like choosing your own photo for the wallpaper prior to delivery. Honestly, anyone who expected to be able to customize the innards of the phone was not being realistic.

I don't think you have met the community on this site before ;)

Abionic says:

A single tiny mono-speaker on the back?
Revolutionary indeed.

Waiting for the One Max...

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Vizualize says:

What every 13 year old girl could ever want!!!

Seriously, Moto may be trying to crack that market a bit. Their last run was not geared to that profitable market.

yozick says:

Hey Viva Movil, J Lo said it's all about what in the back.

Notus says:

What's with all the haters. Built in America, custom colors, stock, engravings, and all major us carriers on board? What a bunch of trolls and wieners. This is not only different, it's actually intriguing. All that's left is pricing.

droidhead_1 says:

What do you mean? I can't pick my processor, screen size, RAM, camera size, material, dust/water proofering, color & keep it cheap. What's this world coming to!

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Notus says:

Sure you can:
Processor: Droid Razr M, Galaxy SII, Note II, Optimus G Pro, Nexus 4, Xperia Z, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Active, HTC One, etc, etc

Screen Size: Same list

Ram: Same list

Camera Size: Same list

Dust/Water Proofing: Same List

Color Same List plus and skin/case of your choice (May I suggest for all your case needs).

Wow how hard was that.

Cost: Same List

eramos31 says:

Great list lol So true. People complain when they have so many choices.

Ry says:

Expectations set too high.

deadpenguins says:

Looks like someone doesn't have their sarcasm glasses on.

Ry says:

Follow the reply structure. You'll see my reply was to Notus, not droidhead_1.

icebike says:

My thoughts exactly.

At least let them get it to market before tearing it apart based on some leaked photos.



AnGeLFaCe77 says:

The stupids nerds create an imaginary world for themselves and they are not realistic. Moto and google will rule the world

deadpenguins says:

Those colors are wayyyyy too bright and tacky for anyone older than 12. Hope there are other color options, or black it is (provided I decide to get this).

Notus says:

"Their source says there will be a total of 16 different colors to choose from, including subdued tones like blue and more bold colors like the ones pictured."

Did you even read beyond the title? Have you seen the bright colored argyle cases sold in the malls? I'm sure the appeal of the said case colors are far broader then the age of 12.


Silly Notus, didn't you know? deadpenguins can't read lol

kinster02 says:

Everyone's following Nokia's lead with these kiddie fruit loops colored phone's.

Jaredshoes says:

JESUS CHRIST these are just a few of the options DON'T LIKE? DON'T PICK

Well, looks cool, but it actually needs an "iPod" motorola, like an ipod touch with android 4.3, it would rock hard!

Ry says:

Only three colors are shown. Those must be the only ones.

/doesn't read entire article.



Oh, and don't forget to put your sarcasm glasses on lol

Ry says:


blankit says:

I have a feeling this will sell really well if they market it right

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Ry says:

What's Google's history of marketing products like?

tylerjames09 says:

If they market it right, yes. I would hate to see it be a vanilla android phone with a small customization twist. It would kind of be like the HTC First with FBook home lol

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I personally love the colors it means less worry about it being stolen (the uglier the better)and I love the personal engraving I hope you can choose your own font engraving that would be cool. Pimp my phone!

Graham Cluck says:

Blue with a Tardis (Doctor Who) engraving on the back. Or Red with a CM Punk Logo. LOL, yeah I went real nerdy on that

Paul D Troy says:

Very Feminine..
What about the mens selection?

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ChillFactorz says:

double checkthe colored circle in the ad. It might sound a little "after the fact", but my first thought when seeing the ad was, the colors in a circle are the colors offered foe customization.

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Jonneh says:

I do like the darker green one though.

mickey4mice says:

Double yuck. They look like those 99 cents shell casings selling on eBay.

tigeryee says:

build quality is not a big deal to me. I put a case on the S4, but I also put a case on the N4. None of my phones are naked anyways so I don't see that being too big of a deal.

RonnieFoxxx says:

I think this is only part of the whole story. It seems to me that Motorola's claim: "The first smartphone that you can design yourself" means more than colors. I expect options for stock or skinned versions of the OS, or even downloadable themes and colors on the UI like we have on some custom ROMs. The color choices look cool though. I just hope there is an option for black or white still.

Devlyn16 says:

Normally I like a black phone, but seeing the green does tempt me a bit.I wonder what engraving will be limited to? will we have the option of images or just lettering. An etched Silver Age Green Arrow on the back of my phone would be nifty.

vcarvega says:

I probably need to see one up close, but so far I don't think I like the quality of the cases... they look like very cheap plastic.

Now, if it's poly-carbonate and at least 5" of screen size, then this could be cool... especially if there is an option for a snapdragon 800. Looking forward to the legitimate announcement and some real video previews.